My translations are more like exercises in creative writing while improving on my Korean. They are not accurate. I’m not fluent in Korean (mtling is a huge help) but I have lived and studied in Korea. I know how to speak/sign around seven languages that I can get by with but I am also dislexic. I’m just a passionate reader that wants to share.

I recieved a lot of joy from other translators who introduced me to webnovels and reading their translations and raws helped me with my depression so I wanted to pay it forward.

I am on instagram (message me there) wattpad (until I get deleted again) and ko-fi (if you feel so moved or want to sponsor a chapter—don’t forget to add the title!).

I don’t pick novels knowing the plot, I am reading it with you all as I translate so there is no set time in which I update.

If you would like to propose a project that hasn’t been already picked up, post it in the comments.

Supplying raws is also a great way to extend support.

Please support the authors and buy the raws if you can.

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      1. Hello! If I may ask, I would also like to be able to join your discord server (there was an affiliate server invite link in one of the servers of which I am a member, but I had barely missed being able to join it because it had just barely expired 🤦‍♀️) so I’m wondering if I may message you on instagram and ask for a link there? Would that be, I don’t know, invasive? I don’t want to seem suspicious or pushy or intrusive. I would just like to be able to read and enjoy these great stories that you are translating for us (and btw THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating these stories and sharing them with us so that we can all enjoy them too!). May I do so? Or would that be uncomfortable for you?

  1. Hiii, ty for taking ur time to translate quality novels for us <3
    Also I was wondering whether I could have your discord inv because a while back you gave out a link in an affiliate server but I couldn't find it since I put off joining for a while. Ofc you don't have to answer/give me an invite but I just wanted to ask 😀

  2. Hi may I also have an invite to your discord server? I already dm you in ig 🤗 thank you so much ❤️

  3. Could I have your discord server link? I would like to share the raws for a few of your projects. Thank you!

  4. Hiiii, I would like to please join your discord server if it’s not too much trouble. Here in Europe the holidays are about to start and I only have four final exams left. I plan to binge on all the wonderful stuff you have posted on your website! I don’t want to be suspicious and I don’t want to be a pain, but I would love to be able to join and just relax after all the stress! Idk how to proceed but I hope this is the right way, THANK YOU so much for your work!

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