ILLYML – 16.1

Teleportation magic is widely considered the most esteemed amongst high magic.

To teleport, it takes a considerable amount of mana, so the number of people who had enough magical poweress were few, and the practice of teleportation spells was even rarer.

In a way, it was similar to the magic circle I drew up, but the concept was a little different.

I used the magic circle as a medium; it was not as convenient as teleportation. There were limitations to space and distance, but it took up considerably less magic than teleportation.

However, to teleport, one had to calculate accurate coordinates, which made it difficult to use.

Distance may not be an issue for teleportation magic, but accuracy was.

Teleporting is a skill that was talented in even embarrassing archmages.

But this man who used teleportation magic instantly, amidst a high-stress situation at that, must be a very skilled and powerful sorcerer.

I am also an accomplished wizard, but I’m not good enough to use difficult magic like teleporting.

“You must have quite a lot of mana? Then please help me. Teleport me back to the slave auction house.”

“…Why do you want to go back there?”

“I left something very important behind. You don’t want to help?”

“… No.”

Even after teleporting once within the auction house and another to this cabin, that would make two times. I was asking for two more times, one to the auction house, and then back here at the cottage again.

Usually, this would be wildly brazen, but this man didn’t look tired at all even after two teleportation spells.

‘Even powerful magicians who could teleport have died, becoming porridge right after they used it.’

The man carefully held my hand.

A dark beam of light began to envelop our surroundings.

It was a very delicate and well-crafted teleport spell seeing that I didn’t get motion sickness, and my vision didn’t whirl.

I was deeply moved by his magical genius. The man was comparable to Alastair.

“Thank you for helping me.”

We arrived back safely at the slave statue.

I gave my thanks to the man as the auction building went up in flames behind him.

Maybe Igelto is in the auction house.

So I turned to go into the building, but at that moment the man grabbed my arm.

“…What are you doing?”

“I have to go inside.”

The man was wearing a robe, so I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was bewildered.

It’s not that I don’t understand him either. Even I think it’s an insane act to jump into that hot blaze without any safeguards; I’m no god.

But whatever I did, it had nothing to do with this guy I met for the first time today.



The man was determined.

He was worried about me.

I grabbed the man’s hand holding my wrist.

Then I slowly pulled my hand out of the man’s hand.

“Hey, Mr. Robe. I’m grateful that you are worried about me, but you don’t need to.”

To be honest, I was not grateful.

The man helped me several times.

Thanks to that, I was able to escape Hypron and move to this place with ease.

But I didn’t thank the man. Frankly, half of my heart wanted to curse him, and the other half wanted to blame him for this.

In the first place, you were here at the auction, and things would have been so much easier if I hadn’t placed your bid against me.

You made things a bit cumbersome.

I was extremely selfish.

“Thank you for your help. Now I’ll be on my way.”

The man showed no sign of backing down.

I sighed at the sight of him blocking my path.

“I’ll come with you.”

You are going to jump into the fire with me.

It was pretty daring, but I wasn’t surprised. Intuitively, I felt he would propose such a thing for some reason.

“You want to go with me?”


Where have I seen this man?

What is this familiar feeling? I crossed my arms and said in a crooked tone.

“You will regret it. If you follow me, I’ll use up all your mana until the very last drop.”

“It’s alright.”

“It’s alright? I’ll use your magic until it is gone. But are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine. Please use me,” said the man in a smiling voice.

I was dumbfounded by him.

Without any hesitancy, you are asking me to use you so blatantly?

Of course, from my point of view, there’s no disadvantage. There was no reason to refuse to say that someone with outstanding skills would help me.

It was just a little suspicious. Even I knew that amid my urgency.

I had no idea why he would help me.

Does he have good intentions?

“Okay, but this is your choice. I hope you won’t regret it.”

“That will never happen.”


Igelto quietly looked at the person in front of him.

The man in front of me was wearing a black mask.

He effortlessly cut off the bracelet that had been protecting me and laughed cruelly.

The canine-exposing smile gave off a beast-like chilling feeling as if hunting for prey.

Igelto stared blankly at the broken bracelet in his hand.

The bracelet was broken and could no longer protect him.

Igelto clenched his hands, his wrist feeling bare.

“You don’t know how surprised I was. I was trying to bake only that piglet and felt it was unfortunate that I baked you too.”

The man in the black mask acted sarcastically as he pretended to wipe a tear away.

Igelto frowned at his perverse behavior.

“Even when you frown, you are so beautiful!”

What the hell is this guy talking about?


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