MSU – 5

Thank you raw provider: Jarry [t1v: fyi, we are now in the past compared to the first chapters] * * * Elise Roselia von Grande. She had been driven out to the detached annex as if she had been exiled, but she had once been a maiden and beloved daughter of a precious countess andContinue reading “MSU – 5”

MSU – 4

Thank you raw provider: Jarry ‘This is insane. As expected, I was right.’ As soon as she swallowed her breath, her head naturally tilted back and her eyes rolled back. At first, she had been looking at Benji’s cute head between her legs, and before she knew it, her gaze was directed at the emptyContinue reading “MSU – 4”

MSU – 3

Thank you raw provider: Jarry “Haaa…” Elise sobbed. Even as she was gasping, a sensation of lightheadedness rose to the tip of her head as her back curled up, while holding his brown hair firmly underneath her. “Benji… Hunnnn…….” Unfinished words scattered into the air. At that moment, her thighs trembled at Benji licking andContinue reading “MSU – 3”

MSU – 2

Thank you raw provider: Jarry She was trying to take advantage of Benji’s innocence, Elise grabbed her head with an overwhelming sense of shame that rushed over her like a tsunami. She wanted to argue with God who she didn’t even believe in as to why he put her in this ordeal. ‘Why are youContinue reading “MSU – 2”

MSU – 1

Thank you raw provider: Jarry 1. Then, suck it now. Elise sat leaning against the chaise and gulped. Even though the weather wasn’t that hot, a fever of sorts rose and her face flushed. At the end of her fixed gaze was a large man, lying on the floor in her room alone, in thisContinue reading “MSU – 1”

Master, May I Suck It Up?

“This is poison?” 

Benji asked, looking down at her blatantly exposed form. Her pussy was already drenched with anticipation. Even the cool air passing by her bare skin felt provocative. 

Elise nodded and slowly pulled her knees up. 

“Benji. Then, suck it now.” 


“Aren’t you curious about what’s next?”

He lifted her chin with his long fingers. As he leaned towards her, his approaching eyes shined intensely–completely incompatible with his normal demeanor. Even his usually innocent and slightly ajar mouth was now drawing up a powerful smirking arc. 

Witnessing such an unfamiliar expression from him for the first time, Elise’s mouth went dry, and gulped. 

“W-what’s next?”

“After ardently sucking you off, your overflowing hole gets filled up with my hard cock, so it can stir and thrust up in there.”

You…… Weren’t you a fool?

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