ILLYML – 33.2

‘Hmm. I guess since I’ve seen and heard Seri, that child is indeed not immune.’

She didn’t have the eyes of a mother towards a child. It was said she gave birth to her but she was indifferent.

For some reason, the fragrance of the perfumed candles did not work on the Duke.

Perhaps because of that, she could not feel the power of her incense herself.

She could only see when people were in pain.

‘Oh, then how about this?’

She suggested as if she had an interesting idea.

The whole situation seemed to her nothing but entertainment.

‘You go in there, too.’


‘  You’re her dog, aren’t you? Dogs should be with their owners. If you enter the room, I’ll give you two less time—an hour less. How about it?’

Alastair gritted his teeth.

If you express your hatred for her, the more you’ll feel the pain of your head and body crushing.

‘That’s not a bad suggestion. I’m not going to die for two hours. Even if one of us goes crazy.’

You need to reduce the time!

He was about to open his mouth with the intention of negotiating.

But the Duke was faster than him.

‘Don’t open your mouth. I have no intention of negotiating with you.’


‘I’m scolding my child, don’t try to take advantage of it.’

It was just a play of control, showing off that they were all in her palm.

Alastair stared into her gray eyes.

The Duke’s strong steel eyes were unlikely to change no matter what Alastair suggested.

‘…… I promise,’ he headed for the Hall of Hallucinations without hesitation.

And there, I watched helplessly as she gasped in pain.

She was in agony.

There’s nothing I can do for you.

I can’t help you.

He also suffered from seeing various nightmares, but it was even more painful that nothing could be done for her.

Finally, the agonizing time is over.

He hugged her fainted, delicate body and left the mansion with a determination that he would never give up.

Duke Melford simply laughed and didn’t stop him.

He had a hard time understanding what went through her mind.

In his carriage, he waited and waited for Serina to wake up.

He was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to come to her senses after being drunk with the incense.

I watched her with fear.

Only the gentle sound of her breath stabilized him.

When she finally woke up, he was happy

However, in no time, the joy was replaced with the opposite emotion.

When she said, she went through all this trouble to clear his brainwashing. Her life was in danger because of what she was up to.

It was extremely lovely to see her trying to unravel his brainwashing. He doesn’t know how happy he is when she says ‘it’s for you’ with those red lips.

But he hated that she put herself in danger.

The more she tried to release his brainwashing, the more she was in danger.

So Alastair wanted to stop her.

He said,

‘What are you going to do after I’m healed? With your mother’s personality, she won’t leave you alone…… If I do what you think I’ll do, I won’t be able to help you….’

‘I’ll handle my affairs on my own. You don’t have to worry.’

She said, don’t worry.

One phase.

At that phase, he was angry.

How can I not worry?

I love you.

She sometimes— no, she always seemed to forget that.

The future he drew is designed for her.

I can’t even think about life without her.

She seemed to have a contradiction between knowing and not knowing.

“Why are you doing such a reckless thing when you can’t fully anticipate what’s going to happen?”

I always wondered.

Alastair knows how Serina feels about him.

Affection and guilt.

That’s why she does this—at least that’s what she says.

But that wasn’t the Serina I knew. Seri never did anything out of guilt—more so, and she’s never guilty.

Indeed, she’s a woman who values

herself above others, even more in dangerous moments.

So why?

Why are you doing it for me?


A wild thought runs through my head.


Alastair’s love and Serina’s love were different.

When he loves, he would never let the other person go.

He sticks to the end.

But Serina was different.

‘Do you happen to love me?’

Oh My God.

What did I just say?

I was surprised even though I spit it out myself.

What ridiculous nonsense is that?

There’s no way that Serina would love me.

It was simply wishful thinking. It will never come true.

‘No. I can’t love you.’

The answer returned was quick and decisive.

Even though I already knew it, it tasted bitter.

Was it so difficult to pretend to calm and casually reject loving me?

Everything becomes difficult in front of her.

Indeed, if I didn’t love you, everything would be easy.

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