ILLYML – 46.1

Thank you raw provider: jarry. Do not go. Don’t go, sister. One sunny day. One day when the sun was shining strongly. One day, dark clouds covered the sky as it was about to rain. He caught his sister. – I feel like something bad is going to happen. Don’t go out today and stayContinue reading “ILLYML – 46.1”

ILLYML – 45.2

Thank you raw provider: jarry. So, being with him made me feel happy and uncomfortable at the same time. In the past, I had the illusion that this joy would last forever. “By the way, Alastair, did you find out who attacked me yesterday?” “… What?” “Not yet?” I crossed my arms on my stomachContinue reading “ILLYML – 45.2”

ILLYML – 45.1

Thank you raw provider: jarry. Mikhail looked at the paperwork in front of him and clinched the quill, as if he was about to break it. It was the same content as last time. No, the contents of the documents have never been changed at all. Damn it ‘Where the hell did these guys go?’Continue reading “ILLYML – 45.1”

ILLYML – 44.2

Thank you raw provider: jarry. The temperature suddenly dropped; it was freezing. Because I started to lightly shiver, he rubbed my back, his face was cold. “There was a man I didn’t know that had replaced the coachman and was driving the carriage up the mountain. The man who attacked Igelto at the slave auctionContinue reading “ILLYML – 44.2”

ILLYML – 44.1

Thank you raw provider: jarry. The pain impaling his stomach was horrifying. He never wanted to taste it again. A scorching breath came out of his mouth. The man, Pien, grabbed his stomach and crawled across the ground using his arm. It was the first time he had ever been stabbed in his abdomen. ‘WhyContinue reading “ILLYML – 44.1”

ILLYML – 43.2

Thank you raw provider: jarry. I smiled as brightly as I could and threw the dirt in his eyes. “Ak!” He felt the sting and closed his eyes. The strength of the hand around my neck diminished. The dagger fell from his other hand. I quickly grabbed his dagger. Thurst— And without pause, I piercedContinue reading “ILLYML – 43.2”

ILLYML – 43.1

Thank you raw provider: jarry. I knew it. As I suspected. I did think it was suspicious. The man loosened his stiff body, bending his neck from side to side, and straightened his back. “Isn’t this magic quite fun?” Magic? Is this magic? I twisted, trying to wiggle my body free, but I couldn’t. I’veContinue reading “ILLYML – 43.1”

ILLYML – 42.2

Thank you raw provider: jarry. Cold sweat ran down my spine. As soon as the man swung his clenched fists, I succeeded in dismantling his expert-level magic. I moved my body to evade the fist rushing towards me. Crack! The tree behind me was punched by the man instead of me. Unable to withstand theContinue reading “ILLYML – 42.2”

ILLYML – 42.1

Thank you raw provider: jarry. The man swept back his sky blue hair and loosened his shoulders by rolling them and cracking his neck. “I was worried about driving a carriage since it was my first time but it was surprisingly easy.” There was no reply, but the man continued. “Serina Melford. That’s a prettyContinue reading “ILLYML – 42.1”

ILLYML – 41.2

Thank you raw provider: jarry. “Your Majesty, please make a splendid stage where the saint can stand out.” Facius. They had their own rules when it came to their movements. They liked to instill fear. With a big stage where everyone’s interest would be focused it would be too tempting an opportunity for them toContinue reading “ILLYML – 41.2”

ILLYML – 41.1

Thank you to raw provider jarry and to you, readers, for waiting. Facius. The name of a group of devious warlocks went by. “Recently, there has been news that some of the priests have been disappearing, so there’s a good chance of them been involved with that garbage.” “What have they already said?” “Utter nonsense.Continue reading “ILLYML – 41.1”

ILLYML – 40.2

Yay found a raw provider! Thank you jarry. “But, Serina, I don’t want you to get hurt.” This is what he wants to say. His eyes were saying so. “I made a mistake today. I’m sorry. My eyes turned [red] when I saw you get hurt.” “……….” “I didn’t mean to reproach you. I wasContinue reading “ILLYML – 40.2”

ILLYML – 40.1

“Intense encounter? How amusing. You just bumped into each other by chance while visiting the temple a few times. What the hell are you trying to pull? Why are you saying you’re attached to her and protecting the saint at the cost of your own body?” “Why the hell can’t you believe me?” “If youContinue reading “ILLYML – 40.1”

ILLYML – 39.2

My wounds were deep and the blood did not stop flowing. My torn wounds were pricked with a needle a total of five times and the tie he put on my arm was wet with blood. I have to leave soon, but my body won’t listen. I laid on the infirmary bed and stared atContinue reading “ILLYML – 39.2”

ILLYML – 39.1

The people of the temple approached Juliana, who was left unaccompanied. “Are you all right, saint?” They felt guilty for failing to protect her saint at the critical moment. “Thank you for your concern. I want to be left alone for a while now.” Juliana pushed the temple priests and nuns away. They were likeContinue reading “ILLYML – 39.1”

ILLYML – 38.2

An unbrainwashed Alastair would be powerful. There would be no one able to stop him. If Alastair aimed to kill me, he could end my life more painfully than he did with them. “Serina.” Drip. Drop. Seeing my arm dripping with hot blood, Alastair frowned. He roughly loosened the cravat around his neck and wrappedContinue reading “ILLYML – 38.2”

ILLYML – 38.1

Juliana. I went straight to her. Alastair’s words to come straight to his side have already been forgotten. The noble gave Juliana a friendly smile and talked to her a few times, then naturally raised his glass while offering her the other one with the drugs. As if he wanted her to take a sip.Continue reading “ILLYML – 38.1”

ILLYML – 37.2

As Hypron put his hand on my shoulder, I couldn’t help but be struck by how different the original was. It was a sinking unpleasant feeling. The future was no longer predictable and I had no way of knowing if it would be poison or beneficial. Hypron was looking at me meaningfully when he openedContinue reading “ILLYML – 37.2”

ILLYML – 37.1

Gasps erupted from the surrounding area. “Isn’t that lady Melford…..?” “I think so. Duke Aitez has never requested a dance from any other woman before.” I was baffled. I had danced with Hypron before. I’ve even turned down his request to dance a few times before. But why me, now? Why not ask other youngContinue reading “ILLYML – 37.1”

ILLYML – 36.2

Mikhail’s eyes widened when he found me. He had a bright smile as usual. So I felt even more sorry. It was I who had asked him to help me. I regret it. It won’t happen again in the future. Never. Let’s not involve him in my work. “I missed you, big brother.” “You? Me?”Continue reading “ILLYML – 36.2”

ILLYML – 36.1

The inside of the banquet hall was warm. It wasn’t that hot, but I could feel my face get flushed. The brilliantly glittering chandelier and its light reflection off splendid shiny statues made me squint and close my eyes. As I opened my eyes, Juliana, the saintess, and I accidentally met each other’s gazes. HerContinue reading “ILLYML – 36.1”

ILLYML – 35.2

Her clumsy disguise as a man had been ridiculous, but even in that getup, she was beautiful thanks to her fascinating appearance. So this boy is her brother? Or a person that happens to resemble her? “You said you came to satisfy your curiosity, so what’s your question?” Maxion inquired while he held his chinContinue reading “ILLYML – 35.2”

ILLYML – 35.1

“Wow.” It was surprising that the reply to my letter came in a day, but what was even more surprising was the letter’s content. [It’s regrettable that our trust was only this much. You don’t seem to believe me, so I’ll send my two sons. When I give you what you want, you can nicelyContinue reading “ILLYML – 35.1”

ILLYML – 34.2

The texture of the cold and rough bricks was felt in every corner of her hand. Duke Melford gently swept the place and stilled her hand. She pushed the bricks, and the surrounding bricks moved in, revealing a hidden space inside. There was a myriad of scented candles on display. She habitually counted the numberContinue reading “ILLYML – 34.2”

ILLYML – 34.1

By the time Alastair began to speak, the carriage had already set off, with the sun setting in the distance. Looking at the darkness spreading over the reddish sky, I thought it was beautiful. However, the story I heard from him was not beautiful like the sky. I couldn’t distinguish whether it was the rumblingContinue reading “ILLYML – 34.1”

ILLYML – 33.2

‘Hmm. I guess since I’ve seen and heard Seri, that child is indeed not immune.’ She didn’t have the eyes of a mother towards a child. It was said she gave birth to her but she was indifferent. For some reason, the fragrance of the perfumed candles did not work on the Duke. Perhaps becauseContinue reading “ILLYML – 33.2”

ILLYML – 33.1

Do I Love You? I laughed in vain. Unfortunately, that day hasn’t come, and you’ve been brainwashed. If I love you, I will be miserable. Hey. Even if the jewelry is beautiful and you might be fascinated by it, it was useless if it was fake. I won’t bother getting it if the jewels areContinue reading “ILLYML – 33.1”

ILLYML – 32.2

Thank you Ko-fi supporter: im a huge fan ily This was literally the hall for hallucination. Just in case. The affectionate Alastair might suddenly change. There was nothing strange about him suddenly strangling me. “Impossible. Don’t worry, I’m not an illusion.” “You’re lying.” “Serina, I’m with you now.” Maybe it was an auditory hallucination thatContinue reading “ILLYML – 32.2”

ILLYML – 32.1

“……Alastair?” After a long time, I opened my eyes again. The warmth surrounding my body just a while ago disappeared. I was leaning against the wall. I was alone. What about Alastair? Surely he was with me. “……Serina.” It was Alastair’s voice. I turned my head in the direction of his call and saw AlastairContinue reading “ILLYML – 32.1”

ILLYML – 31.2

“Seri, I love you the most. So don’t cross the line.” “······.” “I think this will be enough for punishment.” The Duke let me go. I leaned against the wall and exhaled. I seemed to have become a rat trapped in a closed box. When I compared myself to a mouse, I felt miserable. SheContinue reading “ILLYML – 31.2”

ILLYML – 31.1

“Oh?” She lightly stepped towards me. Cold air cut through my throat. The oxygen that allowed me to breathe, the ground that allowed me to stand, all felt threatening. Everything rang my alarm bangs telling me that my life was over. The sound of the shoes that were ringing again against the stone floor stopped.Continue reading “ILLYML – 31.1”

ILLYML – 30.2

“Oh, Mother! It’s been a long since we sat down and had tea together. Why are you always so busy when I ask for us to dine together?” I heard Mikhail’s voice again. My fingertips are shaking, and my whole body is cold. The voice was getting closer and closer. For some reason, it seemedContinue reading “ILLYML – 30.2”

ILLYML – 30.1

“What?!” It was the most surprised interjection I heard today. His mouth formed a tight disapproving frown. “What the hell are you going to do?” “I’m going into the Hall of Hallucinations. This is the only thing I can tell you.” I had been there several times, but only after the Duke’s permission. In otherContinue reading “ILLYML – 30.1”

ILLYML – 29.2

A shout came from behind. “Serina! Come here right now!” Mikhail yelled at me, hanging from the railing upstairs and running towards me. Instead of fleeing, I chose to check what was happening behind me. And I doubted my eyesight ‘What is that?’ I stumbled back. Dark magic leaked out of Alastair’s body. The magicalContinue reading “ILLYML – 29.2”

ILLYML – 29.1

Thank you Ko-fi supporter Teptepp! [t1v: Still in a flashback] A few days have passed since then. In the meantime, I haven’t seen Alastair. Somehow I heard the news that he woke up. I was very relieved by that. When I saw the blood flowing from his head, I thought he had died. Even now,Continue reading “ILLYML – 29.1”

ILLYML – 28.2

[t1v: another scene, still in flashback] After washing up in the bathroom, I turned to the mirror. My reflection illustrated a girl with her wet silver hair hanging down and her skin red from roughly rubbing her wet skin. The room was tinted orange by the light of a burning candle. The sky was darkContinue reading “ILLYML – 28.2”

ILLYML – 28.1

I had a dream. In my dream, there was a young me standing in a long hallway. When I turned my head to the side, there was a railing, and below it, I could see a large hall and a massive door on the first floor. When I turned my head back, there was aContinue reading “ILLYML – 28.1”

ILLYML – 27.2

“Serina.” “Does that make any sense?” “No. Regardless of brainwashing, I—” “If I hear that bullshit about love from your lips one more time…” A sad light penetrated his purple eyes. “Serina. Please…… I love you, so don’t deny it.” “······.” “When have I ever asked you to accept it? I have always endured andContinue reading “ILLYML – 27.2”

ILLYML – 27.1

Ding- Ding- Three times. The bell rang precisely three times. A sound that was cheerful before now sounds like a bell announcing a death. “I remember, why can’t you remember anything?” “………” The force of my hands strangling his neck seemed to be suffocating him. Even though I saw him gasping for air underneath me,Continue reading “ILLYML – 27.1”

ILLYML – 26.2

Alastair is very nervous. “I want to know, Serina.” Why the hell can’t you remember? I really want to know. I slowly pulled up my upper body and released my arms around his neck. I lifted my face that was buried in his neck and looked at him. I wanted to know what he wasContinue reading “ILLYML – 26.2”

ILLYML – 26.1

I thought he was an illusion, so I touched his cheek with the tips of my fingers. As I exerted pressure with my fingers, and his cheeks went in. I was still doubtful whether the vivid texture was real. This time, I gently stroked his cheek with my entire palm. It was cold, but theContinue reading “ILLYML – 26.1”

ILLYML – 25.2

“Miss, I almost forgot your face! Why haven’t I seen you lately?” Recently, my attendance at banquets and visits to her dressing room decreased dramatically. It was because I was busy studying and searching for ways to undo Alastair’s affliction. Now it was time to see different clothes in the dressing room. I had beenContinue reading “ILLYML – 25.2”

ILLYML – 25.1

“……look.” I’m tired. “… I’m watching ···········.” I’m tired and want to sleep more, but someone kept trying to wake me up. I shook my hand roughly to shake it off. “Lady! Wake up!” “…Lida?” I woke up in a daze; my vision still dark. I awakened in bed, blinking my eyes slowly. It wasContinue reading “ILLYML – 25.1”

ILLYML – 24.2

I pretended not to hear it and kept walking. “…….Serina.” It’s amazing. With only a voice and the absence of a physical form—you can still move the human body. I kept walking without halting. “…….Serina, where are you going?” Alastair did not leave me alone at this crucial moment. He grasped my wrist as ifContinue reading “ILLYML – 24.2”

ILLYML – 24.1

“He was brainwashed.” I repeated when Igelto didn’t respond. Despite such effort, he blinked blankly, as if it still didn’t make sense. “What······?” “…….he was brainwashed.” Silence reigned. I waited for him to calm down. His face was horribly distorted and became so strange that it was difficult to recognize. The moment his eyebrows stoppedContinue reading “ILLYML – 24.1”

ILLYML – 23.2

This confrontation has already happened twice. It was enough of catastrophe to drain me. I wanted to run away. I wanted to escape. I wanted to pretend I didn’t know anything. But I can’t. No, I can’t be shaken or thrown into confusion anymore. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. ‘IContinue reading “ILLYML – 23.2”

ILLYML – 23.1

I tried to find my composure as I calmly looked back on the past to figure out what went wrong, but nothing came to my mind. Yeah, it should be fine. So what am I supposed to do now? I was baffled on how to respond and solve this unprecedented situation. “Alastair, get out ofContinue reading “ILLYML – 23.1”

ILLYML – 22.2

Thank you Batty <3 “Yes.” He was like a child who was afraid of being caught in the accident he lied about not committing. Whatever it was, it was clear Alastair wanted to hide something from me. It was evident that Alastair would reluctantly confess to me if I were persistent. But I decided notContinue reading “ILLYML – 22.2”

ILLYML – 22.1

Thank you Amy90! —So····· you changed my face temporarily with magic? Suddenly, a conversation I had with Igelto a few hours ago came to mind. Because I had changed his appearance with magic without consulting him first, he couldn’t hide his outrage, and his face distorted. I meticulously explained to him why I had changedContinue reading “ILLYML – 22.1”

ILLYML – 21.2

Thank you Batty <3 I sincerely apologized to Igelto, knowing that no excuse would work. All I could do was acknowledge my mistake. I’m not going to make a cowardly excuse that covers me. “I was quite adamant that you were going to make it in time—I wondered what great ability you had. I wasContinue reading “ILLYML – 21.2”

ILLYML – 21.1

I grabbed the quill after a long time. Since coming to Duke Agernia‘s residence, I had idled around, waiting for Igelto to wake up and seldom held a pen. Since the story already began, I decided to briefly organize the original story’s contents in my head. ‘Crap.’ Ink dripped on the parchment. For a longContinue reading “ILLYML – 21.1”

ILLYML – 20.2

Author-nim, why are you playing with my emotions like this?!? 💀🙀🤯 Four days later. “My lady, you received a letter.” “Is that so? Let me see.” When I stayed at the Agernia’s mansion, servants brought me what I needed from the Melford estate. Igelto hadn’t woken up yet, so in the meantime, I had secretlyContinue reading “ILLYML – 20.2”

ILLYML – 20.1

Alastair gave a twisted smile. It was easy to see that he was putting on a front with this smooth talk. Alastair looked impatient and nervous. On the contrary, I was relaxed. “You’re jealous.” “If you know that, please don’t make me jealous.” “I’ll think about it.” “……Haaaa.. Please Serina.” ‘It’s strange.’ I kept laughing,Continue reading “ILLYML – 20.1”

ILLYML – 19.2

I lost anyway, why don’t we just enjoy that hour together? I laid my elbows on the table and laughed without care, with my chin between the bottom of my palms. I don’t think Alastair would dare request something that would harm me. I don’t know where this sense of security comes from. Maybe becauseContinue reading “ILLYML – 19.2”

ILLYML – 19.1

“Which of these would you like to wear?” The maid presented several articles of clothing in front of me. It was a little ridiculous to prepare several outfits and give me a choice. It’s just a negligee. That’s not a big deal. Even though I lived as the duchy’s young lady, I still wasn’t usedContinue reading “ILLYML – 19.1”

ILLYML – 18.2

His smile disappeared like he had encountered a strange noise. I continued to speak regardless of how he reacted. “That’s why I need that elf. Only Elves can handle the herbs used to release your brainwashing.” He opened his eyes wide, seemingly surprised. I smiled back. I wondered how Alastair would react. “You’re releasing myContinue reading “ILLYML – 18.2”

ILLYML – 18.1

I had to look up at him because I was sitting on the table. As I tried to keep my head up, my neck was stiff, and I rubbed my neck. As soon as I rubbed my neck, Alastair changed his posture, perhaps because he noticed that it was uncomfortable for me to keep lookingContinue reading “ILLYML – 18.1”

ILLYML – 17.2

“You’re so cold. Well, then, I’ll get going.” The man’s body began to fade. Then, large chunks fell on his body. But the lumps did not harm him and he disintegrated in the air. “I hope to see you again next time.” The man’s hand vanished. I wondered if it would be okay to letContinue reading “ILLYML – 17.2”

ILLYML – 17.1

“Why do I think you want him to be dead?” “You’ve caught me.” “Your words and actions are inconsistent. You are the one who bide 70 million gold for that elf, right?” “There was a reason for that, but now that the elf is dead, so the motive is gone.” He seemed to be relievedContinue reading “ILLYML – 17.1”

ILLYML – 16.2

“I’ve seen a pretty face like yours only once before. However, even if he frowns, you rank far below him.” The man in the black mask continued to talk to Igelto as if he were happily gossiping with a friend. He continued to excitedly talk about the beautiful man Igelto didn’t know or care about.Continue reading “ILLYML – 16.2”

ILLYML – 16.1

Teleportation magic is widely considered the most esteemed amongst high magic. To teleport, it takes a considerable amount of mana, so the number of people who had enough magical poweress were few, and the practice of teleportation spells was even rarer. In a way, it was similar to the magic circle I drew up, butContinue reading “ILLYML – 16.1”

ILLYML – 15.2

“Well, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter whether you run away or not. But I want to know this. Do you know me?” “……..” “Oddly enough, I think you know me even though I’ve seen you for the first time at the auction today.” It was similar to what Hypron said to me. Did he feelContinue reading “ILLYML – 15.2”

ILLYML – 15.1

I silently looked down at the sharp sword aiming its tip at my neck. There were long marks and dark drops of blood in the area where the sword grazed against me. I slowly blinked and watched the man with the blade against my neck. I never expected to meet the male protagonist from theContinue reading “ILLYML – 15.1”

ILLYML – 14.2

—Meanwhile, Igelto looked around the auction house in a stupor. It occurred to him that he didn’t know what he was doing in this mess. He wanted to get out of this place just like everyone else, but he didn’t move because of what Serina had said. -There could be a noisy situation. Don’t leaveContinue reading “ILLYML – 14.2”

ILLYML – 14.1

“Tsk. There’s a lot of trash that needs to be taken out.” A man with vivid red hair slowly swept his head around and pulled his sword out of the man’s chest. Then the blood splattered forward, and at the same time, the man with the pierced chest fell limply to the floor. The noblesContinue reading “ILLYML – 14.1”

ILLYML – 13.2

Finding her wasn’t that difficult. Mikhail told Alastair that Serina would disguise herself as a VIP called ‘Rotor.’ So my eyes scoured the VIP area where she would probably be. I spotted a short gray-haired person. If anyone else had seen it, they wouldn’t have recognized her, but Alastair quickly recognized Serina. The person’s bodyContinue reading “ILLYML – 13.2”

ILLYML – 13.1

The first items for sale were none other than jewelry. Polished gems were popular among ladies and aristocrats. The women competed fiercely, and at last, the highest bidder won the jewel. When the gem portion was finished, the slave auction began. “Look at this pure face with honey-like blonde hair that looks like it’s goingContinue reading “ILLYML – 13.1”

ILLYML – 12.2

“Save me…..?” He frowned as if what he had heard was ridiculous. I nodded my head with a smile. The Elf, who was previously lying helplessly on the ground, rose up. I think he finally had the heart to engage in a proper conversation. “I hear every Elf has a common sense of medicine. AndContinue reading “ILLYML – 12.2”

ILLYML – 12.1

For the past couple of days, Mikhail had been feeling so bored that he was on the verge of going crazy. He couldn’t move easily because *someone* used destruction magic on him and turned him into a limp noodle.  I can’t do anything but sit around in bed aimlessly; there was nothing fun about it.Continue reading “ILLYML – 12.1”

ILLYML – 11.2

I stepped closer.  The closer I got, the closer I got to an overwhelming joy that I would finally get to meet the elves.   The proof was that my fingertips were tingling.   The main star of this slave auction. And the Elf I’ve been searching for so eagerly. “Do you like it?”  Continue reading “ILLYML – 11.2”

ILLYML – 11.1

“Rotor-nim, do you need anything?”  The man called me by Mikhail’s pseudonym, ‘Rotor.’  It looked like ‘Rotor’ had considerable influence here.  Otherwise, there’s no way an executive of the illegal slave trade would be escorting me. Because of the grade of Gold, they followed behind me as if they were my attendants.  They seem toContinue reading “ILLYML – 11.1”

ILLYML – 10.2

I chewed up my innocent lips. My stamina has been pushed to my limit, and if I continue, I will soon be defeated by him.   I wanted to use magic, but I couldn’t do it right away.   To defeat Mikhail, I had to cast strong magic, and to do so; it required complicatedContinue reading “ILLYML – 10.2”

ILLYML – 10.1

“No way I’m giving up. I’ve been so scared that I’ve had goosebumps all over my body. But I need an invitation from Toshiff enough to ignore brother’s warning.”  Mikhail’s face was distorted. I smiled sweetly at him and didn’t break my gaze from his face. I’m confident I’ll never lose this fight.  “Serina, it’sContinue reading “ILLYML – 10.1”

ILLYML – 9.2

In order to meet the Elves, I needed to infiltrate Galen’s slave ring. I needed to know when and where the slave market opens. When I try to recall what I read in the novel, I couldn’t remember. ‘This is Mikhail’s specialty.’ An invitation must have come to Mikhail, who has been operating in theContinue reading “ILLYML – 9.2”

ILLYML – 9.1

This chapter was sponsored by Sara. Thank you! After wetting the pen tip in ink, I began to write letters on parchment paper. I missed writing instruments that I had in Korea.  Since scientific advancement is significantly lower in this world, there have been many difficulties. I eventually adapted to the inconveniences, but it wasContinue reading “ILLYML – 9.1”

ILLYML – 8.2

I raised my head and looked him in the eye, trying hard to adjust to his new gaze.  Alastair slowly approached me without saying a word.  It was like a beast was approaching.  Did the original Serina feel the same way? It was hard to be sure whether the brainwashing was gone or not becauseContinue reading “ILLYML – 8.2”

ILLYML – 8.1

“······Remember.”  Alastair led my hand to his mouth.  Reverently, he slowly kissed my palms and fingers.  Alastair’s lips make tiny suction sounds sneaking up. Alastair smiles joyfully.  Like a predator who finally finds his prey in front of him.  All this time, he has been building up his strength with hope.  Such cruel words, containingContinue reading “ILLYML – 8.1”

ILLYML – 7.2

I focused on the book.  I could hear my brother’s tongue clicking in distaste behind me, but I pretended not to notice it. I heard the door shut. Mikhail left the room, and I tried to concentrate on my book, but it didn’t work out.  Then, when I was barely starting to focus, I turnedContinue reading “ILLYML – 7.2”

ILLYML – 7.1

“Are you going?” “Yes, I’m a little tired.”  “Are you going to be in the study again today?”  “Yes, I’ll be reading there today.” “Do you want anything to eat?” “No, I’m fine.”  I declined the maid’s offer and went into the study.  At first, the smell of moldy books and old paper was disconcerting,Continue reading “ILLYML – 7.1”


I had to get up early in the morning because I had to see Alastair Aguernia off. I had slept curled up, I stretched. “Sister, have you seen that bastard Carron by any chance?” Indeed, the people of this family had the talent of suddenly appearing behind your back and spooking the soul out ofContinue reading “ILLYML – 6”


Why now? The Duke of Melford was not joking about brainwashing Alastair. She wanted to give him a final lesson. “Alastair, you’re not going to rebel, are you?” I patted his smooth cheek gently. His body trembled in my hand, and I could see his body relaxing as if he had accepted it. He lookedContinue reading “ILLYML – 5”


In any history book, there has never been a case of a ducal head becoming a concubine. If anyone heard it, they would fall in disbelief. Although it has lost its former glory, Aguernia is Aguernia. And yet, the Duchess of Melford was set on humiliating him for having the audacity on claiming the title.Continue reading “ILLYML – 4”


I was firmly clasped in his arms. His hug grew with intensity. As it got tighter, it was harder to breathe. “Alastair, I’m suffocating,” was meant to be relaxed. I’d be surprised if you were an ordinary jester. My regular person would have taken their hands off me, but he didn’t. Instead, he hugged myContinue reading “ILLYML – 3”


“Serina Melford” is a blessed character who faces death by relying on the villain, the final boss of the novel. She looks like a pure and innocent beauty. From the description of her in the novel, I think she’s a villain. Long curled eyelashes curled like curves caught people’s eyes at once whenever they blinked.Continue reading “ILLYML – 2”


“Serina, what are you doing?”  “Don’t bring him back.”  “Serina, please, ··!” “!” The pathetic-looking boy cries and desperately grabs my skirt.  I don’t care about a boy like that. The boy, who was just 14 years old, had an extraordinary aura.  His purple eyes sucked you in. They were dazzling, bright and captivated allContinue reading “ILLYML – 1”

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I possessed a villain, Serina, in a novel. 

As a well-to-do character, I tried to mind my own business but the story had other ideas. A self-proclaimed mother brought back a boy, the duke’s heir and genius wizard, intent on brainwashing and blackening him. 

The contents of brainwashing are two things: 

1. Obey to the our family. 

2. And fall in love with Serina. 

Thanks to that, the brainwashed twisted yandere is obsessed with me… 

I can’t do this. I have to cure the twisted character from brainwashing! 

By the way, what’s this situation? 

“Now that the brainwashing is gone, I’ll do as I please. So Serina, please, let’s do our best.” 

I’ve solved his brainwashing… but why does he seem even more crazy than before—

Did I make a mistake? 

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*TN: The title literally translates to ‘Blackened’ Male Lead. I replaced it with ‘Yandere’ in the text sometimes I put ‘twisted,’ ’villainous route’ etc and sometimes using ‘blackened’ is unavoidable. Regardless, everything is racist, including language.

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3 thoughts on “ILLYML TOC

  1. Hmmm blackened is actually a term in tropes that have nothing to do with racism. ‘Fallen’ probably depict the situation better although too general.

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