ISY – 11

“You’re late.” The person waiting behind the door is Z-898. Alexis Rainier, the Esper with the ability to fortify his body.  The person who found out I was a woman. He looked at me curiously and stepped back. “Yes, I’m sorry I’m late.” “Name.” “I am number A-702!” “Name.” “What?” “Your name.” After some initialContinue reading “ISY – 11”

ISY – 10

Why is someone from Class Z at Class A’s washing time? It was useless to wonder about it. Because it has already happened. What will happen to me if he tells another researcher? Won’t I be ‘discarded’? Losing my wits at that thought, my body trembled more than when I washed in cold water. ***Continue reading “ISY – 10”

ISY – 9

Thank you Jojo629 for the Ko-fi! FYI temporary closed the Ko-fi to catch up on chapters but if you want to read chapters in advance and support the translations you can go here. “What kind of scent is this?” I looked up in embarrassment that Kalisten was burying his face in my neck, and ourContinue reading “ISY – 9”

ISY – 8

Thank you Kyiqq for the Ko-fi! (4/4) “Now you can eat.” His gaze had softened considerably from the glare he donnedbefore, so he was worth looking at. So I looked into his eyes and smiled. “Move.” “Ah, yes.” It must have been uncomfortable that I was too close. So I went back half a step.Continue reading “ISY – 8”

ISY – 7

Thank you Kyiqq for the Ko-fi! (3/4) “I came here because I want to kill someone.” Terrifyingly, Felix said that with a menacing laugh. His white hair and dark green eyes gleaming. He looked completely different from the A-888 I had known before. Maybe because he knew he was [t1v: the to-be?] Duke of Magnolia.Continue reading “ISY – 7”

ISY – 6

Thank you Kyiqq for the Ko-fi! (2/4) I spent my whole life as a researcher in my previous life, and now I work in a lab doing odd jobs and running errands. Life was a real mystery. My task this week was washing the equipment. My work was done when the lab tools were washedContinue reading “ISY – 6”

ISY – 5

Thank you Kyiqq for the Ko-fi! (1/4) How long have I been in this r-rated-only-for-19-years-old-and-above-wretched-BL-novel called “And Everyone Was Silent”? Well, it has been about a year since I have possessed this body. In my previous life, I was an ‘ordinary graduate student’—pfft—Who the hell says that? If the juvenile detention center is where boysContinue reading “ISY – 5”

ISY – 4

He didn’t answer, his face was blank. I picked up the plate that had been set down on the floor. Even when I got up from the floor, his body was really big. By how big I am now, with a grown man’s body, he still seemed to have had an extra head of height.Continue reading “ISY – 4”

ISY – 3

“Hi?” All I had to do was deliver food to him. He would have been able to get his own dinner plate by himself, but at first he didn’t know why he had to give it an A grade. The reason is— “Ugh… .” It was because of the drug that induces arousal. After injectingContinue reading “ISY – 3”

ISY – 2

It sucked that I wasn’t paid but I also thought it was fortunate that I wasn’t a person with the abilities that could awaken into a talented Psychic. Espers are super talented. So they could use powers that transcend humans. But behind the scenes, it had to live with terrible side effects. They could notContinue reading “ISY – 2”

ISY – 1

One of the brightest jewels in the mud. That was the passage from my favorite book, and the person I wanted to be. But somehow, I took possession of the book I hated the most, not the book I liked the most. The name of the book I possessed was a devastating trash-bin waste 19-goldContinue reading “ISY – 1”

ISY – Prologue

The sky was very clear that day. The sky at the laboratory was mostly filled with gray dark clouds, or it was mostly cloudy just before it started raining. Maybe that’s why I admired the blue sky because it was so beautiful, and then looked at Kalisten, who mesmerized me with a handsome smile underContinue reading “ISY – Prologue”

I‘m the Only Stabilizer for the Yandere Male Lead in the BL Novel

“I—I like you!”

Possessed as the weakling in a waste BL novel.

The only guide and stabilizer in this story.

It was a matter of my immediate survival—

This place is full of obsessive, deranged maniacs and yandere psychos who were raised as experimental subjects and lack emotions!

At this rate, one guy will destroy the lab and we are all going to perish forever!

Let’s do whatever it takes to survive for now—

“… What?”

“I like you!”

He looked at me with a subtle expression.

“I’m a man.”

Right, I am a man right now… !

Because I’m terrified—

Let’s try harder!

“I like you more because you’re a man! I mean it!”

Now I have to be your ray of light,

Feed you well,

I’ll nurse and treat you,

Be with you when you’re sad or in pain.

Thanks to my tearful efforts

The madman destroyed the lab, but he didn’t kill for fun!

I managed to get out of there and now say goodbye to him so that we can live our own lives.


“I—I like you.”


“I like you.”


“I like that you are a man.”

“… But I am a woman?”

It was the first time I saw his eyes glow like that.

A vivid obsessive madness on the verge of going utterly insane.

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