ILLYML – 9.1

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After wetting the pen tip in ink, I began to write letters on parchment paper. I missed writing instruments that I had in Korea. 

Since scientific advancement is significantly lower in this world, there have been many difficulties. I eventually adapted to the inconveniences, but it was still hard to gather knowledge—something that would have taken an instant on my smartphone.

[What is needed for Amalion detoxification: 

1. Flarinte (toxic but neutralizes Amalion) 

2. Elf (to deal with highly poisonous flarinte) 

-Problem: Hard to find an elf. Very bad feelings towards humans. 

3. Sleeping pills.]

It took quite a while to find ‘flarinte’ because it is not well known and primarily located in high mountainous regions. 

The first thing I struggled with most for years was deciphering information about Amalion. Once I had a basic understanding of it, my second objective had been to uncover agents to combat it. 

Even after so much time, I have only a basic working knowledge of Amalion.

‘My biggest hurdle is finding an elf.’ 

Human beings and elves were currently not on speaking terms. 

Until 30 years ago, humans and elves were constantly interacting and trading. 

The Elves were outstanding in medicine, and many medical advancements that humans used in this world were contributions discovered by elves. 

Most importantly, elves were masters of detoxification, poisons, and medicines. 

The nail in the coffin for Elf and Human relations occurred 30 years ago. A daughter of the head of Elves and a prince of the Imperial family were courting. But their love affair ended in tragedy.

It’s still a mystery why, but the prince murdered his lover. 

The Elves were in an uproar and demanded justice from the imperial family, but the emperor ignored them. 

The situation worsened when a group of outraged elves was caught and executed, citing their guilt in holding the imperial family in contempt. 

On the day of their execution, the wrath of the Elf leader pierced the sky and ended up cutting off human interaction. 

Elfs were still around, but they hid from human eyes. 

‘Now, I need an Elf.’

Because “flarinte” was scarce and rarely used, there was little to no human beings who could handle flarinte without the help of elves. 

‘What if the Elf falls into another person’s hands after first refining all the florintes?’ 

Meh, I was getting ahead of myself. 

Regardless, I need an elf. But the odds of finding an Elf were almost nil.

‘Well, at least I have a chance.’ 

Fortunately, I have only one chance… through an illegal slave dealer. 

In the novel, there is a scene in which the male lead catches illegal slavers and rescues an elf. 

That Elf turns out to be the son of the current leader of the Elves. In the wake of this incident, the Elves welcomed the Male Lead who earned their trust despite being human.

He gains a notable and strong reputation amongst the Elves, and they are indebted to him. I need them to be beholden to me so they will cure Alastair.

‘…Mhmm…. If I remember correctly, the guy who ran the slave shop was a subordinate of Alastair. Was it Galen himself? I recall Galen earning a miserable death at the hands of Alastair.’ 

That’s my only chance. 

By any means necessary, I had to save that Elf instead of the male lead. 

I folded up the parchment, opened a book to tuck the paper in between the pages, and left the study, heading for my next destination. 

I followed the smokestack in the distance.

Knights were taking off their tops and sweating profusely. 

Chaeng-! The shriek of sharp-flying swords clashing resounded.


A knight that spotted me called me unconsciously. 

The knights who were fighting stopped all at once. Others gaped, their mouths left open, which amused me with their silly expressions. 

I looked at them indifferently. I could see a couple of men hold their breath in when our eyes met nonchalantly. I greeted them with a smile and turned my head. 

“What are you doing here?” 

“Are you busy now, brother?” 

“Yes, very.” 

Mikhail laughed, lightly retaliating against my manners from before, saying, “I’m busy, not turning my eyes away from books.” 

He looked very leisurely as he sat back and watched the knights train. 

“Okay. Then I’ll wait.” 

I flopped down beside him. Mikhail’s eyebrows went up.

“Do you have something for me?”

“I have something I want from my brother.” 

I smiled at him; Mikhail frowned, pretending he didn’t see my cheery demeanor. 

“What is it?” 

“Toshif’s invitation.”

Mikhail’s face hardened, and I maintained my smile; this was to be expected. 

Toshif’s invitation was an invitation to the illegal slave trade. 

Toshif was an alias for Galen. 

The name was known only to the people in the black market, and Mikhail was also a part of that world’s backbones. Mikhail was kindhearted, but unexpectedly, he’s got an essential position in the underground world.

He was a good man, a generous brother but was also a villain in this novel. 

“How do you know that?” 

Mikhail held a stiff smile and lowered his voice while looking ahead. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him so pointed. 

Mikhail was always smiling and light-hearted.

His bright personality and charming laughter made people forget who he was and lower their guard around him.

One of his talents was getting to know people intimately. Mikhail knew who wore a mask of indifference, like me and who wore a friendly facade like him. His cold face is his real face. 

“I guess I knew something I shouldn’t know?”



Mikhail paused momentarily. It was apparent that he thought the information had leaked out from somewhere.

“That’s not something you should know.” 

“Then you shouldn’t have leaked information. If you lose something, it’s the fault of the person who lost it, not of the person who found it.”


“But what should I do? I know now.”

I couldn’t tell him my plans to save Alastair.

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  1. As a villain family, this family is really warm, they take care of each other and protect each other even if they’re make the world as their enemy. They’re good to their own people but ruthless to others. Even her mom. At least better than many mc’s novel family who’s cold to them.

  2. Nah, but is the mom a good example of family? I mean, a villainess ruler ofc, no one’s gonna take that from her, but certainly she’s not someone we could call a good mom, and she’s obviously hella cold.

    Yeah, she seems charming but I’m pretty sure she could kill her babies/ drug them/ or torturig them if one of them disobey her. That’s why our MC always tried to obey her and following her without complain.

    The brothers so far, I know for sure one of them is lovely, the other seems quite cute as well, but the possible heir is a mistery for me anyway.

    Tnks for another chap. ♡

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