BA – 8

But his kind, gentlemanly words were empty and the tone was as if he was not at all sorry. He apologized to Angela with a red face and reached out. With his thumb and forefinger, he stroked her labia and at the feeling of her wetness, he faintly smiled. He unhurriedly rubbed the tender flesh…

BA – 7

The man hastily pulled the straps and pushed Angela’s shoulders down; her dress was disposed of and forgotten. His hand traveled down to her secret place and found itself blocked by another piece of cloth. He succumbed to his urges and tore it up right away. A yelp shook his ears as the thin piece…

BA – 6

The man asked Angela about her condition in a calm manner. Angela wiped her dry mouth with the back of her hand, proceeding to wrap her arms around her. Contrary to her hot body, the air felt so cold. Replying to his question Angela shook her head. The heat in her belly didn’t go away.…

BA – 5

Angela reopened her tightly closed eyes when the pressure on her disappeared. All the men who struck her fell to the floor with painful moans. Some of them bled as if a blade cut them. Bewildered, her eyes slowing followed a trail of blood, and gradually a man came into sight. He held a shiny…

BA – 4

“Sorry. It would be a little difficult for you.” It was the fourth time that Angela had been rejected. Her gloomy face mirrored the cloudy dim sky.  It was difficult even to find a decent job but it was to be expected as an urgent job seeker. All Angela could do was translation and housework,…

BA – 3

Angela had no memory of how she got home. Even when she belatedly noticed she was in front of the front door, she wasn’t surprised but laughed. Angela inadvertently swept the old door with her bare hands. Her home wasn’t properly managed. It wasn’t grand enough to be considered a mansion for nobility, but it…

BA – 2

Angela was the first person to receive urgent mail. The envelope had only a plain white background and ‘Baron Burke.’ As if the sender was more important than the receiver the mail was addressed to. A joke? I was about to open it with my letter knife when I hesitated. If it was in front…

BA – 1

The night was so dark you couldn’t see an inch ahead, but Angela could feel the man’s hot eyes searing her. “That… ah…stop… ” Angela squeezed her legs. The man with his tongue buried in her groin grabbed her thigh. “Trying to choke me?” She panicked and tried to relax. “Why are you so sensitive?”…

Beloved Angela

Because of a father that covets the wealth of her older sister’s fiancée and his plans to break them apart, Angela places herself in danger while trying to protect the couple.

She finds herself drugged and hanging on to her savior.

“Don’t go,” her thin voice was pitiful.

He stood silent and advised quietly.

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

Her eyes welled up with tears and blurred her vision. The heat wouldn’t release her. It was so painful.

Simultaneously, embarrassed and brazen by her drug-induced instincts, Angela didn’t let go.

She was desperate to free herself from this need.

Only one person could help her.

This man.


“Huu ohnnn…….”

Breathless, Angela gasped and agonizing moan leaked out between her open lips.

“Haaah… you can be as loud as you like,” he coaxed and embraced her, pleased with Angela’s alluring cries.

With every enticement, there were seducing groans.

A gorgeous voice mingled between harsh panting.

Her beguiling arousals rang in his ear and further provoked his inciting fervor.

His thick pillar widens her wet entrance. Angela’s hot insides encircled his genitals with a heated pressure. He plunged into Angela’s depths, alarming her with an impending sense of being overwhelmed.

The stimulations delivered through his cock were so ruthless that it was close to violence.

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