YMA – 125

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “… … Your Majesty? Did you develop any hobbies that I didn’t know about?” Seeing the pile of romance novels piled up like a mountain in the office, Sid tilted his head. It seemed that there were not only romance novels, but also explicitly lewd adult novels with embarrassingContinue reading “YMA – 125”

YMA – 124

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “You can’t lean on me. The child will be pressed.” “I know. I never heavily leaned on you.” Lyle always moved, aware he was taller and bigger than her. He was so careful, she could feel it in the arm that softly embraced her. Medea giggled. “Your Majesty willContinue reading “YMA – 124”

YMA – 123

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “It’s completely broken,” noted a high-ranking healing priest summoned by the royal court attendant as he looked at Seira’s arm. Seira watched the divine magic cast on the spot with curiosity. It was the first time she received treatment from a high priest because one had to donate aContinue reading “YMA – 123”

YMA – 122

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ He wetted his fingers with her love liquid as he admired Medea’s moans. Then he pulled them out and poked it in her arsehole. He put one in at first and then pushed in the second. “Ah… … .” After all, it was not easy to get used to,Continue reading “YMA – 122”

YMA – 121

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “It’s not a matter in which I need to meddle in. It’s the Duke of Card’s problem. But they have to plan for the succession of the dukedom.” If Luke, Duke and brother-in-law of the emperor, was known as a homosexual, he could also harm the prestige of theContinue reading “YMA – 121”

YMA – 120

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ With a brief scream, Seira stepped back. Lyle hadn’t even planned to go that far either. While everyone held their breath, her maids supported Medea, who had gone pale. Gerrard and one of the other knights commanders approached and examined Seira’s arm. He smiled bitterly and looked at theContinue reading “YMA – 120”

YMA – 119

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Knights of other orders finished their duels and now only the finals were left. Seira had already proven her skills sufficiently, but it would be good to wipe out all the opponents. ‘I don’t want to hear that I chose you because of your face… … So make sureContinue reading “YMA – 119”

YMA – 118

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Gerrard looked at Seira, explaining the lack of bodies representing the 2nd Order, so he wanted Seira to fight in their stead. Seeing Gerrard’s confident expression, Medea was assured that this would help Seira. The Empress had appointed her before she could take the knights’ exam, so many knightsContinue reading “YMA – 118”

YMA – 117

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ When Medea went out with her maids, the knights who chaperoned her followed. They didn’t have to ask where they were heading because the maids had already informed the guards where they were going. Because Media had so regularly and often gone out to the garden, her escorts wereContinue reading “YMA – 117”

YMA – 116

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Sir Hestia.” Coughing, her boss, Alex, called her. Seira rushed to her and ran to him. Alex glanced at the maids who were peeking at Seira and said, “I don’t what your relationship with them to be bad, but you don’t have to accept every interaction. Do you understand?”Continue reading “YMA – 116”

YMA – 115

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Luke reached out to the side and placed his hand against the wall of the carriage to prevent Seira from escaping. His arms wrapped around her waist before she even realized he was trapped between the chair and Luke’s arms. “I like you, Seira… … .” Please accept myContinue reading “YMA – 115”

YMA – 114

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Lady?” “Ye- Yes?” Seira woke up out of her thoughts to his call and looked at him. Luke sighed and looked at her. “Who are you thinking of in front of me?” “Huh… … . Uh, I’m, the E-Empress … … .” Seeing Seira inadvertently confess the truth, LukeContinue reading “YMA – 114”

YMA – 113

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ In the past, the Emperor had many concubines besides the Empress and three queens. Moreover, it was customary for the Empress to have three or more lovers; in addition to the present-day Empress Palace, five palaces belonged to her. “The 16th Empress Anastasia committed her many corruptions and wasContinue reading “YMA – 113”

YMA – 112

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Now, there was nowhere in Medea’s body that he did not know intimately. He had imprinted himself everywhere. “Hah, ha ha! Ahh, ahhh… … . Ah… … . your Majesty!” Medea twisted and curled her waist as she felt his slippery penis poke through me. It feels like IContinue reading “YMA – 112”

YMA – 111

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you Eflita for your Ko-fi donation! “Hunn… … .” “Haa.” While watching Medea’s face, Lyle pulled out the fingers that had been teasing her clit and front. She quivered at his action. ‘Ah… … .’ A familiar presence was pushing between her tight buttocks. “Oh… … .” HisContinue reading “YMA – 111”

YMA – 110

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you C for your Ko-fi donation! With their clothes discarded they went up to bed. Medea stared anxiously at Lyle as he brought the rose oil. Although she saw it in a BL comic book, it would be the first time she did anal. In the meantime, LyleContinue reading “YMA – 110”

YMA – 109

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Uh… … . His Majesty is jealous. Seira had to confront the jealousy of a man for the first time in her life. And was contemplating how to deal with this. She looked at Medea, begging for help. So she, in turn, asked Lyle to retreat to her palace.Continue reading “YMA – 109”

YMA – 108

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Lyle’s eyes followed the gazes of the ladies-in-waiting, full of anticipation and expectations in their sparkling eyes. A man and a woman were in the middle of a beautiful garden full of pale pink roses. Medea and Baron Ian Hestia were standing side by side and sauntering. Baron Hestia,Continue reading “YMA – 108”

YMA – 107

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you Eflita for your Ko-fi donation! (2/2) Even though there was quite a distance, she could hear the gasps and swooning of maids who were stealing glances at Seira. Was this why Lyle was jealous? ‘You’re the father of my child. So what’s there to worry about?’ MedeaContinue reading “YMA – 107”

YMA – 106

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you Eflita for your Ko-fi donation! (1/2) *** Seira in the escort knight’s uniform was dashingly gorgeous. Even though she was a woman, she looked better than most men. ‘Is her chest tied up with a bandage?’ Even though she was tall for a woman, she wasn’t flat-chested.Continue reading “YMA – 106”

YMA – 105

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ men. They can even accompany women in rooms.” As expected, she knew. “Well, then……” “Her Majesty also promised to give the baron a knighthood…… You will have to coordinate with the Head Minister of the Palace to work at the Imperial Palace.” Medea already had knights escorting her, butContinue reading “YMA – 105”

YMA – 104

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Luke sighed and looked at Medea. “Did you show kindness to Lady Hestia for that purpose from the beginning?” “I’m also fond of Miss Hestia.” It was Medea who hated having women near Lyle. Plus, Seira was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, so Luke found such a change in her unusual.Continue reading “YMA – 104”

YMA – 103

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Is there anything else you need?” “Well……. Luke too…… .” Would he be too busy because he’s the Duke of Card’s heir? “It’s impossible to have him as an escort, isn’t it?” “I don’t know. Maybe the Captain of the Imperial Knight’s would understand. It would be unreasonable notContinue reading “YMA – 103”

YMA – 102

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ *** “Oh! Huek! Argh! Ahh!” Lyle’s hot penis was pushed between her thighs. Medea sobbed and grimaced at the rough rubbing against her wet entrance. Having already orgasmed several times, she was shuddering at the sensation of Lyle’s thick penis rubbing against her swollen petals. “Haa… Oh! Ahhhhh…….” MedeaContinue reading “YMA – 102”

YMA – 101

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “I have applied for an audience with the Empress at the Imperial Palace. I’d like to ask about her Majesty’s intentions because there seems to be some deeper meaning.” “Oh… I see.” According to Luke, Medea already knew that Seira was crossdressing as a man. She even became herContinue reading “YMA – 101”

YMA – 100

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “It’s only until the 9th week has passed. Just touching is not enough.” “Haa, oh… Stop! Ahh! Medea shook her head left and right at Lyle’s touch while he stimulated her clit with his thumb and teased the erogenous zone in her asshole at the same time. When MedeaContinue reading “YMA – 100”

YMA – 99

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘Based on his Majesty’s actions these days…… if my sister covers for me, I think it’ll be fine.’ In the past, as long as Medea’s mistake wasn’t egregious the Emperor protected her. Now that she was now with the Emperor’s child, she was like a tiger with wings. ‘I’mContinue reading “YMA – 99”

YMA – 98

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Quietly, the door closed, and Lyle helped Medea to the sofa, accompanying her. “Did someone make you uncomfortable?” Medea shook her head with her face buried in Lyle’s chest as her hand grabbed onto him as if hanging on for dear life. “That’s not it…… I’m not the onlyContinue reading “YMA – 98”

YMA – 97

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “What is it other than insulting me to have a woman who resembles my Empress Mother dance in front of men naked?” The crime of being in contempt of the imperial family was a felony that could easily earn a beheading on the spot. The duke was blue inContinue reading “YMA – 97”

YMA – 96

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Rosemary had been begging with her head against the floor as if something bad would happen if she left the imperial palace now. She approached as if she was about to grab Medea’s skirt, but the quick-witted maids quickly blocked her. Medea was now with the Emperor’s child. IfContinue reading “YMA – 96”

YMA – 95

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “This is a newly assigned maid. This is Count Laurent’s daughter, Lady Rosemary Laurent.” Medea blinked at the maid’s introduction. “Rosemary?” After mumbling, she paid attention to a beautiful lady with a coy impression standing calmly next to a handmaiden. She said it’s Rosemary—?! Rosemary was a maid whoContinue reading “YMA – 95”

YMA – 94

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Seira, who finally came to her senses, turned red like a tomato. Luke was still embracing Seira’s waist and supporting the back of her head. Tears sprouted in Seira’s eyes as she shouted in indignation: “I- I… I was talking about a date! “Oh.” As expected, she didn’t meanContinue reading “YMA – 94”

YMA – 93

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “I wanted to be a knight, even if it was only for a moment. I was planning on going back to my territory as soon as I passed the test. I can’t keep pretending to be my older brother.” Seira only tried to achieve her dream for a fewContinue reading “YMA – 93”

YMA – 92

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ She had been told to come right away, but Luke probably didn’t want her walking in donning her armor. Seira went up to her room with a deep sigh. How could the Duke’s heir teach her how to relax her muscles? She wondered if there was any motive. SeiraContinue reading “YMA – 92”

YMA – 91

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Gasp!” Luke woke up from his wet dream, lifted his blanket and checked his sleeping attire. Oh my God…… I’m lusting for the baron in a wet dream! ‘Are you out of your mind?’ It was just a possible fantasy conjured up by his subconscious in the form ofContinue reading “YMA – 91”

YMA – 90

Thank you C for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ It was a familiar carpeted hallway. Luke realized that this was a dream as he walked down the hallway. The size of the hallway and the air that touched his skin were different from usual. It felt a little twisted and muffled. As itContinue reading “YMA – 90”

YMA – 89

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “H…How is Baron Hestia doing, by the way? Is he training hard?” When Medea asked about Seira, Lyle’s face turned pale and twisted. Luke glanced at Lyle and replied to Medea, “He is doing well and training well, too.” While he was here, Luke had wanted to ask aboutContinue reading “YMA – 89”

YMA – 88

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Let’s try it then…….” ‘As expected, it’s real, right?’ When she heard it, it was heavy. The large egg and the golden frame surrounding it and the diamonds embedded therein seemed to be of a formidable weight. ‘I don’t think I’ll wear this because it’s too much.’ It wasContinue reading “YMA – 88”

YMA – 87

❤️Happy Holidays! Thank you all so much for your encouragement, support and love ☺️ Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “You can put it down here.” Finally, at the end of the examination of the priests, Luke gave gifts to the servants again and was guided by the maid. Upon entering the Empress’ palace, LukeContinue reading “YMA – 87”

YMA – 86

Happy Holidays! Thank you for reading ^_^ Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “No! Ahh, oh!” Her body trembled as Lyle’s fingers dug in trying to find her g-spot in her ass. Medea shook her head when his fingers stroked exactly where Medea enjoyed. “Ahh! Mm.. Ang! Your Majesty……!” “Lyle.” Her reaction was as explicitContinue reading “YMA – 86”

YMA – 85

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Lyle gulped, his mouth suddenly dry as he stroked Medea’s burning cheeks. “I’ve never gotten tired of it. I’ve always been lacking…….” She also wanted to be reckless. Medea couldn’t believe the timing of her pregnancy. She was happy to be pregnant, but she wished she could have beenContinue reading “YMA – 85”

YMA – 84

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Do you like the food? Are there any inconveniences…….” [Luke] Somehow, Seira felt burdened by Luke who started to eat every meal with her. Indeed, there was nothing strange about having meals with Luke since she was a guest. However, she was a minor lord in an isolated, rural,Continue reading “YMA – 84”

YMA – 83

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Your Majesty, you know I’m in the early stages of pregnancy, right?” Lyle brightly smiled at Medea, who proudly stretched her thin shoulders and spoke. Now that he decided to love her freely without reservations, everything Medea did looked adorably lovely in his eyes. “Of course I know.” “ThenContinue reading “YMA – 83”

YMA – 82

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “The baron went up to his room.” Luke thought they would run into each other because he knew Seira’s schedule, but their paths missed each other. Luke himself went up without summoning Seira. Knock, knock “Baron. Are you inside?” Seira, who had been resting in the bathtub for aContinue reading “YMA – 82”

YMA – 81

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ It was a relationship that started with a desire to have children, but now his mind had been irreversibly altered. Lyle, who recalled all their mistakes and inflicted wounds, had made up his mind to stop thinking of Medea altogether. Medea was Medea. Even if she lost her memoryContinue reading “YMA – 81”

YMA – 80

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ While breakfast was being served by the maids Medea pondered over the plot of the novel. The novel had already changed beyond recognition. The beginning of the novel started with the funeral of Empress Medea and the death of Ian. Medea’s funeral had not been a focal point ofContinue reading “YMA – 80”

YMA – 79

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Hmm… heh… umm……my semen keeps flowing out…….” When he rubbed the tip of her nipples she flinched. Lyle smiled mischievously and extended his bold stare between Medea’s legs. As he said, his semen was still flowing out little by little. “Hmm. I don’t think it’s just semen”. “Oh!” HeContinue reading “YMA – 79”

YMA – 78

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Hiccup……. Whenever she moved her legs, it felt like semen was dripping down. With her face dyed red, Medea carefully lifted Lyle’s arms very slowly, which had been holding her waist. Last night seemed to have caused Lyle to feel tired in his own way. Medea deliberately raised Lyle’sContinue reading “YMA – 78”

YMA – 77

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Lyle stepped into the bathtub and sat down, and then set Medea on his lap. “Uh hugh…….” As she shook under the sweet sensation, Lyle began to greedily fondle Medea’s body. Now, Lyle felt her react no matter where he touched her. Lyle’s breath got rough as he feltContinue reading “YMA – 77”

YMA – 76

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ A teardrop fell from Medea’s blinking eyes as she swallowed her breath at the touch of Lyle’s hands stroking her between her thighs again. His fingers came between her lower lips he had licked earlier, rubbing through her convulsing flesh without relenting. “*Gasp*!” Medea twisted under the sensual stimulus.Continue reading “YMA – 76”

YMA – 75

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘But it’s not foggy. Is it a special bathroom mirror?’ Medea got out of the bathtub and stood in front of the mirror. It hadn’t been long since Lyle embraced her, so her whole body was filled with traces of love bites, that resembled petals. Lyle left traces onContinue reading “YMA – 75”

YMA – 74

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ There was always a person next to the Empress so Lyle received a report on her every move, reports were coming in every time there was a change. Medea sent off the small duke and baron. As soon as she was told her probation had been lifted she headedContinue reading “YMA – 74”

YMA – 73

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Medea sipped her tea as she waited in the drawing-room where distinguished guests were received. To her right, Seira sat looking nervous and hesitated as her eyes were drawn to Medea. But they weren’t the only two in the reception room. Servants stood at attention against the wall asContinue reading “YMA – 73”

YMA – 72

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ As soon as a message was sent to the Duke’s residence a man immediately came. Instead of sending someone else, Luke himself showed up with a carriage, forcing Lyle to send Medea to greet him. Lyle was preoccupied with his scheduled duties as Emperor and figured there is noContinue reading “YMA – 72”

YMA – 71

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Lyle took Medea’s love for granted after marrying her. He had never wondered before about what kind of person she liked. Lyle had heard women like such smooth, slick-looking types, and upon seeing Medea’s interest, he became a little anxious and inquired. “I like someone who listens to meContinue reading “YMA – 71”

YMA – 70

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Rather than looking at him as a man, Medea looked at the Baron like a younger brother or child, but that alone made him jealous. Of course, if he saw the eyes Baron Hestia looked at her with, he would have been furious. “Empress.” Lyle took Medea’s hand andContinue reading “YMA – 70”

YMA – 69

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ The knights and wizards sent to the province of Silore returned. Surprisingly, the news that there was a vein of manastones ore left Lyle speechless. ‘There’s really a result? On that humble estate?’ This revealed the reason why Ian’s uncle tried to take away the land. Lyle again sentContinue reading “YMA – 69”

YMA – 68

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Medea thought hazily as she looked at Lyle, who was distracted by tasting her ejaculation and love juices. “Ahhaa [Sigh]…… Millie…” Finally, the curtain and corset straps were loosened from Medea’s ankles. Lyle got up, licking the saliva off of Medea’s face. Medea realized that it was her lastContinue reading “YMA – 68”

YMA – 67

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Ah……. Oh, no…Sire, stop…….” She thought he would like to feel it a little more, so Medea hurriedly turned around with her arms covering herself. Lyle smacked his lips at Medea, his appetite stirred by her gasping with a red face. “Millie…… .you’ve only washed a little. I wantContinue reading “YMA – 67”

YMA – 66

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “……By the way, Medea.” Lyle spoke while carrying Medea to the sofa in the bedroom. She ended up sitting on Lyle’s lap on the couch. “What?” Medea was a little irritated because Lyle wouldn’t let her off his lap. Nevertheless, Lyle’s face was so cute because he couldn’t stopContinue reading “YMA – 66”

YMA – 65

Thank you raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ According to the plot, Seira would come up to the capital. Medea suddenly stared at Lyle with subtle apprehension. ‘What if Lyle meets and falls in love with Seira?’ However, in the novel, Lyle did not fall in love with Seira at first sight but fell in love with SeiraContinue reading “YMA – 65”

YMA – 64

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Oh, wait….” Her retreating body quickly touched the wall. She looked back, but it was too late. Lyle locked Medea between his arms and looked into her face. Her ripe red cheeks were lovely and looked appetizing. “Look this way, Millie.” Medea was cute, looking down as if sheContinue reading “YMA – 64”

YMA – 63

Thank you to Ko-fi supporter MariamAlkorashy and raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “No, I must have told him I was going to meet Duke Card…….” “If his Majesty is looking for you, you should go.” Although he applied for an audience to see if rumors of the Emperor’s favoritism were true, he did not expect to seeContinue reading “YMA – 63”

YMA – 62

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ From that day on, the Emperor’s mood was unpredictable. Work always closed early. Lyle called on officials to be quick and accurate, and competent as a matter of course to follow. However, if he deemed someone’s work to be good one day, the next day it could be theContinue reading “YMA – 62”

YMA – 61

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ The hazy morning sunlight penetrated the thin curtains into their bedroom. Lyle opened his eyes with satisfaction as he caressed Medea, who was in a deep sleep. ‘Good morning.’ Smiling with delight, Lyle glanced at Medea in his arms. Perhaps because she suffered until dawn, her soft body wasContinue reading “YMA – 61”

YMA – 60

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘No!’ “Oh! Your Majesty, Hhhuuh!” Lyle’s fingers plunged into the place where him just brushing by it made her taste a pleasure that shook her whole body. When he caressed the place, Medea was seized with obscene pleasures as if she had been struck by lightning. “Ahhhhhhhhh…!” As sheContinue reading “YMA – 60”

YMA – 59

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Night arrived. Lyle, who had been waiting for the night to come while managing political affairs, left all the officials and headed to his residence as soon as the sunset. Even as he was on my way to his residence, all he could think of was how he couldContinue reading “YMA – 59”

YMA – 58

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Medea watched Lyle’s back with wary eyes, thinking. She thought she could escape Lyle if she ran into any room and locked the door…but was worried about what would happen later at night. “I feel so good, but to just do it…… I’m…… I’m so happy.’ If she letContinue reading “YMA – 58”

YMA – 57

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Medea got angry and left the parlor, but she was still unable to leave the Emperor’s residence. Seeing Medea stamping her feet at the door of his residence, Lyle was so relieved that he had forgotten why he was upset. “Millie.” As he approached, calling her name, Medea glancedContinue reading “YMA – 57”

YMA – 56

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “They say that you can’t conceive a child if you do it too much.” Lyle was angrily sharpening his teeth, declaring he would not let the person go if he found the one who whispered such things into the Empress’ ear. Even when he seduced her and tempted her,Continue reading “YMA – 56”

YMA – 55

Thank you to raw provider: 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ After having such a lovely day and sweet night the day before, Lyle had expected Medea to fall into his arms, but her reaction was very different:  “Don’t approach. Stay 1 meter away!”  “What?”  She ran away to the bathroom to wash as soon as she opened her eyes,Continue reading “YMA – 55”

YMA – 54

It felt dangerous. An intuitive sense of crisis came up and warned Medea. If she continued to taste this pleasure, she would be a slave to lust and not wake up– falling into carnal desires. Rather than getting what she wants and using her body as bait like today, she will live a life strugglingContinue reading “YMA – 54”

YMA – 53

“Yes, it’s aphrodisiac, as you suspected. After using it, it allows only those involved to taste the ultimate pleasure repeatedly instead of it being only a rare occurrence.” Lyle opened the lid of the bottle. It looked like a fairly large bottle, roughly 500ml. A sweet and fragrant scent came out. “Come here. Open yourContinue reading “YMA – 53”

YMA – 52

Even when he was old, the former Emperor was still handsome, but he was worried that his many concubines would cheat on him and have an affair because of his declining energy. Rumors came to the Emperor, who was agonizing over this, about an aphrodisiac used by a monogamous species, the Suin people, that livedContinue reading “YMA – 52”

YMA – 51

“When are you going to send people? Today? Tomorrow?” “Is it that urgent?” It takes 12 days just to get there. When Lyle said he would send someone other than Luke, Medea couldn’t help but fret. Would it be handled with care? Although an order from the Emperor was serious business, Medea doubted if itContinue reading “YMA – 51”

YMA – 50

“…… Meeting Luke has nothing to do with behaving like a proper Empress. Why don’t you let me meet him?”  “You haven’t recovered from your memory loss yet because of your last injury. The Empress’s memory loss shouldn’t leak outside.” ‘I didn’t think of that.’  If that was the reason, Lyle was likely to stopContinue reading “YMA – 50”

YMA – 49

The fact of the matter was that Lyle came to the Empress’ Palace to sleep, and Medea was hiding… but… ‘Oh— Why! We slept together! And it’s not just that—it was fun. We did it so much! Jerk!’ Lyle trapped her in his palace under this pretext, but Medea couldn’t even dream that Lyle likedContinue reading “YMA – 49”

YMA – 48

When she was young, her family fell, and she came to the Imperial Palace to become a maid. “A thousand greetings to your majesty, the moon, the Empress, this humble servant is Victoria Lierre from Solare,” said Vicky, her voice trembling. Medea nodded slightly and looked at Vicky’s face. She had brown hair and frecklesContinue reading “YMA – 48”

YMA – 47

Thank you Ko-fi supporter GreenLemon! “Will you keep showing me that kind of face?” asked Lyle, and Medea sat back with a sour face. Clicking his tongue, Lyle got up and moved to a position where he could see Medea’s face. Medea turned around again. ‘Shit.’ Lyle had thought they would do it a littleContinue reading “YMA – 47”

YMA – 46

All of the officials who attended the morning political meeting had a seemingly light discussion about whether the Emperor would be late again this time. Many had been worried about the troubled relationship between the Imperial couple and their resulting lack of children. So many were relieved that it seemed better. “Oh, my… .” “YourContinue reading “YMA – 46”

YMA – 45

Medea slammed the book closed and came to bed. Lyle had planned that if she had insisted on sleeping on the sofa, he would have carried her; however, she didn’t have that intention. However, since it was the Emperor’s bed, the bed was so expansive that if two people lay down on the ends, theyContinue reading “YMA – 45”

YMA – 44

*** Although he expected it, Lyle saw a much angrier face than he was prepared for. Even when the former Emperor was still alive, he had never felt so troubled. Lyle entered the parlor where Medea was sitting. Medea, who was sitting in front of the tea table, turned his head and glared. His backContinue reading “YMA – 44”

YMA – 43

I overslept.  Opening her eyes blankly, Medea vaguely registered her surroundings and thought,  ‘An unfamiliar bed and an unfamiliar room.… It hasn’t even been a month since I possessed this body…’ She seemed to have adapted fast, even regarding the Empress’s Palace as familiar in the span of a few days. Medea surveyed the roomContinue reading “YMA – 43”

YMA – 42

Lyle clenched his teeth because her moans from his harsh kiss melted him.  Damn it. I’m really possessed.  “As punishment, I won’t let you out of the bedroom……. Stay here until you are forgiven…… and serve me…… !”  declared Lyle, raising his head and hurriedly took off her clothes.  Whether or not Medea bothered listeningContinue reading “YMA – 42”

YMA – 41

Medea looked around in earnest. She held her breath and quietly squeezed herself to the corner. At that moment. Bang! The door opened, and the dresses hanging in the chest were pushed aside. “Medea …” Lyle growled. Medea looked up at Lyle with an awkward expression. She knew someone would be looking for her, butContinue reading “YMA – 41”

YMA – 40

“An imperial messenger? The Empress’s?” As he entered the ducal estate, Luke could not believe his ears. I can’t believe my sister contacted me first! It’s never happened before! ‘Did something happen, Sister? Is something wrong?’ Luke knew that his father, the Duke of Ceiard, did not have a pleasant personality—in fact, he had aContinue reading “YMA – 40”

YMA – 39

Returning to the Empress’s Palace, Medea fretted over Lyle’s hostility. I am the Empress, you know! Just because I’ve slept with you for a night or two doesn’t mean I belong to you! She wondered about how to get revenge, but there was no way since Medea was not a powerful Empress. Additionally, Medea hadContinue reading “YMA – 39”

YMA – 38

“I asked my maid, and she told me that neither the noble daughter nor the noble lady I regularly meet with came to see me. It is said that the last time I saw the Duke, my father, was several months ago. I didn’t know, so I thought to ask what I cherished and loved…Continue reading “YMA – 38”

YMA – 37

Tap tap tap tap tap…… Lyle had been tapping his fingers for two hours. Other people would have said ten or a hundred words instead of a single word. But Sid couldn’t say anything because his opponent is the Emperor, so he had to just hold it in. ‘Why, why—did I become the emperor’s assistant?’Continue reading “YMA – 37”

YMA – 36

Medea took a nap until midday because she thought maybe Lyle might come at night. If Lyle came at night, she wouldn’t be able to sleep until dawn. Her body was tired, but she was in a good mood, so Medea felt somewhat excited. She woke up late, ate lunch, and spent the whole dayContinue reading “YMA – 36”

YMA – 35

“Why only me…… ! Hhhh! Ah, no! Ah-ah-ang!” Her lower flower lips fluttered around his thick fingers. Her waist shook as he rolled and teased her flower buds smoothly with his fingers soaked in love liquid. Medea struggled with fright at the pleasure pouring into her body—overwhelmed with sensitivity, but Lyle never let go ofContinue reading “YMA – 35”

YMA – 34

This chapter is dedicated to my top commenters airiai, L0V3LAMB, fiolynrhia, garamssi, Kayla and PandaKitty. Thank you so much for your love and support. I see you and appreciate you. “Hmm… … . Your Majesty, did you cough?” The sun was shining through the elegant purple silk curtain. Medea, who had been entangled in bedContinue reading “YMA – 34”

YMA – 33

This chapter is dedicated to Esme. Thank you! “…. Oh, no, your Majesty…….” “Medea……. You must have been waiting for me, right?” What nonsense are you talking about when you’re the one that’s ready? Medea looked at Lyle through her legs that had descended on both sides of her head, wondering what he meant. “No,Continue reading “YMA – 33”

YMA – 32

Except how can she be so sexy? That bewitching naked figure! Of course, eyes were drawn to her bouncy butt but the gaze started to peep at the pussy peeking between her legs…. ‘No! I am only going to cover her with the blankets and go!’ Lyle decisively cleared out his thoughts, screaming out ofContinue reading “YMA – 32”

YMA – 31

Lyle seldom fell asleep; he regretted that he had visited Medea and embraced her even before he went to bed in the Main Palace. At that time, I had lost to my desire and held Medea, but I made a firm determination that I would not visit this night. And now…… Lyle had been tossingContinue reading “YMA – 31”

YMA – 30

Of course, Medea wasn’t even aware of Lyle’s concerns. ‘You’re an Emperor with all the power and wealth in the world, and you can’t even let me go on a trip to nurse my health?!’ After bathing, while receiving a massage, Medea continued to worry. She didn’t know that her injury and accident was keptContinue reading “YMA – 30”

YMA – 29

“…… Is that the only reason you are doing it with me? Because of my face and body?” “And… because you’re my husband?” She’s kind of adorable. But I can’t say this out loud. The latter answer touched Lyle’s heart more than the first. Rather than saying that anyone with a face and body couldContinue reading “YMA – 29”

YMA – 28

Medea was so out of her mind and lost in pleasure that saliva was leaking out of her open mouth. Lyle licked up Medea’s saliva flowing on her cheeks. He groaned deeply as he was doing hectic back work. He was so engrossed in the pleasure that he grabbed Medea by her ass and pushedContinue reading “YMA – 28”

YMA – 27

As he exposed her inner folds, transparent liquid started to leak out. Medea’s face lit up red. “I don’t think you have taken the lead in anything other than a kiss… …” “No, don’t make fun of me,” said Medea as she sulked and stepped back. Lyle approached Medea with a weird smile. “I wasn’tContinue reading “YMA – 27”

YMA – 26

Lyle was thrilled by the exhilaration that spread with a shudder of sweetness. It was sweeter than he remembered. Drunk on her softness, he sucked and kissed her lips to his heart’s content, and Medea in his arms struggled. “Haa, um hum …” She was barely able to breathe through her nose and cried asContinue reading “YMA – 26”


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Your Majesty is Very Annoying!

“Warning: This book contains topics, such as coercive relationships. 

Already the eighth suicide attempt. 

Empress Medea did not die again this time. But this time it’s a little strange. 

“Memory loss?” 

Emperor Lyle is amused with Medea’s operation. 

You’ve been tormenting me terribly this whole time, and now you’ve lost your memory? 

Even if you postpone, the appointed night of union comes back every two weeks. It is useless. 

I don’t even want to give it to you. 

But if there’s anything Lyle overlooked, it’s that there really is another kernel in the shell. 

Namely, Oh Soo-yeon, an ordinary Korean office worker. 

Absurdly, after she dies from drinking too much and enters the novel. 

Medea was an extra dying in the very beginning. 

So what happens to the heroine Seira? 

Originally, she should get together with Lyle. 

The couple’s night comes amid confusion. 

For some reason, the mysterious fragrance of Medea stimulates Lyle’s heart. 

“Your lips can’t be this sweet………” 

As of that day, His Majesty’s annoying obsession begins. 

Is it really okay like this?

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