PCP – 149

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Magda? Please.” At Heinrich’s command, Magda, who was standing guarding the entrance to the audience chamber, bowed. She headed outside to pick up Damia. Heinrich, having a glimpse of Magda’s trusty back, put his chin on his hand and grinned. “Finally, I can see the famous northern beauty in person!Continue reading “PCP – 149”

PCP – 148

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “You came up with her after all—Oh My Gods!” Heinrich burst into sparkling pearls of laughter. Seeing his cherished subordinate again after a long time, he felt very good. “And, strangely enough, she even pulled out this information.” What Heinrich had in his hands right now was the ‘High Temple’sContinue reading “PCP – 148”

PCP – 147

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “… … Yes, if it’s only for a moment.” Actually, it wasn’t that difficult of a request. Damia had nothing to do while waiting anyway. After receiving her consent, the woman lowered her head as if relieved. “Thank you.” After those words, there was an awkward silence for a moment.Continue reading “PCP – 147”

PCP – 146

Thank you raw provider: Laylie When you became a paladin, what kind of feelings did you have? How many tears of despair I had to spill to let you go. But you don’t have to be so happy. Damia’s childhood was always lonely. She was always left alone in the big mansion, waiting for herContinue reading “PCP – 146”

PCP – 145

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Sir Akkard will enter first, Lady, please wait for a moment.” Magda arrived in front of the audience hall entrance and asked for her understanding. Heinrich wanted to meet his retainer, Akkard, alone first. “Yes, I will wait.” Damia understood the situation and sat down on the sofa in theContinue reading “PCP – 145”

PCP – 144

Thank you raw provider: Laylie It was the moment she was about to open her mouth, which she had been closing tightly like a clam— of all times, someone called them from behind: “There, aren’t you Lord Akkard?” Looking back, there was a middle-aged woman, dressed as the chief steward of the palace, standing there.Continue reading “PCP – 144”

PCP – 143

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Heath Bar! “… … What are you thinking about?” At the question that bursted out of him like a sneeze, even Akkard, himself, was embarrassed and perplexed. But he couldn’t tolerate not talking to her. Her profile with her eyes closed looked strangely sad. “Ah.” Upon hearing anContinue reading “PCP – 143”

PCP – 142

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for the Ko-fi! (5/5) ‘I’m doing this to control and adjust the distance between Damia and I.’ He made a mistake. The distance between them was far beyond what he had hoped for. Therefore to obtain the “appropriate” amount of space, it was natural to reduce itContinue reading “PCP – 142”

PCP – 141

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for the Ko-fi! (4/5) Arya was a beauty as lively as her red hair. Born and raised in the South and she never took a liking to the men around her. In the breadbasket of the kingdom, southern men with vast granaries were generally wealthy and laid-back.Continue reading “PCP – 141”

PCP – 140

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for the Ko-fi! (3/5) He did not miss the opportunity. He whispered quietly looking into Damia’s quivering gaze. “To catch a snake, you have to go into the snake’s den, right?” You said you would do anything to save your father. Didn’t you just say that? Akkard’sContinue reading “PCP – 140”

PCP – 139

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for the Ko-fi! (2/5) The expression that appeared on Akkard’s face would have shook the heart of any woman. ‘Maybe I am special to him. Is it possible that he also regrets breaking up with me?’ His sad, wistful manner left room for such an illusion. However,Continue reading “PCP – 139”

PCP – 138

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for the Ko-fi! (1/5) And Damia, unexpectedly, didn’t have many thoughts. Instead, her feelings about this situation were simple. ‘I suppose the Crown Prince is troubled by this situation.’ She knew the public opinion of Heinrich was not very good. Apparently, it was because immediately after heContinue reading “PCP – 138”

PCP – 137

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Akkard, with a frown on his face, snatched the letter. His purple eyes flickered slightly from side to side, scanning the contents quickly. Damia couldn’t see the contents of the letter. However, it was enough to see the gradual deepening of a frown between Akkard’s eyebrows. ‘It must be badContinue reading “PCP – 137”

PCP – 136

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The agony of her first love would randomly stab her out of nowhere when she least unexpected it, just like the aftereffects of an accident. The pain was enough to terrify Damia, who had experienced her first broken heart. Moreover, it was the first letter she received after her confessionContinue reading “PCP – 136”

PCP – 135

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Damia’s earnest gaze looked up at Lessid as if she was desperately hanging on. Then, as if his heart was aching, his delicate eyebrows sadly lowered in response. “To be honest, it’s impossible for me. In the first place, the ‘Forbidden Stigma’ is a very difficult technique. To be ableContinue reading “PCP – 135”

PCP – 134

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Managing to regain his composure, Akkard entered the room. Then Lessid, who was waiting for him, went straight to the point. “First of all, this is news from the High Temple.” Lessid calmly declared as he took out the contents from the already ripped envelope. “I was dismissed from myContinue reading “PCP – 134”

PCP – 133

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Akkard’s face became rigid with surprise, looking pained, distressed, and wounded. Usually, Damia would have stopped at this point or would not have gone so far in the first place. But now, she felt as if she was teetering on the edge of her sanity, worried sick about the perilContinue reading “PCP – 133”

PCP – 132

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The morning dawning on the Primula estate was bright. Damia, who barely slept all night, was very sensitive. As soon as she finished her grooming, she headed to the guest room. Knock knock- There was no answer from within. Damia, her heart pounding, she knocked on the door more quicklyContinue reading “PCP – 132”

PCP – 131

Thank you raw provider: Laylie When she first heard Louise’s warning, Damia shook her head that it was impossible. Her father was the owner of the old noble Primula house in the north. Who would dare brand her father like that? Not only that… … . ‘No. If he had been branded in by theContinue reading “PCP – 131”

PCP – 130

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “… … Are you alright, father?” Damia frowned in concern as she observed her father. Owen drunkenly waved his hands and bluffed: “Oh—of course! Don-don’t mind me—hiccup! Not.” The cider that Damia brought was stronger than expected. As a middle-aged man, he was ashamed to be so drunk when hisContinue reading “PCP – 130”

PCP – 129

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Eflita for your Ko-fi donation! Owen, the head of the Primula family, was sitting in the study. He was looking at the list of items delivered this year. ‘That’s quite a lot.’ From generation to generation, the Primula family was in the business of supplying the items requiredContinue reading “PCP – 129”

PCP – 128

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you C for your Ko-fi donation! “You know what happened? The Countess of Hwari sent Klaus to a monastery.” “What? A monastery?” “They sent him to a Correctional Monastery.” Damia was surprised to hear the news for the first time. A Correctional Monastery was a very harsh place, aContinue reading “PCP – 128”

PCP – 127

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Louise knew— That after divulging everything she had been privy to, she would probably have to leave the North. It would be dangerous to linger after daring to betray the High Temple. But…… It wouldn’t matter, though. To have a fresh start by residing in a place where no oneContinue reading “PCP – 127”

PCP – 126

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (5/5) Damia was sitting on the soft stool next to Louise’s bed. She had been ill for several days. Louise, pale, didn’t know what she was thinking, and didn’t open her mouth easily. Thanks to this, there was an awkward air in herContinue reading “PCP – 126”

PCP – 125

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (4/5) Damia did not fall for his childish provocations. Instead, knowingly, she smiled softly, scratching Akkard’s insides, while pretending not to know anything. “Lessid is a very nice person. He healed my hand like this.” After finishing her words, Damia embraced her healedContinue reading “PCP – 125”

PCP – 124

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (3/5) Nonetheless, Damia felt better when her hand was healed. It wasn’t very pleasant to have such a large scar on the noble lady’s hand. “Thank you so much. Priest Lessid.” Naturally, her gaze on him softened. Taking advantage of that opportunity, heContinue reading “PCP – 124”

PCP – 123

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (2/5) Fortunately, the Ferria siblings were resilient and recovering well. Louise was still unconscious, but as she got better day by day, it was clear that she would get up soon. Lessid, who was exhausted by depleting his mana, was fine in twoContinue reading “PCP – 123”

PCP – 122

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (1/5) If it had been before the fight, perhaps she would have been swept away by his merger warmth and his shallow tenderness. The lonely Damia would have eventually succumbed to Akkard’s childish and willfully selfish behavior. But after witnessing her discarded handkerchief,Continue reading “PCP – 122”

PCP – 121

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Meanwhile, it was very busy at Count Primula’s estate, even at night. Firstly, because of Cesare’s fake funeral, and even more so because of the ensuing commotion. “Please stay at our house for a while.” After the unrest, Damia advised Lessid with a concerned look. After first aid, Louise hadContinue reading “PCP – 121”

PCP – 120

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Presumably, Cesare must have hid amongst the mourners to make sure the ceremony was held properly. That way, he would know if his tricks had deceived everyone. It was a pity that he could not be arrested at the scene. But Damia wasn’t too discouraged. Because she knew Cesare wasn’tContinue reading “PCP – 120”

PCP – 119

Thank you raw provider: Laylie After being beaten to a pulp, Cesare seemed utterly unconscious. “But I still have to check, right?” Akkard mumbled an excuse not to trust appearances too easily and kicked Cesare’s ribs in an emotional strike laden with feelings. He was hoping he would wiggle, and then he’d have the excuseContinue reading “PCP – 119”

PCP – 118

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Damia’s eyes widened when he noticed this. “No!!” To be honest, yes—She hated Louise! She was constantly arguing with her and watching her with venomous eyes, lest she make any mistakes. —But she didn’t want to see Louise die right in front of her! Damia desperately ran to Cesare, grabbingContinue reading “PCP – 118”

PCP – 117

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Louise was shorter and thinner than Damia. Her only advantage was that she was brazenly awful with a terrifying temper. Unlike a verbal altercation, a physical fight wasn’t something that could just be won with maliciousness. Once Damia responded with her sincerity, Louise was forced to be pushed aside. “You—Continue reading “PCP – 117”

PCP – 116

Thank you raw provider: Laylie When he had initially received the gift, Akkard did not have a good reaction. Instead, he looked like he wanted to run away to the ends of the earth from the burden of a handmade gift. ‘Still, I never thought he would have thrown it away.’ She was hurt. AndContinue reading “PCP – 116”

PCP – 115

Thank you raw provider: Laylie All of Cesare’s schemes fell through, whether it was drugging Damia’s father or trying to tie her to his subordinate, Klaus. Damia’s father regained his senses and realized what had happened. This put Cesare in a very difficult position. Therefore, in order to avoid calamity, he pretended to be dead.Continue reading “PCP – 115”

PCP – 114

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “…… Er, that—” Louise’s mouth was sealed shut. She avoided Damia’s gaze with a shaky look. Although she had noticed that Cesare was alive, it was clear that she did not know his motivation for this self-made play. ‘It seems that Cesare didn’t trust her that much.’ Damia was aContinue reading “PCP – 114”

PCP – 113

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “I’m sorry. I don’t even know how to apologize,” Lessid confessed as his brows furrowed, and he lowered his head in shame. He was apologetic that she had to suffer the commotion caused by his immature sister. In fact, Lessid did not think Damia would be sad over Cesare’s death.Continue reading “PCP – 113”

PCP – 112

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Damia, who she pushed with all her might, fell with a thud next to the bottom of the platform where the coffin was placed. Fortunately, the podium was not very high, so she didn’t get seriously injured. But her knees slammed against the marble floor so hard that they wereContinue reading “PCP – 112”

PCP – 111

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (6/6) “Oh……. . You can go over there to wash your hands.” Damia, clueless about Akkard’s bewildered heart, raised her finger and pointed to the direction. Akkard, who quickly walked down the path, was not really interested in washing his hands. As heContinue reading “PCP – 111”

PCP – 110

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (5/6) It was a gloomy funeral. Of all things, a summer rain was pouring down, and the hem of the mourners’ clothes and shoes were messy with thick, soaking mud. Maybe that’s why the guests’ faces while putting down flowers in front ofContinue reading “PCP – 110”

PCP – 109

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (4/6) Meanwhile, Damia had no inkling that her gift she had laboured over had been discarded. But she thoroughly crushed her feelings for Akkard Valerian, that was about to sprout the tiniest bit. ‘In the first place, it’s not possible.’ She knew veryContinue reading “PCP – 109”

PCP – 108

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (3/6) ‘I shouldn’t have started playing with fire in the first place.’ It was a mistake to sleep with him in anger. Damia knew she was not the right woman for such a short, casual relationship. However, the relationship that had already startedContinue reading “PCP – 108”

PCP – 107

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (2/6) Damia nodded. “It’s not a big deal, but… … It’s a thank you gift in return.” At those words, Akkard unwrapped the gift wrap. He asked as he looked around for the handkerchief that came out. “It’s our family coat of arms.Continue reading “PCP – 107”

PCP – 106

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (1/6) She was embarrassed that Akkard was watching her swallowing his own while she spread open and leaking thick liquid. His eyes were so provoking that it felt like it was touching her between her legs. “Please… Stop watching.” Tears dropped from Damia’sContinue reading “PCP – 106”

PCP – 105

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Only he could make this woman cry. Akkard bit her apple-like cheeks. And in a very murky, low voice he issued a warning close to a command. “Close your lips. So you don’t bite your tongue.” At the same time, her eyes shook significantly. As he lifted and tightened hisContinue reading “PCP – 105”

PCP – 104

Thank you raw provider: Laylie At first, he teased her clitoris, caressing it and her narrow petals up and down and slowly crawled inward. He pushed one of his fingers in, as if he had wanted to penetrate her pussy right away. Massaging her smooth insides, he then complained. “It’s too narrow.” “That’s—your finger—” —isContinue reading “PCP – 104”

PCP – 103

Thank you raw provider: Laylie It was strange. The moment she heard his words, her heart started to pound and her cheeks heated up. As if she was expecting something. Damia couldn’t believe the reaction of her body she was witnessing. Naturally, instead of pleading as Akkard wanted, she bit her rosy lips and closedContinue reading “PCP – 103”

PCP – 102

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The upper body that went under the sofa and the waist didn’t come out. Surprised Damia reached back trying to figure out what went wrong. “Oh, my. The ruffle······.” The ruffle, which was lying calmly when she had crawled in, flipped in the opposite direction and swelled so that herContinue reading “PCP – 102”

PCP – 101

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Damia went straight on the road to Akkard’s northern mansion. And was very warmly welcomed. “You’ve come again! I’ve been waiting for the day when Lady would come again.” Sebastian, Akkard’s butler, welcomed her with a very excited face. Cold sweat broke out on Damia from such dramatic hospitality. “ThankContinue reading “PCP – 101”

PCP – 100

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “… It’s nothing, my dear. It’s just I’m sorry to you,” said Owen, his shoulders dropping helplessly. Damia thought her father’s attitude was strange, but she could not ask why because Owen spoke first. “Before sending out Cesare, I should consult Noela in advance. She’ll be upset, but there’s nothingContinue reading “PCP – 100”

PCP – 99

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Upon arriving back home, Damia was anxious that she would run into Cesare. Fortunately though, wherever he was, he wasn’t in the mansion. Instead, what greeted her was Owen with hazy eyes, and asked: “Oh, my dear. Did you meet your fiance well? How was it?” “Yes, father. It wasContinue reading “PCP – 99”

PCP – 98

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Yes?” “I’m saying I’ll heal you. It’s not a big deal for me, who will become a priest anyway, so why are you refusing?” Damia blinked at his unexpected question. She had taken the same class with Lessid for months, but it was the first time he had spoken soContinue reading “PCP – 98”

PCP – 97

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (4/4) The northern plains were wide, steep, and vast. There were powerful gusts of wind sweeping the wildflower fields, but since it was summer, for the north, these gales were comparatively mild. Damia sat on the floor, brushing her frizzy hair behind herContinue reading “PCP – 97”

PCP – 96

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (3/4) Clink-clack— Only the sound of horseshoes hitting the ground resonated on the quiet road. Akkard and Damia were both lost in thought. Now out of a crisis, Damia’s complicated situation that she had to deal with came to mind and confused her.Continue reading “PCP – 96”

PCP – 95

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (2/4) Damia looked very offended rather than amused. He felt apologetic, but Akkard became as pleased as she was displeased. Regardless, he couldn’t stand the sight of a kid chasing her. He hadn’t even had his fill of her, nor did he tireContinue reading “PCP – 95”

PCP – 94

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Thank you Ninjapoof523 for your Ko-fi donation! (1/4) He couldn’t stand the slightest offense. He didn’t know what that madman, Damia’s step older brother, was thinking when he was pushing for an engagement. The sleepiness disappeared from Akkard’s purple eyes. It was only an hour later that he arrived atContinue reading “PCP – 94”

PCP – 93

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “······If my son really did commit such a rude act towards the lord, I apologize in his stead. May your anger be relieved.” Countess Hwari lowered her metaphorical tail, helplessly. She had no choice but to do so. If only Akkard could testify here, she had to act more cautiously.Continue reading “PCP – 93”

PCP – 92

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The sexy camise she had worn was for the bedroom. It had a thin, light lace material and was decorated with cute pink ribbons. No matter how slim Klaus was, he was a man with vastly different proportions. The camise’s boning looked disastrous as it was forced across his body.Continue reading “PCP – 92”

PCP – 91

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Sir Akkard? Why are you here….” Astonished, Damia’s eyes widened in surprise as she looked up at him. She never thought in her wildest dreams she would see Akkard here. Seeing her dumbstruck face, Akkard clicked his tongue. “I’ll explain later. First, let’s get out of this situation.” Outside theContinue reading “PCP – 91”

PCP – 90

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Even if she chose this, it was still shit. At this stage of hopelessness, an uncaring, detached Damia began to reach a state of nirvana. What nonsense are you spouting when we’ve been estranged from each other all this time? “Does that mean you’re going to betray Cesare? It willContinue reading “PCP – 90”

PCP – 89

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Did Cesare order you to do this?” Damia, who grabbed back her foot, asked him in a calm tone. Then Klaus’ delicate eyebrows frowned. “I’m not his subordinate.” “But you’re on the same side.” When Damia pointed it out, he shut up. His youthful face, which showed signs of anger,Continue reading “PCP – 89”

PCP – 88

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The north was an insular place. If she got a glimpse at the family’s insignia or portrait in the hallway, she could know where she was. Before going out, Damia studied the drawing room. ‘I think I’ve seen this before.’ There was Eastern-continental style pottery decorated in the middle ofContinue reading “PCP – 88”

PCP – 87

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Cesare wasn’t a fool. As soon as his plan to drug Cecil leaked, he immediately flipped the script. Instead of Cecil, he decided to give medicine to Damia’s father, Owen Primula. “Oh my God! How dare you do such a thing?!” A scream erupted from Damia’s mouth, who realized hisContinue reading “PCP – 87”

PCP – 86

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Damia’s eyes grew wide at the words that came at her like a bolt from the blue. She has always been the child of the Primula family, the only daughter, and the only heir. Although the number of family members increased, no one could threaten Damia’s position. She lived herContinue reading “PCP – 86”

PCP – 85

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “That— no, father. Sir Akkard is just a friend,” Damia hurriedly denied. Owen, who was staring at Damia, asked again, not believing her: “Really?” Damia smiled quietly. Akkard’s magical charm didn’t seem to work on her parents’ generation. Owen’s tone considered Akkard was nothing more than “a fly flirting withContinue reading “PCP – 85”

PCP – 84

Thank you raw provider: Laylie He yanked his head to the side, making him pull against Damia’s grip and in doing so she pulled out some hair. Even though it must have been quite painful, Cesare did not grimace and twirled himself and her restrained body as if he was dancing. By this point, DamiaContinue reading “PCP – 84”

PCP – 83

Thank you raw provider: Laylie An hour has passed since Louise left the Marquis Evergreen estate. Damia was relieved to see Cecil regained her peace of mind. “I’m going to go now. Just in case, don’t eat or drink anything that Louise brought as a gift, okay?” “··········· Yeah. “ Cecil glanced at Louise’s giftContinue reading “PCP – 83”

PCP – 82

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “It’s so nice to personally see you, Lady Cecil! How long has it been since the two of us had an intimate conversation?”  With both elbows on the table, Louise leaned forward and laughed. Then, she peeked at the teapot and teacup in front of her.  ‘Is this it?’ DamiaContinue reading “PCP – 82”

PCP – 81

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Finally, it was the day of the showdown.  Damia had her considerable hair half up in a ponytail, held by jewel pin decorated with peach-colored flowers and diamonds.  She donned a pink bodice that was laced up over a cream-colored dress and as a rouge, red as her hair wasContinue reading “PCP – 81”

PCP – 80

Thank you raw provider: Laylie After the conversation with Akkard, Damia went back to her room. She packed her luggage, preparing to go back home. Since she came unplanned she didn’t have much to pack. “Are you really departing now?” asked Sebastian as the restless butler watched Damia. Damia replied with a smile. “Of course.Continue reading “PCP – 80”

PCP – 79

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “I don’t know? What do you mean by ‘thing’?” Akkard inquired, raising one eyebrow as if he was taken aback. Damia nodded with perplexed eyes. “Yes. I had only overheard a tiny bit.” Damia then wondered why she had thought Akkard would know about the item Louise had talked about.Continue reading “PCP – 79”

PCP – 78

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “·····Hi.” Damia smiled with a face that was half asleep, greeting him in the morning with a slightly husky voice. Her natural face looked softer than usual. There was no sign of guilt or regret on her lovely face. Instead, after her greeting, her eyes lowered down shyly and littleContinue reading “PCP – 78”

PCP – 77

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The first light of dawn gently brushed around his eyes. It was a weak gleam that normally he wouldn’t have noticed. However, Akkard’s eyes were instantly wide open. Anxiety filled his heart and shook him up with an unknown tension waking him wide awake. As soon as he sat upContinue reading “PCP – 77”

PCP – 76

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Akkard immediately pressed her down on the bed so she couldn’t move. And he started shaking his back frantically. It was a rough movement that made her feel like she was being devoured. His genitals digging inside her ran wild enough that she could not keep up. Faster and fasterContinue reading “PCP – 76”

PCP – 75

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Ah, whoa!” cried Damia, who lay on her stomach, half on the bed. The object digging in from behind was so big and hot that she couldn’t get her head around it. Even when it was thrusting and stabbing violently inside her, her body jostled so wildly, making her dizzy.Continue reading “PCP – 75”

PCP – 74

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Akkard exploded at the words that came out of her lips. “The fucking bastard!” Akkard got up and punched the cabinet next to him. The dog—Cesare, hiding in her bedroom was enough to rile up his violent instincts but now he was even warning her not to get close toContinue reading “PCP – 74”

PCP – 73

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “It seems that the sibling relationships of northerners are very unusual.” Hilariously, Akkard was thinking of the brother and sister relationship between Lessid and Louise. Lessid, who hated his sister, was now her rival by siding with the royal family. Then there was Damia who volunteered to join hands withContinue reading “PCP – 73”

PCP – 72

Thank you raw provider: Laylie She had no intention of being dragged around and manipulated by Cesare. She would do anything to get him out of her life and out of the county. Even if that meant holding hands with Akkard Valerian. Akkard carefully studied Damia. Her eyes were rational, her face a bit paleContinue reading “PCP – 72”

PCP – 71

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Damia searched the floor with her eyes. Reluctantly, she headed for his room. She swore she didn’t mean to eavesdrop from the beginning. She knocked on his door like a guest with common sense. No, Damia was going to knock. Then she heard her name pop up. “So, have youContinue reading “PCP – 71”

PCP – 70

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Ah…….” The person he thought about every night was standing outside his door. With a very complicated look. “I-I’m sorry. I just… I woke up and the butler said this was your house. I had intended on meeting you and thanking you tomorrow because it was so late…. The butlerContinue reading “PCP – 70”

PCP – 68

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The moment he recalled Lessid’s confident declaration, Akkard’s eyebrows frowned. He didn’t know why, but his heart was filled with terrible displeasure. Didn’t it feel like someone trampled on his white bed with muddy shoes? “What’s wrong, Lord Akkard? Are you having problems with Lessid?” Heinrich, who saw Akkad’s chillingContinue reading “PCP – 68”

PCP – 69

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Cesare Primula is the Count’s stepson that he gained after his remarriage. Since he’s a child from the second wife’s side, there’s no blood relation.” Akkard didn’t want to uselessly mention Damia so he briefly reported on Cesare. But Heinrich did not give up. Aren’t the interests of young peopleContinue reading “PCP – 69”

PCP – 67

Thank you raw provider: Laylie The first “contamination” outbreak in the kingdom came shortly after Heinrich was crowned the crown prince. It was a truly unfortunate period for a coincidence. Rumors have spread that God may have hated the Crown Prince for this very reason. Then the tiny, foolish rumors soon spread like wildfire. WhenContinue reading “PCP – 67”

PCP – 66

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Haaa.” Left alone in the hallway, Akkard sighed and massaged his forehead. He wanted to jump into the room right away and explain that it wasn’t what Sebastian was thinking. However, if he did so, the misunderstanding would grow bigger, as if he was too embarrassed to admit it. ‘TheContinue reading “PCP – 66”

PCP – 65

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Damia, still unconscious, pulled in and held her arms to her chest in her sleep. But her face looked sadder than before. Akkard glanced down at her. Strangely enough, he felt guilty—which was utterly unlike him. She had a fever, and she wasn’t going to remember, so it wouldn’t haveContinue reading “PCP – 65”

PCP – 64

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Fuck!” Anger erupted ahead of his worries. It was a matter of course. What emotional connection does he have with Damia Primula? He was about to achieve his long-cherished dream, but Damia fainted! She really knew how to drive people crazy. Akkard grimly frowned. Even now, under him, her insidesContinue reading “PCP – 64”

PCP – 63

Thank you raw provider: Laylie He flipped up Damia’s fluffy skirt and spread her slender legs wide. He loosened the waist of his pants with rapid, urgent hand movements and took out his dark red penis, swollen with blood rushing in. And surprisingly, he began to rub it over Damia’s underwear. “Stop…” Damia twisted herContinue reading “PCP – 63”

PCP – 62

Thank you raw provider: Laylie He held Damia’s frozen body tightly in his steadfast embrace. A man’s body was usually hotter than a woman’s and even more so when he was in heat. He was very hot. A drowsy sigh flowed from Damia’s lips, which had become close to his body. “Ah, yes…” He wasContinue reading “PCP – 62”

PCP – 61

Thank you raw provider: Laylie This must have been a sign from God. It would be an omen to taste that sweet body again until he grew sick of it and thoroughly shake off the lingering feelings he had for Damia’s Primula. Akkard licked his fangs and laughed. Before he got off the carriage, heContinue reading “PCP – 61”

PCP – 60

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Since his day started like that, Akkard was naturally in a bleak mood. He was supposed to visit Count Ferira’s estate for work today. There, Lesid Ferira made people run around. He spotted Akkard glancing at a small frame and laughed. “Ah, that? It’s a portrait that I received asContinue reading “PCP – 60”

PCP – 59

Thank you raw provider: Laylie On that day, Akkard felt very low. As he looked out the window, he muttered to himself. “It’s raining.” He didn’t like rainy days very much. It was because it tended to make people too sentimental. Just like the soil soaked in the rain flowed down and revealed the trashContinue reading “PCP – 59”

PCP – 58

Thank you raw provider: Laylie As the sun went down, it was chilly, no matter how much of a summer night it was. It seemed colder because of the rain. When the wind started to blow, her hands holding umbrellas naturally lost strength. Damia could hear her teeth chattering as she shivered. The coachman wasContinue reading “PCP – 58”

PCP – 56

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Cecil spit with a sad look. Damia was very embarrassed. I definitely remembered how I cried in front of my friend that day, showing everything to the bottom of my heart. The end of the long first love was much worse than expected, and it was just utterly hopeless. IfContinue reading “PCP – 56”

PCP – 57

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Determined, Dami wiped her face away with her hands and said goodbye to Cecil. “I’m off now, Cecil. I’ll find a way somehow, so don’t worry too much.” Damia was going to stop by Akkard’s mansion on her way. He was a fickle, mysterious man, but he certainly wouldn’t turnContinue reading “PCP – 57”

PCP – 55

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “What?! Is that true?” Cecil freaked out, grabbing both cheeks. She was delighted to see Damia, who visited her even on a rainy day. But the elegant face was now shocked and fearful. It was because of the warning Damia told her. “Louise Ferira is going to feed me something?!”Continue reading “PCP – 55”

PCP – 54

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Miss!!!” From the end of the corridor, the sound of servants running in reply to their mistress’ call for help. Cesare looked down at his empty hand that Damia had slipped from with a face that she couldn’t read. Damia thought she saw bitterness in his expression. But the nextContinue reading “PCP – 54”

PCP – 53

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Since she was held by the neck, Damia couldn’t fight back, instead, she shot Cesare, her fiercest glare pushing out her panic with outrage. This was absolutely ridiculous. Originally Cesare should have had no status—he was a liability that her stepmother brought in. Instead, Damia was in charge of allContinue reading “PCP – 53”

PCP – 52

Thank you raw provider: Laylie “Planning, Damia? As you know, I only assisted ‘Father’ in his business.” Of course, Cesare was not easily shaken and spoke of her father in a counterattack against her. “In the meantime, I’ve talked to Father about your recent behavior. Oh my, Dami, how can you spread your legs toContinue reading “PCP – 52”

PCP – 51

Thank you raw provider: Laylie She must have fallen asleep. Damia opened her eyes to a rustling sound by her bedside. She expected it was a mouse but was surprised to see the banquet of dried flowers that fell off. “Ugh, what a mess.” After waking up, Damia sighed and swept back her hair. TheContinue reading “PCP – 51”

PCP – 50

Thank you raw provider: Laylie Dami was afraid of what might happen to Cecil. She was not the type to have light and shallow friendships with everyone. One of the only people she could trust and open her heart to was Cecil, who was very precious to her. Now her childhood friend and long-time unrequitedContinue reading “PCP – 50”


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Please Cry Prettily

Sleeping with him was a very impulsive decision.

Yesterday, Damia’s first love that usually filled her with anxious joy, broke her heart with a cruel rejection:

“Find another man.”

Her manipulative step-brother smiled at her.

“Didn’t I tell you? You will eventually come to me.”

Damia was fed up with all these games.

So she seduced and slept with the man who had just arrived in the north.

The beautiful eyes belonging to the woman subject to terrible rumors held no lust, instead Akkard found the ballerina to be rather clumsy and pure.

“Your crying face is pretty. Cry a little more.”

He grabbed Damia’s ankles that tried to flee, overworked from his persistent ardor, but that only made him covet her even more.

Damia, lying beneath the ferocious beast, literally cried herself hoarse.

The man kissed all of her tears, and painstakingly licked her eyelids.
And soon he laughed greedily.

“I keep crying under me from now on.”

The man’s lips whispered until the legs broke apart.

….It seems that he had chosen the wrong person to play fire with.

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