CAM – 53

Naturally, Shada was gently moved to the Count’s room in the mansion, washed thoroughly, took a sedative, and fell asleep exhausted. And when she opened her eyes, it was dark outside the window. Not knowing what she was looking for, Shada looked around in a dazed state where her sleepiness and the medicine in herContinue reading “CAM – 53”

CAM – 52

Red blood splattered diagonally across the wall. Huey cut off his foe’s arm as if it were tofu as the attacker rushed at him. With an indifferent face, he stepped on a knife that had been lodged in the abdomen of a corpse, blood flowing water. The vacant expression on his face, as if heContinue reading “CAM – 52”

CAM – 51

[Present/ Shada:] “Y-y-you… … .” “You are still pretty. No, you’ve become prettier.” The man that had reminded her of a brown bear spoke in an amused tone. But there was something twisted in his laughter. The face reflected in the shallow sunlight was sadly familiar. He looked warm when he smiled as if heContinue reading “CAM – 51”

CAM – 49

According to common sense, yes. So Shada looked into Huey’s eyes and gave a common-sense answer. Either way, he didn’t seem to care much about whether her answer was correct or not. Huey flashed a bright smile. [t1v: ugh my heart hurtssss] “I usually think so.” “Am I wrong?” “No, you’re right.” “…… ?” ShadaContinue reading “CAM – 49”

CAM – 50

Huey left for the capital and entered the palace in a carriage. Count Kirchner’s manor was far from the outskirts of the capital, so he had to hurry to arrive on time. It was unusual for him to run late, but Shada enjoyed the sight of him looking at her hungrily all night long asContinue reading “CAM – 50”

CAM – 48

In fact, her master did most things on his own. At first, she was surprised by the occasional task like making a light sandwich or toast. None of the nobles Shada had seen would enjoy a one food meal that commoners would enjoy. Nevermind Princess Julia. “Yes. He was a sincere and responsible person. AlthoughContinue reading “CAM – 48”

CAM – 47

Even if it’s rough and coercive in bed… pretending to be someone else… she didn’t hate it… at all. It was shameful and embarrassing that she couldn’t help but cry out loud due to the sheer pleasure she felt. Sometimes she felt irritation and resentful but as soon as her eyes met his sweet onesContinue reading “CAM – 47”

CAM – 46

Huey, Count Kirchner was well-read and read a lot of books even though he was a military officer. It was a bit different from Shada’s impression of usual knights, but it seemed to fit Huey well. Sometimes he gave the impression of an elite handling papers rather than a knight with blood on his hands.Continue reading “CAM – 46”

CAM – 45

The average ordinary citizen of the kingdom loved the Count—Kirchner was young, handsome, polite, and a war hero. Even with overwhelming favour, he was prudent in his conduct —and exceedingly so for his age— and was not reckless.  At first glance, his seemingly humble deeds earned him a similarly humble following until it steadily increasedContinue reading “CAM – 45”

CAM – 44

He thought it was impressive that she had endured it for so long. Certainly, she was pretty. Was it because of her unusual eye color? Indeed, she was memorable. Perhaps… …. “Chief.” “Yes!” Cool green eyes startled him out of his thoughts. Confronted with a gaze that resembled a wild beast at night, Jules stoppedContinue reading “CAM – 44”

CAM – 43

Who else is there besides himself coming in the early morning? Somehow, it seemed like an excuse, so Jules licked his lips and eventually followed her without saying a word. The Count’s mansion had a minimal and frugal appearance compared to the fame of Count Kirchner. It was famous as a luxurious villa from theContinue reading “CAM – 43”

CAM – 42

He grabbed Shada’s dark hair and gave an expressionless order. Contrary to his calm face, his voice was unstable. “Ha—open your mouth. Open your mouth.” Shada did as she was told. It didn’t matter if she was possessed or tamed. It just seemed like she had to do what he wanted, and she wanted to.Continue reading “CAM – 42”

CAM – 41

Shada clung to that kiss until she sighed. It wasn’t enough. She needed more. She needed more of what he engraved on her body and scratched his hard arm like a cat with razor-sharp nails. “Master… please. Oh.” “Tell me.” “… Please.” She was about to cry. Huey exhaled and his member made a squeakyContinue reading “CAM – 41”

CAM – 40

Huey saw her at her lowest when she was only doing laundry day and night, never speaking except for a few essential words a day—she tried not to even think of those times. “No. How did you get there? I don’t remember at all.” “Of course. You didn’t do anything. I just happened to seeContinue reading “CAM – 40”

CAM – 39

Again, slowly, the horse started to walk. There was a stable at the entrance of the forest. Exhausted, Shada prayed for the moment to get off this horse and on the ground would come sooner But another part of her didn’t want this moment to end. Of course, it was because she was so shyContinue reading “CAM – 39”

CAM – 38

“Riding a horse, haaa, is easier than you think. If you can communicate, you can ride horses.” [t1v: this is a horribly corny ‘word’ play joke in Korean] Every time the horse walked, Shada’s body trembled, and from time to time, Huey thrusted into her. Shada panted and stuck her nails in his arm aroundContinue reading “CAM – 38”

CAM – 37

The black horse that carried them flickered weakly. The vividness of being on top of the living thing while her erogenous zones were being stimulated shocked her. Shada shook her head as if crying. Meanwhile, Huey’s fingers were harassing her pussy and her wet lips. “That—stop—Master.” “Why? Do you want me to put it rightContinue reading “CAM – 37”

CAM – 36

Shada was even more conscious of his firm hands holding her waist. In fact, she had never forgotten his existence. A calm voice spoke to her first. As always. “Do you like it?” “Yes. It’s beautiful,” Shada said honestly. Even those who hated Count Kirchner would not be able to find fault with the magnificentContinue reading “CAM – 36”

CAM – 35

Shada froze, his green eyes piercing her. Even if he was far away, she could easily feel the warmth of his eyes, no different from being close to him. He looked at her with consistent regard and kind eyes throughout their relationship. Even when he first rescued Shada from the princess. ‘Nothing I have isContinue reading “CAM – 35”

CAM – 34

“I can’t abandon you, even if Shada sees my feelings as trivial and thinks nothing of my heart. How dare you.” Pink eyes shaking in confusion and stern green eyes met in the charged air. He had a light, bitter smile. “You don’t know me any more than I understand you.” It was self-deprecating. ShadaContinue reading “CAM – 34”

CAM – 33

Love can only fully bloom when basic survival, trust and serenity are the foundation. Some stories romanticized that danger and crisis could spark love, but at least it was not true for Shada. She was that kind of person. Suddenly Shada started to breathe hard—trying to hold back sobs with whimpers. Although she felt stupid,Continue reading “CAM – 33”

CAM – 32

“You’re trembling and scared just because I said I like you.” “…….” It was as if he was looking into Shada’s heart. Shada avoided his gaze when she met his green eyes and saw her confused face reflected in his eyes. My chest was sore, and my heart ached as I remembered his wet pantsContinue reading “CAM – 32”

CAM – 31

As soon as I opened my eyes, the white sunlight shined into my eyes, making me frown. While yawning, I made eye contact with Huey. I froze. He was looking at me, surprisingly up close to my face. When Shada was unable to yawn properly and hiccuped, he smiled and kissed her round forehead. GoodContinue reading “CAM – 31”

CAM – 30

Butler Franc knocked on the door politely. After a while, he was given permission to come in. As soon as he opened the door and entered, the sight that entered his eyes did not deviate much from his expectations. He lowered his eyes as his master laid the dark-haired maid on the bed, swept backContinue reading “CAM – 30”

CAM – 29

Shada came from a poor commoner family. Her father was an industrial laborer, and her mother picked up, cleaned, and delivered laundry. When she was very young, she had two younger brothers; one died of smallpox, and the other died from tuberculosis. Since they passed away when she was very young, the fact that ShadaContinue reading “CAM – 29”

CAM – 28

“Just.” “Hmm.” He raised his arms on the ridge of the bathtub, his chin down as he stared at Shada. She avoided his gaze as if she were watching something captivating. Huey didn’t forcibly hold eyes with her. Instead, it looked like he was observing a sheep locked in his cage and said: “Sometimes, IContinue reading “CAM – 28”

CAM – 27

Although his lips were a little too stiff to be called delicate, he caressed her as gently as possible. He turned and held her, massaging her limbs as if treating a child; he asked, “Did it hurt?” and “I’m sorry.” It seemed as if he would carefully lick and caress even the smallest scratch andContinue reading “CAM – 27”

CAM – 26

When he slapped her buttocks again, Shada was surprised and cried. He groaned and growled low as if in trouble. “Damn it. You’ve become such a pervert. Cry more. Oh?” “Oh! Master!” “Haaaa…….” He clenched his teeth, kissed her, and grabbed her hot ass. Smooth cheeks twisted and kneaded in demonic-like pleasure. Shada’s body rattledContinue reading “CAM – 26”

CAM – 25

He stroked his wet swollen rigid member as he spoke. Shada’s chin fell—without even knowing herself, her gaze had been fixed on his cock since before. Encouraged by her gaze, his penis twitched, nodding and beckoning her. Of course, I fixed my gaze there without my knowledge. As if excited. Her whole body was burningContinue reading “CAM – 25”

CAM – 24

His head stroked against her vagina, blindly looking for her hole, and then went inside strongly. She was pulled by her waist and pierced by his hard penis, like beads threaded through a stiff thread. A strange and weird moan broke out. The black skirt of her maid uniform fluttered and covered their tightly interlockedContinue reading “CAM – 24”

CAM – 23

“In this situation, right now, it sounds like you are asking for more if you say that with that tone, that face, and those eyes.” No— what—not at any point! Shada was frightened by the advice of an all-knowing pervert. She was alarmed and tried to shake his hand away. His hand fell easily, butContinue reading “CAM – 23”

CAM – 22

Just as the kind and caring Master anticipated, Shada ran out of Count’s room and fled to her dorm room.  She sat idly for a long time, dumb and numb— and stayed up all night with her eyes open, but as soon as the morning appeared, she jumped up and packed her luggage.  Things wereContinue reading “CAM – 22”

CAM – 21

“No, I’m not telling you to go. Instead, they would ask you to take responsibility for your escort and guardianship. Security in the capital has been on alert lately. Wasn’t there an emergency recently concerning the water supply?” Of course, he knew well. “There has been intelligence that the remnants of the Republic—even a spy—Continue reading “CAM – 21”

CAM – 20

The mention of Princess Julia naturally reminded me of Shada, who had worked as her maid. In fact, it doesn’t matter what I think of these last few days; everything ends and begins with Shada. There have been signs of me doing that ever since I first brought her to the mansion, but I wasContinue reading “CAM – 20”

CAM – 19

“I’ll hug you, kiss you, touch you –as much as I want, whenever I want. No matter your health, wherever we are—even if Miss Shada protests—I’ll hug you freely. You’ll get used to it if you keep sleeping with me. Won’t you?” “Master!” “Yes, Miss Shada.” Huey looked at her with a gentle manner andContinue reading “CAM – 19”

CAM – 18

His arm got a little harder, then he gently let her go.  Shada had to work hard to pretend nothing was amiss. His unexpected touch reminded her of ‘the night.’  Unaware, her gaze was directed with his softly closed lips and his long moving fingers.  She has a pent-up sigh that she suppressed. That wasContinue reading “CAM – 18”

CAM – 17

“I wanted to cherish Miss Shada even more. Enough to bring myself to be bound. I guess I thought that it didn’t matter if it happened now or waited until then.”  What is he talking about? Shada’s head was jumbled and blank at the same time. By all means, he was talking as if heContinue reading “CAM – 17”

CAM – 16

I almost hiccuped when he knelt down in front of the bed and made eye contact with me without any warning.  Originally, he was sweet and friendly, but he was even more caring and attentive after last night.  It felt like a thin wall of breathtaking tension had been lifted. It was as if heContinue reading “CAM – 16”

CAM – 15

Suddenly, the Princess’ venomous face when she tried to beat me like a beast appeared. A big hand stroked Shada’s apprehensive shoulder.  Huey rubbed her cool skin and wrapped it warmly. He blew his warm breath and kissed her gently.  It was an affectionate gesture as if caring for a small wildflower.  At that moment,Continue reading “CAM – 15”

CAM – 14

TN: Happy Holidays! “Ah! Ooh Count, something’s strange… Ahnng!”  “Huu, that’s not strange.” It’s a good thing.  Shady exclaimed when he pulled out his member and then struck her deeply. A large, blunt weapon opened up a narrow, hot, and unfamiliar inner wall and rushed in vigorously. She was suddenly aware of her sensitive fleshContinue reading “CAM – 14”

CAM – 13

I then looked at the woman’s tearful face, which was blurrily whimpering. I wanted to put my hardened rod into her body, at this very instant. Whether crying, scared, or shy when receiving mine, I longed to see her changing looks. What kind of expression will you make? How can naughtiness, passion, and pleasure alterContinue reading “CAM – 13”

CAM – 12

“Ah.” Shada unwittingly clung to his arm. The sudden strange, and sensual whirlwind struck me in a daze; my heart pounded in my ears. Unfamiliar pleasures and intimate stirrings added to my confusion. His touch entered and settled in my skirt. The big hand that teased my garter belt and rubbed my tight thighs feltContinue reading “CAM – 12”

CAM – 11

This time her jealousy won over her love. She didn’t even bother with her ‘coy’ ‘shy’ act. Huey watched her without responding to her tantrum. In his silence, the Princess turned red and green and snarled stubbornly. “I do not like it! I don’t like it!” “Haa.” The Princess’s incoherent tantrum was cut off withContinue reading “CAM – 11”

CAM – 10

Huey lowered his gaze with his eyes half-closed. For a war hero, he was an easygoing and laid-back man. But, contrary to other people’s perceptions, Huey Von Kirchner was a man on edge, ready to pull out a sword anywhere at any time. He stood on a battlefield, at every moment. Whether it was theContinue reading “CAM – 10”

CAM – 9

The alarms of death’s immediate arrival—the same crisis she felt on the day she ran into the Count—came back again with full force. I ran away then– but where should I go now? Retreating footsteps abruptly stopped when a thought occurred to me. If I run away, the Count who took me will be inContinue reading “CAM – 9”

CAM – 8

The fear engraved in Shada aroused all her alarms. It seemed that she had returned to the days where the Princess vented her anger on her again; stripped and whipped. All of the courage and pride she had mustered up in the short time away from her disappeared in an instance in front of thatContinue reading “CAM – 8”

CAM – 7

Shada woke up with the morning sun. After sitting absentmindedly for a while, I blinked blankly at my surroundings, which were familiar and unfamiliar. At least I knew it was not a place where I usually woke up. Why am I here? What happened? I wondered, perplexed, scratched my head, and tore through my messyContinue reading “CAM – 7”

CAM – 6

His eyes smiled at her. ‘So there’s no reason to feel burdened, Miss Shada.’  Shady heated up a little, feverish at how he unspokenly commanded and comforted her. The Count’s voice kept buzzing in my ears.  You want to do it? What? Do you want to be nice to me? Why?  As questions ran throughContinue reading “CAM – 6”

CAM – 5

Time passed quickly, and it was a month since Shada came to the Count’s estate.  Meanwhile, Shada worked hard. She wiped, swept, changed sheets, and made tea. Her skill at making tea was mediocre, but Count Kirchner wasn’t picky in that respect and always drank the tea she boiled.  Shada gradually got used to thisContinue reading “CAM – 5”

CAM – 4

“Has she ever raised her hand on you before?”  Shada looked at her master, who was sitting in a chair of authority and hesitated. She stilled her head, wondering if she should nod or shake.  Indeed, her master is not the Princess anymore, but this strange Count. She wasn’t sure how to answer. He sighedContinue reading “CAM – 4”

CAM – 3

This chapter was sponsored by Sanchita. Thank you!  The work given to Shada was very simple.  She was the Count’s dedicated maid.  She serves him, waits on him, prepares meals, makes tea, and cleans.  It was much easier than working at the Princess’s Palace in the past.  Shada savored the fact that she could enjoyContinue reading “CAM – 3”

CAM – 2

This chapter was sponsored by Nano. Thank you! Returning to reality, Shada was only sure of her survival from certain death.  Perhaps if the Count had neglected her presence or had passed her over to the Princess–she would have been beaten until her bones stuck out and thrown out in the cold weather. Eventually, sheContinue reading “CAM – 2”

CAM – 1

Truly, life was unpredictable; Shada thought that described her current situation perfectly. Unpredictable. Unexpected. Nerve-racking.    Her hands and feet twisted in anxiety as she stood in a new maid uniform.  Heavy silence weighed down on her shoulders.  The man crossed his long legs and watched the distressed maid right in front of him.  His expensiveContinue reading “CAM – 1”

CAM – Prologue

Her cheeks burned with the sting of a slap. Shada swallowed a tear, unable to touch her swollen face. If she cried, her master would probably set fire to her other cheek, ordering her to “Shut up!” Shada hoped that her abuse would end shortly, but her foe took joy in prolonging her humiliation andContinue reading “CAM – Prologue”

The Count and the Maid

“I’ll hug you, kiss you, touch you –as much as I want, whenever I want. Even if Miss Shada protests. You’ll get used to it if you keep sleeping with me. Won’t you?”


“Yes, Shada.”

Huey looked at her with a gentle and mild glaze enough to make Shada doubt whether this same man just declared he said he would ravish her at will.

An erotic scandal between a sweet, somewhat suspicious master and a timid maid.

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