ILLYML – 16.2

“I’ve seen a pretty face like yours only once before. However, even if he frowns, you rank far below him.”

The man in the black mask continued to talk to Igelto as if he were happily gossiping with a friend.

He continued to excitedly talk about the beautiful man Igelto didn’t know or care about.

He spoke about how beautiful the man was, but nothing came into Igelto’s ears.

As his consciousness gradually blurred, all sounds were automatically blocked.

I felt as if I was left alone in the world.

Igelto blinked in his drowsiness.

“You can’t sleep when I’m talking.”


The masked man kicked Igelto’s abdomen.

Igelto was unable to resist and groaned with pain.

‘Whether you believe it or not, I will definitely take responsibility for my words.’

Was this one of the flashbacks people get before death comes for them?

I remembered what Serina told me.

He struggled to forget her voice.

Igelto resigned to his evitable death.

But there was a part of me that remembered what she said, and I had hope.

He wanted to ignore that hope.

He hoped to be at least a little less miserable and a little less desperate.

Why did you instill hope in me?

Her words yoked my neck

So he bit his lips hard to try and slap himself out of it.

Ah. Did I bite too hard?

My mouth tasted fishy.

He glared at the man in the black mask, swallowing the blood that mixed with his saliva.

“You know, I’ve been wondering about what to do with you.”


“I don’t think it’s a bad idea to stuff you.”

The masked man gently stroked Igelto’s face.

Igelto felt as if bugs were crawling all over his body, and the sensation made him want to throw up.

Igelto clenched his teeth.

He couldn’t be like this forever.

It was stupid to put hope on a human named Serina.

This masked man will kill him if he stays still.

If so, shouldn’t he resist in the end and try one last shot?

As soon as he thought that, Igelto’s body was already charging towards the man.

His body, which had been heavy just before, was light at this moment.

With all his might, Igelto tried to tackle the man in front of him.

However, the man in the black mask avoided his attack lightly and grabbed Igelto’s head.


Then he smashed his head against the wall.

Igeltio’s ears heard sweet words in the midst of his brittle pain.

“Should I just kill you?”

I’d rather you just kill me.

Igelto’s consciousness was becoming more and more blurry.

He looked down at Igelto with a cruel languid smile.

Igelto’s body trembled at the playful sneer.

The man reached out his hand towards him.

Igelto quietly closed his eyes.


Then he heard a voice.

He could only hear the voice clearly as he was losing consciousness.


Serina was running.

Ah. You didn’t break your promise.


This man is a fantastic wizard.

Even though I asked for quite a few teleports to move quickly from one side to another, there were no signs of exhaustion.

Although the mana consumption must have been ridiculous, the man seemed unfazed.

He was really a monster.

“Mr. Robe, can you teleport to the second floor this time?”

I didn’t know the man’s name, and at some point, I called him ‘Robe’ because of his robe that was tightly wrapped around him.

“Where on the second floor is good?”

“Please go somewhere with a good vantage point, where you can see the whole auction house well…”

I heard the ceiling cracking, and debris fell.

The particles falling to the floor increased, and large slabs of wood fell from the ceiling, clogging a passageway.

As there were no paths to take, the frequency of using teleportation increased.

I was grateful for the bottomless amount of mana the titan next to me had.

“Let’s hurry and move to the second floor.”

My vision obscured, and the scene changed.

Robe’s ability to calculate tricky formulas in an instant was amazing.

We were now in a place where the auction house stage was clearly visible.

As I slowly looked around, I suddenly felt strange.

There was no railing where the original handrail was supposed to be.

As I looked down, I saw the railing falling to the bottom and shatter.

Everything was a mess and falling into pieces.

Giant flames were brightly illuminating the auction house. Dangerously, the floor on which I was standing was starting to split.

Black smoke was covering all over the place so that I couldn’t see the surroundings well.

I narrowed my eyes, searching for a passageway that still remained open.

Where the hell is Igelto?

There was no reason to be here anymore, as there was no Igelto when looking at the second floor’s railing.

Only the first floor is left.

“Where do you want to go next?”

“…you still have a lot of mana left? You’re like an incredible god.”


I didn’t mean for him to apologize. It was a compliment, although I said it monotonously.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are shy?”


“You don’t look like it, but you are surprisingly timid. I don’t think it’s bad for you to cultivate confidence in yourself and take pride in your accomplishments.”

I could tell Robe was unconvinced. He seemed confused.

“…Are you looking for the elf?”

“Yes. I’m looking for the hero of 70 million gold.”

I said sarcastically.

Because it’s because of you, we have to suffer this hardship.

“Maybe he’s already dead. Do you really need to find him?”

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