DVS [39]

Once the iron door closed, Senia had her hands in prayer as she looked at Carr. However, Tess continued to observe her profile. The air around him had turned thick and stuffy – fogging his head and for the first time Tess didn’t have any laughter or smile on his face. “….I didn’t expect aContinue reading “DVS [39]”

DVS [38]

After dinner, Senia showed up at the ward for treatment, but tonight there were not many patients due to the large number of medicines distributed by the Lord. People that came to the ward were the ones that have seriously or critically injured this to say reduce Senia’s burden. It was of Faber’s request andContinue reading “DVS [38]”

DVS [37]

The sun was already high in the sky and a monster had been prepared in an underground stadium – away from the sunlight. The stadium was made by a wizard that was handsomely paid by Belmont. Despite the big stadium that can seat a hundred spectators, there was only one observer from the exam whichContinue reading “DVS [37]”

DVS [36]

As planned, both Carr and Senia made their way to the Lord’s mansion the next day. Tess was already waiting for them at the main gate as he had too decided to meet the Lord. Senia asked the gatekeeper to let them through to meet the Lord. At first, the guard was stunned but eventuallyContinue reading “DVS [36]”

DVS [35]

Soon, the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs and the voices of his guest could be heard. “Well, Senia. I’m going to make some money.” “Oh? How?” “Wandering around had made me learn many things. Street performances, fortune telling, those kinds of things.” “Then, don’t overdo it.”  “Yes, and as I said earlier, IContinue reading “DVS [35]”

DVS [34]

Once they turned right from the Lord’s mansion, the red brick road showed up again. People were still glancing at Senia but nothing else stood out. Most people are just busy worrying about their daily chores. “After we have a new Lord, the city of Serendipirel had a new system called examination. Instead of askingContinue reading “DVS [34]”

DVS [33]

Senia returned to the two men, smiling brightly and Tess just greeted her calmly as if the little conversation he had with Carr was nothing of importance. “Welcome back, Senia. So, when’s the ship depart?” “Oh, that’s…. we’re in a little trouble.” Senia frowned slightly, “All the boats in the river belong to Lord ofContinue reading “DVS [33]”

DVS [32]

As the sunrise came, Senia simply wakes up and started to change inside the tent. It had been ingrained in her mind and body that she needed to present herself flawlessly as a saint, even though she was travelling she couldn’t neglect that.  As usual, before she starts the day, she did her morning prayerContinue reading “DVS [32]”

DVS [31]

Senia was embarrassed at the sudden compliment as there were not many men who made such straightforward comments in the temple. Most of them tend to watch their words the moment they knew that Senia was a saint. Senia smiled awkwardly, mumbling a quiet thank you. The sight of her expression that was caused byContinue reading “DVS [31]”

DVS [30]

Senia laughed lightly which was cruel in Carr’s opinion but at the same time, it made her beautiful, especially with the smile gracing her face. Even before he could speak his wish that he had told Ellard, the recipient had already denied his wish. However, he knew why Senia had said that. The moment theyContinue reading “DVS [30]”

DVS [29]

It was only hours later that Senia finally said something. “….oh, should we camp out here today?” Carr looked up, checking the position of the sun, and nodded his head. The sun was about to set, and they need to find a perfect place to sleep and settle for dinner for the night before theContinue reading “DVS [29]”

DVS [28]

Even after Ellard’s soul was departed, Senia continued to pray for a long time. A silent prayer for the deceased – not just to conjure a miracle. There was more expression on her beautiful face that Carr couldn’t decipher, so he stayed still in place. “I was surprised to know that he was Brother Ellard.” Continue reading “DVS [28]”

DVS [27]

[Is it done?] “Yes. I’m sorry for taking a long time.” [No, you did a good job, saint. It’s more than I expected.]  The poisoned lake had completely changed in a short time and has now become a mirror of the blue sky. Senia, who stood by the lake with a relaxed face, slowly lookedContinue reading “DVS [27]”

DVS [26]

The confession that was muttered in a whisper echoed in the air between them. Ellard stayed silent, savouring his words and fell into memories of the woman he loved deeply while Carr quietly frowned.  He had never heard a case where humans and demons fell in love. There was never a fairy tale or rumoursContinue reading “DVS [26]”

DVS [25]

It was at that moment when he started walking back toward the lake to watch over Senia when a rattling sound could be heard from the shadows in the forest. It was a sound that couldn’t be made by a dead creature, but at the same time, he couldn’t tell the source of it. CarrContinue reading “DVS [25]”

DVS [24]

When Senia turned glanced back with tears in her eyes, Carr was no longer in his position. She didn’t feel Carr’s presence but when she looked back at the unicorn, Carr has already wrapped his arm around its neck – strangling it. The startled unicorn raised its front foot and neigh loudly while Carr quicklyContinue reading “DVS [24]”

DVS [23]

There were wagons and horses tied to a tree and a crowd of ten people or so were gathered and were busy talking to each other. Most of them were wearing plain civilian clothes but they could spot a few mercenaries hired as escorts standing not too far from the group. Senia, who couldn’t justContinue reading “DVS [23]”

DVS [22]

When they finally return to the inn, Lu was already long gone. The note she left with the owner stated how she was going to organize her thoughts before she would be back tomorrow morning. “Was it too much for her…”  Senia mumbled quietly after reading the note. She let out another sigh before sheContinue reading “DVS [22]”

DVS [21]

After the short silence, Carr let out a resigned sigh. In that short moment, he managed to gather his senses back by focusing on Senia’s sweet voice. Actually, he gathered his resolve because he wanted to turn Senia down. Carr was delighted that she wanted to give her body, but he couldn’t help but feelContinue reading “DVS [21]”

DVS [20]

C/W: a slight non-con ‘How does one man able to have such strong mental power and the ability to reject his desire? And there is no way that my body will ever be precious anymore.’ Lu let out a dejected laugh as she recalled Carr’s last words before the man disappeared outside. Truthfully, it isContinue reading “DVS [20]”

DVS [19]

C/W : drug use, past rape experience The next day passed peacefully without any incident. However, because of the fatigue that continued to pile up on her body, Senia yawned more frequently that she almost dozed off during meals. In Carr’s eyes, he can’t help but looked at her adorableness, especially as her cheeks willContinue reading “DVS [19]”

DVS [18]

It was late at night, the moon that shone high in the sky reminded him of Lu’s gaze as he continued to run back to his inn. His heart gradually calmed down as he entered the building and greeted by the faint artificial light. The whole experience felt like a nightmare. As he opened theContinue reading “DVS [18]”

DVS [17]

“I’m just an ordinary mercenary. I was offered this position because I have a good sense of direction and able to handle monsters. If you are still curious, you need to ask the archbishop why he chose me.” “Ah…. Grandpa Arte? That overprotective person hired a man to protect his granddaughter? Death must be knockingContinue reading “DVS [17]”

DVS [16]

Senia smiled brightly after Carr curled his pinky around her and shook it once. There was a light blush hanging on her white skin. Even though it was a small and trivial matter, but she couldn’t help but thank him for indulging her. Carr just quietly smiled at her. However, she would deeply regret theContinue reading “DVS [16]”

DVS [15]

Senia couldn’t face him properly after that soft kiss. Her face was burning with a mix of gratitude, apology, and embarrassment. She should have trusted Carr more that he wouldn’t think of her like that. She opened her mouth ready to apologize for doubting him but quickly closed her mouth tightly. “Sir Carr,” She mutteredContinue reading “DVS [15]”

DVS [14]

The streets are lulled with the quietness of the night despite the bright lights illuminating the cobbled paths. There are only a few people roaming around, guards continuous patrol in the area and most of the folks had gone to hiding with the news of the monsters’ attack. Senia and Carr headed to their innContinue reading “DVS [14]”

DVS [13]

The moonlight cascading the surrounding area was not as bright as yesterday, but it still provides moderate visibility because of the clear night. Carr walked out of the east gate alone, checking the situation while the thirty or so guards with powerful talismans and shields were situated on the outer wall. The rest of theContinue reading “DVS [13]”

DVS [12]

The next morning, Carr made his way back to the temple again. At the front of the gate, he spotted Dan and Bishop Hales talking to Senia, seeing her off. “Are you leaving already? You can stay as long as you want, saint.” “Ah, no. I am leaving the city tomorrow, but today I’m goingContinue reading “DVS [12]”

DVS [11]

It was only after the sun had set and the moon slowly climb up in the sky that Carr and Senia started to walk back to the temple. The full moon shone on their path casting a dreamlike ambience as they leisurely trot along. Carr stayed close to her, a step behind, as they ascendedContinue reading “DVS [11]”

DVS [10]

‘What was that?’ Carr’s hand, which had been relaxed, was now clenched into a tight fist. He couldn’t believe what he’d heard. Everything in his whole being trembled in anger. ‘That…. There was nothing fun or easy about her situation.’ If Senia didn’t have any charity, Carr would not be alive now. Hales had completelyContinue reading “DVS [10]”

DVS [9]

After agonizing for a long time, Senia sighed and gave Carr a resigned smile. “Forget it. It’s nothing of importance. I’m sorry to have bothered you. Did you have your dinner yet? If not, do you mind if I join you?” ‘Not important?’ Carr frowned when she changed topics, but he nodded at her request.Continue reading “DVS [9]”

DVS [8]

It had been five days since they left the little village and now, they arrived at a new city. Different from the last village, the city was large with tall, sturdy exterior wall. A queue of people waited to enter the city at the main gates while soldiers were checked their identification meticulously. “There willContinue reading “DVS [8]”

DVS [7]

Even though, Senia’s hair hid her face, Carr could tell how she felt. Her quivering voice and white knuckles tightly gripping her robe gave it away. The saint of the sun, who had saved hundreds of people, now realized her own helplessness.  She couldn’t save and heal those women. ‘Does it cause you such pain?’Continue reading “DVS [7]”

DVS [6]

TW/CW – in this chapter there is a part that mention about rape and violence. (it started from the paragraph with * at the start). “Ahhnnn!” No matter how much she tried to hold back, her moans escaped as pleasure flooded her body, which ignited Carr’s desire further. Each thrust was deeper, stronger, and rougherContinue reading “DVS [6]”

DVS [5]

The journey was smooth. All the people they met on their way were kind to both of them. Senia managed to hear what Carr said for the first time when he had a short conversation to ask for direction. The calm and firm tone was not much different from what she imagined. It made herContinue reading “DVS [5]”

DVS [4]

“Pardon?” Senia opened her eyes wide. Carr shook his head once and pulled her hand toward him, forcing her into the bed. “E-Excuse me?” Her blue eyes shook with embarrassment. Carr continued to look at her with his mouth shut. He didn’t know exactly what she did as part of her role as a saint,Continue reading “DVS [4]”

DVS [3]

Carr couldn’t say anything. Apart from Arte’s power, he didn’t know how to respond. However, it explained yesterday’s incident. Otherwise, there would have been no reason for a saint to come and offer her virginity to a devil like him. Senia smiled weakly as she looked at Carr, as he frowned slightly unsure how toContinue reading “DVS [3]”

DVS [2]

She whimpered quietly. The man checked the bloodstain and quickly raised his head. The saint held back her tears and closed her eyes tightly. The silver hair that was disheveled in the bed was sweaty to the point that it glistened like a halo. The light felt like a blade that about to guillotine aContinue reading “DVS [2]”

DVS – 1

“Now, please violate me.” The man remained silent when the woman walked into the room and asked for sex. He couldn’t speak, but even if he could, the situation was so ridiculous he had no idea how to respond. Once he looked into the woman’s eyes in an attempt to grasp her intention, he couldn’tContinue reading “DVS – 1”

The Devil Who Violates the Saint Doesn’t Talk

“Now please, violate me.” The woman insisted as she started to disrobe herself. “I have been cursed by the Great Devil, so I need to restore my power through you.”

Carr had thought his life was going to end when he, a demon, was captured by the Church, but then there he was standing in the middle of a solitary room being propositioned by the Saint, Senia.

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