DRD – 9

Thank you raw provider: Esme “Why did you do that?” On the morning wind, a sharp voice pierced Helios. The paladin Gray, who was strangled by Enya last night, was in the ward, so the uninvited guest this time was another paladin, Marie. Marie, a dark blonde close to brown, was the second most blunt…

DRD – 7 – 8

Thank you raw provider: Esme As if in a strange mood, he rubbed his chin, flushed. Then, a silver ring sparkled on the ring finger of his left hand. It was too shabby to be called a wedding ring and looked like a ring full of too much history and wear and tear to simply…

DRD – 6

Thank you raw provider: Esme He seemed really desperate for alcohol. She thought for a moment before passing the glass. Their fingers brushed over the glass. Even though it was a light touch, she could feel his hard skin, utterly different from hers. Judging by the back of his hand where his tendons protruded, she…

DRD – 5

Thank you raw provider: Esme Enya Valencia sighed as she looked at the garden where the night had fallen. She entered the banquet very late. One of the servants, who looked exhausted, quickly announced before she could stop them, ‘Morgenda’s Mage Master! The Ducal Princess of Valencia has arrived!” In the end, she couldn’t overcome…

DRD – 3 – 4

Thank you raw provider: Esme Three months before the subjugation of the dream demon. “Enya is going—you’re going. You’re going? Right? Huh?” Layla, the chief sorceress of Morgenda’s tower, clung to Enya with her cherry blossom-colored hair fluttering. Enya stumbled as little Layla swayed. Thanks to that, the research journal she was looking at had…

DRD – 1 – 2

Thank you raw provider: Esme [who supplied us with the r-19 version mwhaha!] As her blurred vision cleared up, Enya let out a sigh of relief. ‘I’m back.’ It was because she was in the nest of the dreamer under the red sky a little while ago. After killing the incubus, the nest collapsed as…

Is it a Doomed Relationship or Destiny?

Cursed, she could only survive by spending the night with the upstanding paladin and famed Holy Knight Helios Defert.

But there was a fatal flaw in the plan.

First, she doesn’t get along with him.

Second, he despises her.

Thirdly, she absolutely loathes him too.

Fourth, he is trash.

Enya tried to frantically find another way, but he was extremely calm.

No, rather, he looked at he with eyes filled with seductive heat.

“It’s better to do it then have to suffer.”

“… … what?”

“Shall I kiss you first, Mage Tower Master?”

At that moment, only one thought crossed Enya’s mind:

That he has finally gone insane.

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  1. Ahh he’s so cute, it’s almost impossible to find ml that I actually like but this guy ain’t so bad

  2. My curiosity won over me so I will read this now hehehe .. I’m super hook to other smut novel u translated so far and this is the only one I’m not able to read now.. thank u sooo much for ur time translating…my stressful days are over once I read ur works… Thank you so much… 💓💓

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