ILLYML – 13.1

The first items for sale were none other than jewelry.

Polished gems were popular among ladies and aristocrats.

The women competed fiercely, and at last, the highest bidder won the jewel.

When the gem portion was finished, the slave auction began.

“Look at this pure face with honey-like blonde hair that looks like it’s going to melt! I’ll start with 10 gold!”

10 gold is equivalent to a month’s worth of living expenses for a commoner’s family.

That was the ransom asked by the host for the first slave.

A blonde woman climbed onto the stage with her arms tied behind her. Her fear was palpable; she was in tears and shaking.

Her value soared, perhaps to sadistic tendencies of the bidders who rejoiced in her trembling.

As the price went up, her face turned blue.

Finally, a man sang twice as many times as a nobleman yelled before him. He won.

The auction was longer than expected.

I yawned because it seemed so long.

“Now, here’s our last item of the night! No effort was spared in capturing this slave. An elf! Who wants to be the owner of this handsome beauty!”

As soon as he finished his announcement and spoke his last word, the cries of loud cheers rang out.

They enthusiastically welcomed Igelto’s stepping up the stage.

As if everyone, along with myself, had been waiting for this moment.

The man began to jibber away about his selling points. It was disgusting.

“Starting with 1,000 gold!”

At the ridiculous price, I was speechless.

Of course, it’s not that expensive for me, but it wasn’t easy even for most aristocrats to spend that kind of money.

“1,500 gold!”

“3000 gold!”

“8000 gold!”

But contrary to my expectations, the elf’s price jumped from the start.

Igeltho face turned white.

From the stage, he met my gaze.

I realized that his desperate eyes were asking why I hadn’t placed my bid.

The person he thought was his savior was not responding to the rising amount.

But I was just waiting until they reached a plateau so I could say my price.

“We’ve reached 59,000 gold, folks! Anyone want to place a bid?”

The emcee inquired loudly.

Then he started to count down.

The nobleman, who had poured 59,000 gold on Igelto was laughing greedily.

Igeltho was disgusted and frowned.

59,000 gold is enough to buy several of the nation’s most expensive stores on the capital’s “Golden Road,” where the elite shopped.

I clicked my tongue and readied myself to place my bid.

I didn’t want to deal with a back and forth game. So I decided to announce such an amount to make the others give him up.

The longer I let this drag on, the more disadvantageous my position would get.

“3···! 2·····!”

“500,000 gold.”

I shouted, lifting my number.

At the enormous amount of money, there was a loud silence and looks of disbelief.

Even the chatty host forgot his words and was utterly stupefied.

I didn’t care and opened my mouth.

“Aren’t you going to count down?”

“500,000 gold! Anything more?”

The moderator quickly regained his senses and started counting down.

I watched the countdown at my leisure, and Igelto’s expression improved.

“5 million gold.”

“1……! Successful bid… W-What just said?”

The voice of the presenter stuttered up to a shrill shriek, and his eyes bugged out.

I, too, was speechless and turned towards the man who had said 5 million gold.

He was wearing a suspicious outfit, covered by a robe.

Everyone here covers their faces with masks, but they aren’t so tightly wrapped up like that.

The unidentified man seemed to be from a reasonably wealthy family.

I picked up my number.

“7 million gold.”

“70 million gold.”

The bustling auction house became quiet.

Everyone was amazed at the astronomical amount.

My mouth was left open in shock; I couldn’t help it.

I need to correct my thoughts.

This man is not just from a wealthy family; it seems that he is from a very wealthy family.

‘I’m in trouble.’

If it’s 7 million gold, it’s enough money to buy a castle, but 70 million gold is enough to buy a capital.

The man still looked relaxed.

Must be born into a very, very wealthy family to bid 70 million gold and still maintain a languid manner.

But if I lose the elf, it won’t only be my loss.

The elf was relying on me, and I needed him.

I wondered if I would be able to win this game.

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