VGD – 14

Giving up life-saving treatment didn’t mean giving up life. Elysee didn’t want to die. She wanted to live– even if it was just one more day. She was an unwanted child, adopted and given up twice, and then she was adopted overseas and then abused by her’ parents.’ By the time she was in herContinue reading “VGD – 14”

VGD – 13

Elysee lay on the back bed with a thud. Then she beckoned wildly to him. “Come on. I’m going to pretend to be asleep from now on.”  Once again, it was no good to have the same situation occur as before. The corners of his mouth twitched again, perhaps because her frightened expression was funny.Continue reading “VGD – 13”

VGD – 12

The sun had already set when Elysee, who crashed and fallen into a deep slumber, finally opened her eyes. Her finger twitched. Good. Fortunately, she didn’t die. ‘Oh, I’m already dead.’ As her eyes took in the surroundings, a shadowed man stood beside the bed and fell into her view. Elysee squinted, gulping down harshContinue reading “VGD – 12”

VGD – 11

“Ah… !” The flesh that came in through the swollen and closed entrance swept through the inner wall rubbing against her core. He was slow but persistant, he went deeper little by little. It felt completely different from a penis or fingers. It was terribly delicate, to the point, it made her shiver from delight.Continue reading “VGD – 11”

VGD – 10

That was a fair remark. When it came to sex, did day or night matter? She was profoundly convinced and agreed with him from the bottom of her heart. ‘No, wait. Now’s not the time!’ Elysee quickly found another excuse. “I’m a little tired and want to rest… .” “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle andContinue reading “VGD – 10”

VGD – 9

“Can’t you switch bodies?” “If that were possible, I would have done it right away.” “… Stop tearing your hair out. It’s not yours.” Elysée slapped the back of his hand and cleaned up his messy hair. He said, staring into the air with eyes that seemed to want to kill someone. “A blemish onContinue reading “VGD – 9”

VGD – 8

‘Is that supposed to be a smile? And a bright one at that?’ Elysée tried to hide the absurdity by approaching and hugging him. “Older Brother… ! I’m so glad. I was afraid that you might have left.” “How could I? You’ve endured the most during this major life event more than anyone else….. Didn’tContinue reading “VGD – 8”

VGD – 7

This chapter was sponsored by Batty. Thank you! *** “Your Grace, you are so beautiful.” “You have such smooth skin.” Satisfaction filled Elysee’s face as she studied her reflection in the mirror. ‘I’m ten years younger.’ She looked the same as she did when she was 19. The only different thing was the color ofContinue reading “VGD – 7”

VGD – 6

Elysee shook her head. She could tell without having to look that her bottom half was messy. It would be very uncomfortable and not suitable to maintain her perfect image. She couldn’t sit and eat with him like this. “I understand.” Blake stroked her head with a gentle touch. “Rest a little more.” His handContinue reading “VGD – 6”

VGD – 5

This chapter was sponsored by Batty. Thank you! And thank you so much to my “anonymous“ raw provider. The brightness of the light leaking between the thick curtains made it clear that it was midday. But the room was as dark as night. It had been intentional so as to not to disturb her deepContinue reading “VGD – 5”

VGD – 4

In the meantime, his gaze never left her face. “Did you bathe with roses? Wife, are you trying to kill me?” Faced with his passionate eyes, resembling a savage beast, Elysee gulped. He was too provocative. Was he just born with such sensualness? ‘This guy’s pretty sweet, isn’t he? Not bad for sleeping with.’ NowContinue reading “VGD – 4”

VGD – 3

This chapter was sponsored by Batty. Thank you! And thank you so much to my “anonymous“ raw provider. “W-wait…”  In this situation where she was plenty wet, if there was any pressure, his cock would slip in. Elysee pushed Blake on the shoulder as if she were protesting. “Your Highness…?  Their eyes met in theContinue reading “VGD – 3”

VGD – 2

This chapter was sponsored by Batty. Thank you! And thank you so much to my “anonymous“ raw provider. Elysee was dead. She was killed absurdly on the same day she decided to give up his life-sustaining treatment and try to play to her heart’s content. But she did not go to heaven or hell. FortunatelyContinue reading “VGD – 2”

VGD – 1

Thank you so much to my “anonymous“ raw provider. The castle hallway was dark, unlike the room she was in where the afternoon sun was shining. Standing tall at the door, the man also seemed buried in the shadows of the corridor. Her heart was thumping for no reason. A cold sweat came stuck toContinue reading “VGD – 1”

The Double Life of The Villainess Grand Duchess

Their appearances should have been scheduled like a screenplay,

Elysee was a veteran actress that possessed the body of a villainess Grand Duchess.

—By the way….

“Can I do this? Lucas is the male protagonist.”

Nothing goes according to plan or according to her mission since the first day she is sent down to possess this body.

The biggest stumbling block is the villain—her husband, the Grand Duke, Blake Freysen.

What am I supposed to do with this guy who sticks to me all the time? I thought he was supposed to be cold and haughty? Was the info I was given on him faulty? Why is he so different?

“Wife. Can I come in?”

Like her, Lucas was an agent from the heavens—and was supposed to have possessed Elysse’s husband’s body.

Instead, here he was in her step-brother’s body—the same body that quickly squeezed, wriggled, and crawled under her broken bed (due to her husband’s passion last night) and suddenly went still.

As if she was caught doing something naughty, Elysee’s heart pounded.

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