MSU – 52 END

Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll get a chance soon.’ Benji promised to. He never before was fascinated with breasts. Even now when he saw another woman in a delegation come in with her breasts the size of a watermelon exposed, he felt nauseated. Then, in an instant heContinue reading “MSU – 52 END”

MSU – 51

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Elise’s voice was still cold. But she couldn’t help the small twitching corners of her lips. She looked down at him proudly and raised her tiny feet. She then gently pressed down on his thick chest. ‘What’s this about? What did Elise read recently?’ The corners of Benji’s lips roseContinue reading “MSU – 51”

MSU – 50

Thank you raw provider: Jarry He felt like he could cry again and again. If only he could ease Elise’s heart, it would be enough. “You… you’re tired. Of me.” Elise’s face, which had been biting her lips and spitting out words with difficulty, was burning red. As if she couldn’t believe herself. The tearsContinue reading “MSU – 50”

MSU – 49

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Benji bit his molars again, vowing to put all impure things in prison and make them quiet even by force. Before, he never cared who slept with who or how. No, it didn’t matter if all the people in the world were wallowing together. Until Elise spoke those words. JustContinue reading “MSU – 49”

MSU – 48

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Epilogue 2 Bang! When he grabbed Elise and pushed her into the room, the door slammed with a loud noise. Then again, there was a suffocating silence. Benji grabbed her wrist, and his breath was running fast. His vast, fluctuating, volatile chest made his white robe swell precariously as ifContinue reading “MSU – 48”

MSU – 47

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Her exposed breasts were trapped in his large hands and immediately crushed. As he greedily rubbed her nipples between his fingers, an excited moan leaked out of her like a sob. Unsatisfied with that, he squeezed her white chest so severely that it left a mark. Elise’s waist curved inContinue reading “MSU – 47”

MSU – 46

Thank you raw provider: Jarry She was barely grasping onto reality as Benji rounded his muscled buttocks with a taunt tight power and pierced the hot flesh deep as if to jolt her back to reality. Elise’s mind went white and was messed up with a moan. Elise squeezed his eyes shut at the intenseContinue reading “MSU – 46”

MSU – 45

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Benji’s lips went straight to her mound. Her body bounced lightly as he rubbed his nose against her pubic hair and pulled out his red tongue. Just by bringing his pointed tongue to the top of her bulging, swollen apex sent a chilling shiver down her spine. Below, wetness withContinue reading “MSU – 45”

MSU – 44

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Elise returned to the bedroom earlier than expected, thanks to the fuss the ladies made over even small gestures. She nestled herself deep into the soft velvet sofa. Her headache had long since passed, but she didn’t want to lift a hand, so she closed her eyes and waited forContinue reading “MSU – 44”

MSU – 43

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Come to think of it, it was clear that Elise’s father already knew Benji’s identity from the fact that he ordered that no one must make him work. Thanks to this, he was firmly misunderstood as a fool, but in exchange, no one bothered or gave him trouble. But EliseContinue reading “MSU – 43”

MSU – 42

Thank you raw provider: Jarry It wasn’t bad, but somehow she felt like she was hit in the back of the head. It was true that from the moment she wore the crown, Elise had naturally adapted to comfortable royal life, like someone who had sat on a throne all her life, but she wasContinue reading “MSU – 42”

MSU – 41

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “Let… … . Let’s do it.” “What?” “Let’s exchange a vow of marriage.” On the way home, Elise unfolded the words from her mouth with difficulty. “Why?” His persistent gaze made her feel naked. She pouted her lips in the face of Benji’s intent gaze that quietly insisted on herContinue reading “MSU – 41”

MSU – 40.2

Thank you raw provider: Jarry * * * “Ring?” The woman took out a band with fine blue jewels resembling Elise’s eyes. “How meticulously he was in choosing. I’ve been struggling a lot to get these gems. It’s difficult to find, but it took even longer because he turned down most of them. Your husbandContinue reading “MSU – 40.2”

MSU – 40.1

Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘Are you smiling?’ There’s no way he doesn’t know what that orange-haired woman was doing, but Benji smiled in response. It was far away, so she couldn’t hear him, but it was clear that he was enjoying himself. His even teeth shone in the bright sunlight. At that grin, Elise’sContinue reading “MSU – 40.1”

MSU – 39

Thank you raw provider: Jarry A cold breeze continued to blow over the past few days. Benji was still sweet, handsome, and sly, but how could she describe it? There’s an ambiguous awkwardness. Wasn’t he strangely distant and less clingy? He didn’t even rush in first, nor did he push her to the point ofContinue reading “MSU – 39”

MSU – 38

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Benji gripped her pelvis and pushed her hard. Then, with a powerful shock, Elise closed her eyes and shouted: “Ahhh!” Cells all over her body seemed to explode at once. It’s hard to explain, but she was sure it was not a pain. Her love liquid pouring out as ifContinue reading “MSU – 38”

MSU – 37

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “To receive it like a dog, you have to pose down like a dog. I’ll take care of everything and I’m confident you’ll enjoy every moment. Master.” As he sternly soothed her, he slapped her ass into her pose; Elise quickly fell to her knees with her arms outstretched. “Haa…….Continue reading “MSU – 37”

MSU – 36

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “Haaa [Sigh]…….” ‘I’m crazy. Am I really torn? No wonder it was tingling. I’m not bleeding, am I?’ Benji, who had become a doctor, examined the affected area very carefully. His one hand gingerly spread apart from one side of the labia that covered the vaginal entrance. Then, cautiously, heContinue reading “MSU – 36”

MSU – 35

Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘Didn’t he say he can’t have children?’ It didn’t matter. She didn’t like children anyway. Elise didn’t want to know how to raise or teach children. It would be a satisfying life if she simply lived and died together with Benji. ‘I think he will be handsome even when heContinue reading “MSU – 35”

MSU – 34

Thank you raw provider: Jarry *** In the twilight of dawn, Elise slowly blinked away the haze of sleep. The sound of Benji’s even breathing, accompanied by the sight of him filling her vision, brought her joy. At times, he appeared surly, and at other times a fierce wild beast, but now those expressions onContinue reading “MSU – 34”

MSU – 33

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Benji, who kissed her sex-sobbing voice, teased his waist even more harshly. Rough like the ferocious movement of a racehorse made Elise forget how to breathe. In the midst of the intense love affair, Elise was pushed all the way to the end of her bed. Benji was firmly supportingContinue reading “MSU – 33”

MSU – 32

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Without missing his chance, Benji let out sensual words with a deep alluring but helpless tone. His ferocious muscles were wriggling, not knowing what to do. There were tears in his eyes, dyed red and heavy with pleasure, looking terribly erotic. His lips, which were so soft and delicious toContinue reading “MSU – 32”

MSU – 31

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Elise was regretful that the traces she made seemed to disappear quickly. On Elise’s body, there were dozens of these. As if to represent his boundless energy, biting and sucking marks filled her whole body, looking rather crowded. Before, she didn’t understand why or how these marks were left earlier,Continue reading “MSU – 31”

MSU – 30

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Pretending not to know, Elise climbed on his solid thigh and bounced her ass lightly. When she grinded against him her erotic wetness gently flowed out as she acted casual and wet Benji’s thighs. Benji’s center lurched wildly as Elise’s shiny body fluid spread out with her movements. “Master. Haaa…….”Continue reading “MSU – 30”

MSU – 29

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Benji’s reddish brown eyes dimmed, now subdued. It was a natural reaction; it wasn’t a pleasant tale. Elise didn’t know how to comfort him, and realized that there was nothing she could say. Cheer up. Well done. Good job. I know how you feel. It’ll get better in the future.Continue reading “MSU – 29”

MSU – 28

Thank you raw provider: Jarry When the guilt disappeared, she was rather relieved. The fact that he pretended to be a fool was dismissed because she didn’t know his circumstances. Even so, when he was told to suck the poison, he pretended not to know, pretended to be innocent, had removed each other’s clothes, andContinue reading “MSU – 28”

MSU – 27

Thank you raw provider: Jarry He hugged Elise, who was barely catching her breath, panting for a long time, and lifted her drooping legs. Now completely spread out and revealed, her exposed entrance was flinching and pushing out what was inside. Benji’s eyes, staring at her naked flesh, narrowed sharply. Her lips twitched with whatContinue reading “MSU – 27”

MSU – 26

Thank you Bubble for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry Suddenly, her vision became hazy. Elise’s ass was trembling against the shallow slap against Benji’s thick waistline. Her whole body seemed to split, crumbling and collapsing. Elise reflexively hung onto Benji’s neck. Tears welled up in her eyes. His penis, buried in herContinue reading “MSU – 26”

MSU – 25

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “Master, may I suck it up?” “Unn… Please suck it.” Even though it had been done innumerable times, Elise couldn’t meet Benji’s eyes, ashamed and very aware of the fact he knew exactly what this situation was. Even though she feared an accusing finger pointing out how lascivious she wasContinue reading “MSU – 25”

MSU – 24

Thank you raw provider: Jarry 4. You’re still lying. Her breath reached Benji’s chin as her tiny fists pounded him and pushed on his shoulder, but he wouldn’t let her go. Rather, the more she did, the stronger his grip was on her back. Because of Benji’s strength, there was nowhere for Elise to go,Continue reading “MSU – 24”

MSU – 23

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “If you want to put it in, you have to stand it up.” Unlike his usual soft voice, his tone was bleak with sharp words and cynical laughter mixed in. Elise bit her lips and shrank back. “Benji… Did you know?” Elise wanted to collapse right away. Barely maintained herContinue reading “MSU – 23”

MSU – 22

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Should she have said more while confessing her sin? The desire to fall into a hole and die, regret, and her low self-esteem collided causing Elise to shout. “So, you lied to me because you were curious what it would feel like to have someone go down on you afterContinue reading “MSU – 22”

MSU – 21

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Upon reaching her firm decision after a long period of deliberating, Elise jumped up and sat down. Elise took out the small jewelry box that she had kept under her bed before calling Benji. It was a separate box of jewels filled with  jewelry her father gave her as aContinue reading “MSU – 21”

MSU – 20

Thank you raw provider: Jarry Elise was now tilting her head with her mouth ridiculously wide open as Emma and Brie exchanged an uneasy look and communicated with their eyes ‘What should I do? I guess the innocent lady was surprised a lot.’ ‘I told you to stop!’ “Miss.…..?” “—Huh?” Elise, who awoke to aContinue reading “MSU – 20”

MSU – 19

Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry If she stayed put, she would overflow with semen. Elise carefully held Benji’s penis in her mouth, swallowing the white cloudy liquid that filled her. “Benji. Get up now. You’re heavy.” When Benji’s movement completely stopped, Elise carefully pushed what had become softerContinue reading “MSU – 19”

MSU – 18

Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry Elise’s jaw didn’t know how to open anymore because she still was still sore from yesterday. If she overdid it with such a big thing and push it, she thought her jaw would be separated from her head. ‘Please be satisfied with this.’Continue reading “MSU – 18”

MSU – 17

Thank you Crissymac for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘If Benji’s lower half was this much, I would lick it every day…….’ Elise had been scared, but it was better than she thought. It had been delightful to see Benji writhing with an erotic look and she had enjoyed the soft texture.Continue reading “MSU – 17”

MSU – 16

Thank you Crissymac for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry 3. If you want to put it in, you have to stand it up Elise was in a particularly good mood today. It was thanks to the sunny weather and unexpected gifts brought by Brie. It was as if the violent storm lastContinue reading “MSU – 16”

MSU – 15

Thank you Crissymac for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘Okay, I got it. I was going to do it now.’ Elise wanted to protest, but her mouth was full and she couldn’t say anything. Slurp suck Elise recalled the many lewd things she read in books, but there was nothing Elise couldContinue reading “MSU – 15”

MSU – 14

Thank you Crissymac for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry “What?!” ‘Crazy. What’s coming has come. Even the beasts go into heat, and even innocent Benji cannot resist the providence of nature. How old is Benji?….’ Elise, who was now recalling their first encounter as children with a vague memory, quickly shook herContinue reading “MSU – 14”

MSU – 13

Thank you Crissymac for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you raw provider: Jarry 7 days of abstinence. Elise was drying up. Benji alone made her feel uncomfortable with her reason flying away and her lower back seizing up. She no longer takes her favorite bath. When Elise thought she couldn’t stand it, she touched herself, butContinue reading “MSU – 13”

MSU – 12

Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘If this keeps up like this, isn’t it dangerous?’ It clearly felt amazing, but it was such a strong stimulus that she wondered if she could do this. Each cell became sensitive as if it were reborn. To the point where she was trembling from touching his breath. “Master. AContinue reading “MSU – 12”

MSU – 11

Happy New Year! Please enjoy this mass release and of course thank you raw provider: Jarry “Emma! Brie!” Elise hugged the two maids who came after a long time with open arms. Now, thanks to Benji, who could communicate to some extent, she didn’t miss talking, but there was another reason why she was particularlyContinue reading “MSU – 11”

MSU – 10

Happy New Year! Please enjoy this mass release and of course thank you raw provider: Jarry It had been a pretty unlucky morning. Elise had been called to the main building, another crazy madman wanted to get married to her, she frightened the man by getting crazily drunk and wanting to fight him and afterwardContinue reading “MSU – 10”

MSU – 9

Happy New Year & thank you raw provider: Jarry “Oh my, I feel great!” Elise’s whole body was relaxed. Without time to dry her wet hair, she laid on the bed. ‘As expected, it was worth it to school Benji on how to take a bath. Who knew he would be that good? Do IContinue reading “MSU – 9”

MSU – 8

Thank you raw provider: Jarry 2. Master. I think I have poison on me too. “Ugh. My back hurts.” ‘Was it this hard to wash others?’ This was not the original plan. She wiped his body with a soft towel and said, ‘Okay, look. Benji. Wipe it like this. You can do this from nowContinue reading “MSU – 8”

MSU – 7

Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘Is it your first time seeing me eat? Why is he staring at me like this? It’s burdensome. Are you hungry?’ “You eat it, too.” In the afternoon when the sun was shining softly, Elise handed over a piece of bread as if she had a good heart. She didn’tContinue reading “MSU – 7”

MSU – 6

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “That’s what happened.” After returning to the annex, Elise sat Emma and Brie down and explained the whole story. Soon, the butler will come and take them, but she wanted to say it herself since they had been friends for a long time since childhood. Elise removed the precious booksContinue reading “MSU – 6”

MSU – 5

Thank you raw provider: Jarry [t1v: fyi, we are now in the past compared to the first chapters] * * * Elise Roselia von Grande. She had been driven out to the detached annex as if she had been exiled, but she had once been a maiden and beloved daughter of a precious countess andContinue reading “MSU – 5”

MSU – 4

Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘This is insane. As expected, I was right.’ As soon as she swallowed her breath, her head naturally tilted back and her eyes rolled back. At first, she had been looking at Benji’s cute head between her legs, and before she knew it, her gaze was directed at the emptyContinue reading “MSU – 4”

MSU – 3

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “Haaa…” Elise sobbed. Even as she was gasping, a sensation of lightheadedness rose to the tip of her head as her back curled up, while holding his brown hair firmly underneath her. “Benji… Hunnnn…….” Unfinished words scattered into the air. At that moment, her thighs trembled at Benji licking andContinue reading “MSU – 3”

MSU – 2

Thank you raw provider: Jarry She was trying to take advantage of Benji’s innocence, Elise grabbed her head with an overwhelming sense of shame that rushed over her like a tsunami. She wanted to argue with God who she didn’t even believe in as to why he put her in this ordeal. ‘Why are youContinue reading “MSU – 2”

MSU – 1

Thank you raw provider: Jarry 1. Then, suck it now. Elise sat leaning against the chaise and gulped. Even though the weather wasn’t that hot, a fever of sorts rose and her face flushed. At the end of her fixed gaze was a large man, lying on the floor in her room alone, in thisContinue reading “MSU – 1”

Master, May I Suck It Up?

“This is poison?” 

Benji asked, looking down at her blatantly exposed form. Her pussy was already drenched with anticipation. Even the cool air passing by her bare skin felt provocative. 

Elise nodded and slowly pulled her knees up. 

“Benji. Then, suck it now.” 


“Aren’t you curious about what’s next?”

He lifted her chin with his long fingers. As he leaned towards her, his approaching eyes shined intensely–completely incompatible with his normal demeanor. Even his usually innocent and slightly ajar mouth was now drawing up a powerful smirking arc. 

Witnessing such an unfamiliar expression from him for the first time, Elise’s mouth went dry, and gulped. 

“W-what’s next?”

“After ardently sucking you off, your overflowing hole gets filled up with my hard cock, so it can stir and thrust up in there.”

You…… Weren’t you a fool?

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