ILLYML – 17.1

“Why do I think you want him to be dead?”

“You’ve caught me.”

“Your words and actions are inconsistent. You are the one who bide 70 million gold for that elf, right?”

“There was a reason for that, but now that the elf is dead, so the motive is gone.”

He seemed to be relieved as if all his problems had been solved.

Seeing his refreshed aura, I was dumbfounded.

I doubted whether this was the very same person who bide to buy Igelto from right under my nose.


“What’s that noise?”

“Well, it’s the sound of the building breaking down.”

“No. It’s different.”

I stopped walking and listened for the sound.

However, the sound was not heard again.

I started to walk and suddenly heard the noise again.


It wasn’t an illusion this time.

I heard a groan, and how could I not know who it belonged to?

It’s the main character I’ve been looking so ardently for.


I ran and ran through the dark smoke, and at the end of it was the elf with a gruesome appearance and standing over him was a man in a black mask.

“Who are you?”

I slowly approached the man.

The man’s eyes wide open when he saw me.

The only thing I could see from the masked man was his sky-blue eyes were bent beautifully, giving me goosebumps.

His eyes were like a bad guy who found a funny toy.

“It’s the third time today…”

What are you saying?

The man in the black mask seemed to frown as he murmured nonsense and his hand reached out towards me, more precisely toward my face.


I sharply shoved his hand out of the air.

The man smiled as if nothing was wrong with striking his hand or his disrespect.

He peered at my face to the point of being rude.

I went one step closer to the man.

In the meantime, I created a sword with magical power from my hand.

“Please don’t go.”

Robe grabbed my hand with a low voice.

I turned my head in wonder, and he pulled me into his arms.

Then his big hands covered my face.

Robe covered my face and completely blocked my vision while at the same time blocking the masked man from gawking at me.

I was puzzled and embarrassed by what this was about.

I pushed his hand away, but he didn’t even budge.

“What are you doing now?”

“I’m sorry. Please bear with me even if it’s frustrating.”

“Why are you covering my face?”

“I’m afraid your face will wear out.”

Are you joking?

No matter how much I pushed, he didn’t move his hand.

So I bit his palm. But he still did not take his hand off.

It seems a little embarrassing, just fluttering.

“Hope that hand was tasty. By the way, I wish you would move your hand, guy with the robe.”

The man in the black mask made a cheeky sound.

In an instant, I saw a tendon tense in Robe’s arm.

I put a little more strength biting his palm again.

It should hurt quite a bit, but he didn’t give up covering my face. Rather, he tried to cover my face more, as if the man’s words motivated him.

“But robe guy, where have I seen you? Why do you seem familiar?”

“I don’t know what bullshit you’re talking about. And if you’re going to kill that elf, kill him quickly and go away.”

“What are you saying now?”

“Oh, can I?”

“No matter what happens to that elf, it’s none of my business.”

‘You said you’d help?’

This was an egregious obstruction.

I pulled the magic power in my body as much as possible, concentrated it in one place, and with the greatest power I could muster, I elbowed Robe’s abdomen.


When Robe’s power was temporarily lost, I pushed him harder once more.

I hurried out of his arms and ran straight to Igelto.

“Whoa, so cruel. You must be really hated, um?”

The man in the black mask kept mocking and picking on Robe, his eyes full of life.

I hurriedly hugged Igelto, who was sprawled out on the floor.

Then I placed his finger under his nose to see if he was breathing or not.

Fortunately, Igelto was alive.

He just passed out.


Another loud bang was heard at the same time the man made a strange sound.


A rough rumble scratched against my eardrums.

I naturally lifted my head towards the source of the sound.

The ceiling that had been cracked from before looks like it can no longer support anything.

Small pellets fell from the ceiling and thump-! And a large chunk of the roof fell to the floor.

The shattered debris fell to the side, making the smoke even less tolerable, and flames spread more severely than before.

The building is going to completely collapse.

“Hmm, I’d love to play more, but I don’t have time.”

The man looked up at the cracked ceiling and then looked at me as I held Igelto in my arms, my reflection in his eyes.

“Stop staring.”


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    1. I know! The whole time I was reading these 2 chapters I’m just like, can someone please give Igelto some medical attention?!

  1. By the way, I remember that it was a different cover art at the bottom of the chapter(s) than what’s shown on the main page at NU. I actually preferred the other one, I found the two characters looked more ethereal, especially Serina.
    How come it’s been changed?

    1. Yeah, same. Who is that psycho?! I think our poor Seri was marked by his disgusting eyes (one thing for sure I understood in this chapter it was that all if them are gorgeous and Seri seems to be the most beautiful one 🥰)

  2. was that guy interested in Serina’s face like he was with Igleto? and Alistaire didn’t like him staring at Serina?

  3. Is that black masked guy the ogML? He he meet her for third. Idk sorry just my speculation.
    And dang the will huge misunderstanding for Alastar. And cliffhanger😟😬
    Thank you for the chapter

    1. Well, what I understood by that part, it was that Seri was the third extremely beautiful person he met today. The first one must have been the “hero” of the og story; then the 2nd person was our prince Elf, and when he saw her appearance, she was the third one.

      It’s not the original ML for sure, because that man (just like the Saint), are supposed to be “good”, extremist with their ideas of “good”, and boring, just like white bread. The black masked dude is obviously crazy, enjoys torturing and killing people, has some fixation with pretty faces, and basically he’s a sadistic psycho. The original ML wasn’t like that at all.

      If one thing I understood from this chapter, is that all of the characters by Seri’s side are hella attractive, and it seems Seri is the most beautiful of all of them.

    1. No, it didn’t fell, but just with her eyes and the shape of her face, this psycho dude knew she was hella attractive. That’s why he wanted to take off her mask and then continued to observe her.

  4. Villainess, tysm for your work, I just started reading yesterday but now I’m already in the last chapter so far. I’m craving for more, but I’m gonna wait patiently. Pls take care of yourself and I just wanted to let u know that your work and effort is being appreciated. Virtual hug. 💕

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