ILLYML – 26.2

Alastair is very nervous.

“I want to know, Serina.”

Why the hell can’t you remember? I really want to know.

I slowly pulled up my upper body and released my arms around his neck.

I lifted my face that was buried in his neck and looked at him.

I wanted to know what he was thinking now.

He looked desperate.

He, himself, doesn’t even know what he doesn’t remember, but he keeps wanting to know.

A man who knows nothing.

I felt my anger grow.

At least I wanted him to remember.

“It’s better if you don’t know.”


“Is there something you often say? It would be better not to know.”

Yeah, now I’m being crazy. I was referring to Alastair in the original timeline; it was something he had often said to Juliana.

I could usually only vaguely recall the original work, but in my resentment, everything clearly came to mind as if the circumstances were being reproduced right in front of me.

Why does my hostility only calm down when I hurt Alastair?

“Is there any reason I shouldn’t know?”

“If you know………!”

I clenched my teeth and my fists.

I need to calm down.

I forcibly removed the strength in my hands and forced myself to breathe.

“If you know, what’s the difference?”


“Whether you know it or not, it’s all the same in the end. If your brainwashing is released…! Do you really believe it will be the same between us as it is now? Why do you keep saying nonsense? When the brainwashing is over, you will have nothing to do with me, right?”

“Ha …..”

His head bent over in laughter.

I don’t know what’s so funny to Alastair.

He smiled, meeting my eyes, and slowly swept back his messy hair.

The strangely changed airflow added tension between us.

I bit my lips firmly and stared at his cold, wet purple eyes.

His violet that used to contain only warmth sank darkly—bright with ice.

“When I get back to the mansion…. I’ll kill that elf first.”


“There is no reason to keep him alive.”

I was bewildered by the cold firestorm in his eyes.

Alastair continued with a charming smile, but it was a dark smile full of shadows that was never bright.

“Why did you bring that elf to the mansion?”


“That bloody brainwashing, brainwashing, brainwashing……·! That’s probably why.”

I stared at Alastair’s hand that had propped up his body on the floor. His fingers on the floor gathered together, and his fists clenched.

His cuffs were unbuttoned, and his white wrists were revealed through his sleeves.

How tightly he clenched his fists, his veins sprouted.

“You don’t trust me. So wouldn’t it be useless if I asked you to believe me a hundred times?”

“So you won’t undo your brainwashing?”

“That’s right. Then it’s better not to cure my brainwashing.”

“You’re really crazy, aren’t you?”

“Because I grew up like that,”

he smartly countered.

He said it so naturally—and indeed, perhaps he was brainwashed to be crazy—so I had nothing to say.

“Don’t be crazy. Would you like to be manipulated for life because of that brainwashing?”

The original Alastair became the premier brainwashed villain among villains that had the emperor rolling in the palm of his hand.

And Serina had fun with him.

But was Serina the only one who played with him? Everything was like a pyramid scheme.

Ladybugs are eaten by spiders, spiders are eaten by frogs, and frogs are eaten by snakes.

If Serina played with him alone—wouldn’t that be unfair?

The Duke of Melford was a vicious mother who used even her children.

She used Serina to control the Alastair.

In the end, she was murdered by Serina, who hated being manipulated.

It was the rebellion of the little puppet under Duke Melford.

“It’s okay to live like that. At least you’ll be with me.”

“Crazy bastard.”

“So tell me, just one time with that mouth— You’ll believe me.”

I glanced at him gently.

Step by step, I told him why I didn’t believe him.

How funny.

Now, I was convinced of what to do.

Because of this conversation, I did not want to hide anymore, so he impulsively opened his mouth.

“Alastair, do you really want to know?”

I touched his shoulder. And waited for an answer.

It’s your last chance.

“Please let me know, Serina.”

He responded with great delight.

I applied force to my hand on his shoulder.

I pushed his shoulders hard and laid him on the floor.

He blinked his eyes as if confused by my unexpected act.

His body rolled back, and my upper body bent over him as well. I naturally got on top of him like I was going to ride him.


I gently caressed his neck. Like he did to me.

I gently wrapped his neck with both hands and gave strength to my hands.

“You really don’t remember anything?”


Due to the broken artifact, the bell rang without knowing the time.

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  1. I’m so confused tho, remember when she mentioned a part in the original novel that once Alastair’s brainwashing was finally removed, unfortunately Alastair disappeared for a long time(didn’t even bother thanked the female lead for curing him in the first place) and near the ending during the two MC’s wedding day; Alastair still came back to Serina In the end, So Did he really love her genuinely? But the moment his brainwashing briefly wear off he dared strangle serina. In the Original Novel he died in the hands of Serina herself by accepting his fate by will.

    And I doupt Serina (Our current MC) even remembered that crucial Ending of the story since she already claimed that she can’t clearly recall the the entire story from the novel properly.

  2. OMAYAAAAA😖 I’m scared and excited at the same time. Btw, Thank you very kamsa for the chapter 😊💜

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