YSR – 77

“This isn’t a dream, is it? Oh my gosh!” Sam was clearly moved, holding both hands clasped together like a girl in awe. Lillian felt burdened by the sparkle in her eyes from unshed tears. Lillian looked away and casually replied, “Why are you so impressed with a garden like this? I haven’t even receivedContinue reading “YSR – 77”

YSR – 76

Enrique, who spoke in a light cheerful tone, stood up from his seat. He would have to return to his office later and review the documents again, but it was okay. He could move his body for a moment to remove the shadows on Lillian’s face. Lillian smiled happily, turned around and took the lead.Continue reading “YSR – 76”

YSR – 75

“Hello, Enrique-nim.” “Dame Lillian, how was your vacation?” Enrique’s face, which had first welcomed Lillian with a smile, turned. He looked over Lillian with a curious regard. His gaze wasn’t the kind that contained the vulgar intention to appraise Lillian’s figure. “……Something seems to have changed about you.” Enrique was a sincere man who livedContinue reading “YSR – 75”

YSR – 74

Saleos glared at Lillian, his eyes deep and gloomy. Through her long black hair, Lillian’s skin glowed white like snow. Although she attempted to cover her nudity with one arm she couldn’t hide the beautiful curve of her breasts and her slim abdomen. He recalled how soft and sweet her skin was and how sensitiveContinue reading “YSR – 74”

YSR – 73

“What’s wrong? Wolves hunt deer, and humans and beasts hunt each other. This is an unavoidable principle of nature. You’re a knight. From now on you have to keep killing monsters! But what if you freeze up in real life because you’re scared? What will you do then, eh? I trained you!!” Saleos growled asContinue reading “YSR – 73”

YSR – 72

He was the first person in this world that she had revealed her real name, Chae Soo-Yeon to. And he was her only confidant, as she shared her difficulties and weaknesses from being in other worlds. He was the only one who knew Chae-Yeon, not Lillian Rosetti. So she foolishly came to believe in theContinue reading “YSR – 72”

YSR – 71

As Lillian descended from the stage, one of the arena’s staff approached. He handed over a large bouquet. Seeing that the flowers stuck inside were disarrayed, it seemed that the flowers thrown by the audience were collected and procured. Lillian, who received this, smiled softly, raising her red lips. “Thank you.” “No, I enjoyed theContinue reading “YSR – 71”

YSR – 70

Lillian quickly rolled down the floor with enhanced agility and avoided it. Flames pouring from above the head were a fearsome threat. Especially since her hair could catch on fire. But it wasn’t that difficult for her to evade his attacks, perhaps because of the “ability” she received from Saleos. While Lillian was running aroundContinue reading “YSR – 70”

YSR – 69

“Then let me introduce you to our next player! Black Rose, the rookie who will be appearing in front of you for her very first time! Let’s give her a round of applause!” “Waaah!” With a loud roar, the entrance to the stadium opened overhead. At the same time, Lillian thought she heard a creakingContinue reading “YSR – 69”

YSR – 68

Under Lillian’s black mask, red lips, and her blemish-free white chin created a fascinating view. Lillian looked like a strong, sexy female warrior. Darkness, who saw this, clapped his hands and was deeply moved. ‘It’s going to happen—It’s possible no matter what! If she has some skills she is going to be a big star.’Continue reading “YSR – 68”

YSR – 67

At the end of the day, the water basilisk, which gave Lillian its neck, slowly fell to its side. Its only one remaining eye glared bloodily at Lillian. His eyes were intense, with a bitter intuition about its impending death. ‘It’s so realistic,’ Lillian thought as she brushed off the blood from her blade. ThenContinue reading “YSR – 67”

YSR – 66

Lillian’s white hands trembled with passion. Her soul that had lived in other people’s shadows all her life laughed excitedly in anticipation. Observing her from afar, Saleos thought quietly, ‘You’re an interesting person.’ In Saleos’ eyes, she was like a moth of fire jumping into the flames. She was foolish and useless but burned blindinglyContinue reading “YSR – 66”

YSR – 65

After Lillian left work early, as soon as she arrived home she headed to the gym in her backyard. Skeptical, she cautiously swung her sword a couple of times. Indeed, Saleos gave her the “reward” she desired so badly, she was noticeably stronger. It was the terms of the deal in the first place. However,Continue reading “YSR – 65”

YSR – 64

It was much more lewd, shocking, and intense than she had expected. Lillian muttered, massaging the muscles of her thighs: “Just try not to be strong like this.” Her poor, hoarse voice was pitiful even to her own ears. But Lillian was serious. Saleos was very attractive, but that didn’t mean she was in love.Continue reading “YSR – 64”

YSR – 63

Lillian, being embraced by a man for the first time, trembled. There was no pain. Saleos must have done something for her. But pain and the discomfort of widening and filling her full were two separate issues. His erection was so gigantic that it seemed to fill her up to her stomach. She was afraidContinue reading “YSR – 63”

YSR – 62

The sweet devil’s whisper soaked her ears. He promised not to hurt her. He wasn’t trying to rush it, but to reassure her. “Ahhhh ohhh…..” Lillian sat with her hands behind her back, her knees up. Her eyes were drunk and hazy, and hot breath flowed out of her red lips. Between her smooth, whiteContinue reading “YSR – 62”

YSR – 61

Fortunately, Lillian was able to recall her memories before being further teased by him. Frowning with concentration, she jumped out of bed. “I lost again— didn’t I? Right? I must have fainted during practice….” Lillian’s voice gradually became more and more depressed. It was because the water basilisk reminded her about how far behind herContinue reading “YSR – 61”

YSR – 60

Son of a bitch! Lillian’s green eyes flashed with suspicion. Maybe it was all an amusing prank to have her train this hard? Covering her eyes and trying to hide his true purpose! It made sense the more she thought about it. Lillian was on the verge of going insane. You believe the devil’s wordsContinue reading “YSR – 60”

YSR – 59

“……Then can I ask you a question?” Lillian asked back with an anxious look. Enrique nodded willingly. Then Lillian, who had been dithering, carefully opened her mouth. “Have you ever fought a beast?” “A beast? Do you mean a real battle against monsters?” Enrique looked a little surprised at the unexpected question. Seeing this, LillianContinue reading “YSR – 59”

YSR – 58

Indeed, Darkness was quick to change his words like a local manager of the Billions loan company. However, suffering from an incurable severe bad fashion disease is a fatal disadvantage. Lillian clicked her tongue and brushed off the remaining debris of the protective gear on her hand. She raised his hand at the Darkness. “I’dContinue reading “YSR – 58”

YSR – 57

Lillian’s tight black leather tights wrapped all over her body from neck to toe. That alone is already terrible, but to add insult to injury, the leather was glossy! She wanted to bite her tongue with shame when she put on the tights with shiny sheen all over her body. Fortunately, Lillian had a greatContinue reading “YSR – 57”

YSR – 56

Lillian, struck by it’s large tail, rolled like a crumpled fallen leaf. She couldn’t breathe, and her vision became dim. The moment she managed to regain her sight, he saw a large foot coming down to crush her. ‘I’m going to die.’ Lillian’s pupils grew in an instant. She waited for her last moment, utterlyContinue reading “YSR – 56”

YSR – 55

“…… I’ll think about it. I just need some time to prepare myself.” Lillian clearly replied with a red face. She was a little confused now. To be honest, she wanted to close my eyes and sleep with Saleos. Though transformed, his human form was unduly attractive. A sensual handsome man as if he hadContinue reading “YSR – 55”

YSR – 54

Now she was sick and tired of playing the role of a bridesmaid who makes the main character stand out. Lillian’s green eyes sank into darkness. Just then, Enrique’s voice interrupted her thoughts, “Don’t worry too much. The guards are exceptional. The journey to the Kingdom of Trill may be a little arduous, but nothingContinue reading “YSR – 54”

YSR – 53

Thank you for boosting our discord server <3 Call me Random, ravlyn and ✧。E.llie ✧。 ‘Ah, is it the first meeting between Aleyna and the male lead?’ Lillian subtly frowned through her nose without anyone noticing. It would be a year later that Aleyna came here to the Legonian Kingdom. But the damn ‘fatal firstContinue reading “YSR – 53”

YSR – 52

My apologies about the late updates I have been very sick and travelling. Thank you so much for you messages of support *,* T_T I am touched and frankly it keeps me going. Thank you to raw provider angelstars5, the orginal author and Ko-fi supporter Aa88. “You’re a noisy person. I have no interest inContinue reading “YSR – 52”

YSR – 51

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Lillian stood with her hands together as if she had been a sinner. Then the man who shed her disapproving eyes gave a cold look and spat out, “Where’s Marquis Evans?” “He’s gone for a moment,” Lillian answered calmly, but her head was in turmoil. Her career as a lifelongContinue reading “YSR – 51”

YSR – 50

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 Clank- Blinking blankly, Lillian woke up surprised by the sensation of a pen falling from her hand. She looked around the office quickly, but fortunately, there was no one. She promptly rubbed the corners of her mouth while picking up her dropped pen. ‘Good, I don’t think I wasContinue reading “YSR – 50”

YSR – 49

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Lillian had already resigned to her fate to play in the Billions gambling fighting arena. She had a rough start because of Saleos, but it was surprisingly not bad. She learned swordsmanship, practice her combat skills, and pay off the Rossetti family’s debts. Lillian’s eyes, which were looking through theContinue reading “YSR – 49”

YSR – 48

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 ‘At the betting arena….How much can you earn? You’ll earn something if you practice a lot, right?’ Saleos was a pretty sincere partner for a devil. Not only did he teach you the Meyer style of swordsmanship, but he had a great number of training plans. Thanks to Saleos,Continue reading “YSR – 48”

YSR – 47

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Lillian looked at Enrique with distant eyes. She was a beginner in this world, and even more so when it came to swordsmanship. It was not known whether Hector Meyer was a person or a style of fencing. Seeing Lillian’s curious look, Enrique explained: “About two hundred years ago, thereContinue reading “YSR – 47”

YSR – 46

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 “Haaaa….” A sigh came out of her, and a thin string of saliva connecting the two of them shined in the light as he pulled away. The moment Lillian saw this, her face burned hot. She pulled back awkwardly, away from Saleos. Suddenly, she wondered why her arms andContinue reading “YSR – 46”

YSR – 45

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Kyaaaaaaah! The goblin, whose shoulder was cut by Lillian’s sword, screamed in pain. Then stepped back with the mace he had been wielding aggressively, retreated, and took up a defensive posture. After seeing this, Lillian gained a little confidence. Although she didn’t know much about swordsmanship, her new body wasContinue reading “YSR – 45”

YSR – 44

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 At this point, Chae Soo-Yeon’s soul was going crazy. The more she knew about Lillian Rossetti’s life, the more there was no way out. The family’s on the verge of collapse, the father’s a drunkard, and she’s got to feed the whole family with her own salary, and theContinue reading “YSR – 44”

YSR – 42

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 Are you late because of the milk delivery or something? Lillian pondered seriously. It was already almost lunchtime. Until now, Flanders had not even shown the tip of his nose. If I knew this would happen, I would have come to work a little late. What a waste ofContinue reading “YSR – 42”

YSR – 43

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Lillian knew this look very well. In the past, when she was a student, one of the professors used to look at aspiring actors with eyes just like Flanders’. In return for an appearance or an introduction, he asked aspiring actors to repay him with sex. Because of this, thereContinue reading “YSR – 43”

YSR – 41

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 “You’re not confident?” Saleos, who watched Lillian’s back as she sulked, asked solemnly. Lillian admitted, grimmer than ever: “Yes.” Astonished, Saleos touched his chin and raised a question again, “You killed your father, didn’t you? You did it yourself too. But you can’t kill monsters?” “Well, it was an accident!”Continue reading “YSR – 41”

YSR – 40

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 “Okay, let’s come up with a concept for today’s game. We should also prepare a contract related to debt relief. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. So we shall sell all 10,000 seats? I look forward to your kind cooperation.” Darkness, who winked his eyes andContinue reading “YSR – 40”

YSR – 39

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Darkness, who heard Lillian’s explanation without interruption, was troubled. He posed with one hand on the forehead, crossing his legs and closing his eyes gently. It came off too contrived, as if he was in a photoshoot. After massaging his head for a while, he clapped his hands and concluded.Continue reading “YSR – 39”

YSR – 38

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 “W-wait a second!” Lillian hurriedly grabbed the tip of his stylishly fluttering cape. Then Darkness looked back at her, kicking her tongue as if he was annoyed. Her pride was hurt, but if she let Darkness leave, the mansion would be seized, and she would be homeless. Lillian’s mind wasContinue reading “YSR – 38”

YSR – 37

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 ‘What? Why are you dressed like that?’ With trembling eyes, Lillian looked at the branch manager of Billions. He was an ordinary-looking man in his early thirties. He was a little taller than average, and his body was ‘fluffy.’ His features weren’t remarkable or even handsome but were average. HeContinue reading “YSR – 37”

YSR – 36

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 How can I not know about Billions? This is where Aleyna, who was kidnapped in the original book, was sold as a slave. Aleyna, who was sold to a cult, almost became a sacrifice for a demon. But after becoming the devil’s contractor with her heroine buff, she returned safelyContinue reading “YSR – 36”

YSR – 35

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Lillian gritted her teeth as she surveyed her mansion littered with red stickers. If being a fallen aristocrat wasn’t enough, it looks like she was going to become homeless. No, how can your life be like this? Every moment she thought it couldn’t be worse, it got worse. The hurdlesContinue reading “YSR – 35”

YSR – 34

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 Lillian tried to control her mind by holding onto her trembling heart. She was a modern woman from South Korea—from the 21st century. Sleeping with a hot guy was no big deal! Of course, she was a virgin in her previous life, but it wasn’t the time for herContinue reading “YSR – 34”

YSR – 33

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Making a contract with the devil did not end your life immediately. When the sun rose in the morning, Lillian’s beggarly life still remained the same.  Lillian was sitting in the outdoor garden of Baron Rossetti, peering into a teacup. The morning sun was warm, and the tea had aContinue reading “YSR – 33”

YSR – 32

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5 “Stop it! Not today, but later, I… Let’s do it again later.” “When is later?” Saleos asked again, tirelessly. What an unexpected response. Lillian paused, curious that this demon respected her wishes and listened to her. Because he was a demon, she thought he would take her right now.Continue reading “YSR – 32”

YSR – 31

Thanks to raw provider angelstars5 Lillian, who saw this, sighed and asked Saléos: “Do I have to pay for every request?” “One request and one price. Isn’t that fair?” Saleos asked back as he raised his naked upper body. His sleek neckline, broad shoulders, and solid muscles were literally breathtaking. Lillian, who had been distractedContinue reading “YSR – 31”

YSR – 30

Thank you Batty <3 and to raw provider angelstars5 “Ah, I see…… Was your body’s name Lillian Rossetti?” Mumbling, Saleos hugged her shoulder and buried his face on the back of her neck. His hot breath touched her, and the soft body hair on her neck stood on edge. Saleos mumbled, with his lips justContinue reading “YSR – 30”

YSR – 29

Thank you Batty <3 and to raw provider angelstars5, patrons, supporters and commenters—and of course the author! It makes me so happy to hear from people that they got into the raws because of my work. The devil’s lips were too hot. It felt like she was pressing her skin with a hot iron. LillianContinue reading “YSR – 29”

YSR – 28

Thank you Batty <3 and to raw provider angelstars5 After he finished speaking, he casually climbed onto the bed. Then he laid down Lillian’s shoulder. In an instant, a solid man’s body rose above her body and weighed her down. Lillian trembled with the feeling that she had become fragile prey. In fact, from theContinue reading “YSR – 28”

YSR – 27

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5, patrons, supporters and commenters—and of course the author! It makes me so happy to hear from people that they got into the raws because of my work. —This is your first time? Saleos paused at an unexpected remark. Then he loosened his arms around her waist. Lillian wrapped herContinue reading “YSR – 27”

YSR – 26

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5, patrons, supporters and commenters—and of course the author! It makes me so happy to hear from people that they got into the raws because of my work. Both were shocking unconventional choices. It meant that whatever Lillian chose—they both sucked. At least for Lillian. Her expression crumpled. Saleos, whoContinue reading “YSR – 26”

YSR – 25

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5, patrons, supporters and commenters—and of course the author! It makes me so happy to hear from people that they got into the raws because of my work. Lillian slowly approached the magic circle. His eyes followed her with a tenacious hot gaze, painstakingly observing her every move. Trying toContinue reading “YSR – 25”

YSR – 24

Thank you to raw provider angelstars5, patrons, supporters and commenters—and of course the author! It makes me so happy to hear from people that they got into the raws because of my work. As expected, Saleos was not easily persuaded. He growled loudly and trampled on Herbert’s body. The body, which was already becoming ragged,Continue reading “YSR – 24”

YSR – 23

Puzzled, Lillian looked at the madly cackling demon. Is he insane? But is being crazy a normal state of a demon’s emotions? There was no way to categorize these actions. Either way, the devil laughed his heart out. After breathing heavily, he finally wiped away his tears and straightened his back. There was an intellectualContinue reading “YSR – 23”

YSR – 22

T/N: Thank you for the patience and support. My hand got injured [I got bit by a dog as large as me trying to protect my puppy T_T] and the injury delayed my translations. Please look forward to future releases. The reality was unbelievable. It felt like I was trapped in a nightmare where theContinue reading “YSR – 22”

YSR – 21

Now I have perspective. Getting kicked out of the knighthood isn’t the problem. Being hung for murder is an actual problem. ‘I can’t let that happen to me.’ Lillian swallowed her saliva in a sense of crisis. ‘It’s all right, there’s no witnesses for now. No one will know if you take care of itContinue reading “YSR – 21”

YSR – 20

Before he swung the poker again, Lillian rushed in and grabbed the end. Then she started a power struggle with her father.  Herbert grabbed and pulled on one end, and Lillian held on.  He made a big face and shouted. “You, you?! You dare— Aren’t you letting go?”  “Stop it! Stop it!” Even Lillian, whoContinue reading “YSR – 20”

YSR – 19

Warning: this chapter has a pretty intense scene of domestic/parental [physical, emotional, verbal, financial] violence. You can skip to the next chapter if you want.  “The Knight Commander was only doing me a favor and let me stay at his home during a mission. He and I are the kingdom’s servants before we are manContinue reading “YSR – 19”

YSR – 18

He would have a good grasp of Lillian’s ability, a knight under his command, and he was also good at reading one’s current skills. If you want to avoid Enrique’s suspicions, you’d have to show at least your memory fails, but your body remembers. “Haha.” However, it was the reality of Chae Soo-Yeon that evenContinue reading “YSR – 18”

YSR – 17

“I called in my doctor last night and found out that partial amnesia is surprisingly easily treated. Maybe it’s because it’s not a complete memory loss.” Enrique’s words weren’t over yet. However, his introductory remarks were already setting off alarms. Lillian felt a sudden ominous foreboding and fastened her sight to his fascinating lips. SomehowContinue reading “YSR – 17”

YSR – 16

I remembered seeing something like that in Lillian’s bedroom. In this world, people seemed to erect a statue of a goddess instead of a cross. Lillian, who was staring at the statue without blinking, smiled. Then she reached out and struck the goddess figure and let it drop it down to the floor as ifContinue reading “YSR – 16”

YSR – 15

“Then I’ll postpone your return to work by one day under my authority. Never mind that, just get your heart in order.” One day? Only one day? If you count my tears, you’ll have to subtract at least a month, right? Lillian was steaming. Perhaps because her body changed, her acting was less effective. NowContinue reading “YSR – 15”

YSR – 14

“What are you talking about, Dame Lillian? Are you really suffering from lung disease? Or another chronic disease?” Asked the startled Enrique, frowning his eyebrows. His face was still cautious, and the speed of his questions belied his agitation. He was invested. Lillian, who confirmed the effect of the rice cake she threw, looked evenContinue reading “YSR – 14”

YSR – 13

“Tell me. Was your condition bad? Or did you have any problem beforehand?” Enrique wasn’t waiting for an answer. Frowning, he asked again and again. It was apparent that he would think it strange if Lillian kept taking her time to answer. Lillian, in a hurry, opened her mouth. “I’ll explain everything, ···· Cough coughContinue reading “YSR – 13”

YSR – 12

“No, excuse me.” Enrique, who had returned with a calm expression, followed her inside. Lillian, who was athletic and had trained hard, wasn’t short, but he was really tall. Lillian was barely able to reach his shoulder. Enrique sat on the sofa in a dignified manner as the lord and beckoned her. Lillian assumed heContinue reading “YSR – 12”

YSR – 11

When Lillian opened her eyes, she found herself in a luxurious bedroom. Lillian sat up and looked around the room. This was probably the guest room of Enrique’s house, Marquis Evans’ mansion. Lillian, who looked around the bedroom full of gold and velvet, her brain shorted for a moment. “You live well.” Even though theyContinue reading “YSR – 11”

YSR – 10

Lillian squinted at the blinding light and tried to shield her eyes with her hand. It was not empty words, but it was so blind that I could not see the face of her Savior. Someone with the hair the color sterling silver was looking down at Lillian with the backlight behind, multiplying her sufferingContinue reading “YSR – 10”

YSR – 9

Betting on my lack of fighting abilities was actually a wise decision. Lillian, who had Chae Soo-Yeon’s soul in it, was an outsider who did not know a lick of swordsmanship. Soon the two men who drove them into a corner shouted. “We’re exercising our rightful rights to her! If you interrupt us, even yourContinue reading “YSR – 9”

YSR – 8

‘Meh, why make it about him? If you remain in the Order of the Knights, you will become an escort of the female lead, and your neck will be cut off, and if you leave the Order of the Knights, you will die of starvation while sucking your fingers!’  It was a real beggar’s life. Continue reading “YSR – 8”

YSR – 7

“What’s wrong with you these days, young miss? Come on, try a spoonful of soup, please!”  Sam pleaded, holding out a spoonful of hot corn soup. But Lillian turned around instead of answering.  My heart was upset, and I couldn’t stomach anything. The Baron Rossetti family have been humble impoverished nobles that had to workContinue reading “YSR – 7”

YSR – 6

Lillian got up from her seat in a hurry, quickly stuffing her mouth with food and drink.  Sam, who was serving the meal, was surprised. “Miss, where are you going? You haven’t finished eating yet! You’re only going to eat this much?” Sam’s mournful voice called after Lilian. She was astonishingly obtuse for an employedContinue reading “YSR – 6”

YSR – 5

Sam, who was coming in to bring in dessert, screamed at the sight.  ‘Oh, my God, miss!’  Sam, startled, rushed to my side. Her shaky eyes inspected Lillian’s hand and spoon, seemingly worried if her lady’s hand had been injured.  “You’ve been quiet for a while, and now you’re doing this again.” Lillian couldn’t helpContinue reading “YSR – 5”

YSR – 4

Lillian came from a humble baron family. She became a knight early on for her family’s livelihood. She was a former member of the Royal Knights and started escorting by the highly-precious heroine, Aleyna. Originally a princess of the Trill Kingdom, she became famous for her outstanding beauty. But her status and beauty didn’t protectContinue reading “YSR – 4”

YSR – 3

This chapter was sponsored by Yuuki. Thank you! Her name, the soul who possessed Lilian’s body, was Chae Sang-yeon.  Well, like most of them, Chae Sang-yeon had a history of living.  I encountered various kinds of joys and sorrows—the experiences that we undergo as human beings.  How can a person’s life be summed up inContinue reading “YSR – 3”

YSR – 2

Don’t try to stand out because you’re a sidekick, a supporting role. Help the main character stand out. That’s the role of an assisting part, right? It was an ethos she heard the most in her life. It was also a damn boring mantra to live by. I want to be the main character too.Continue reading “YSR – 2”

YSR – 1

My body, aroused by the aphrodisiac, was like warm honey. It was that hot, sticky, and sweet. The almost invisible hair of the body that had become too sensitive stood tight. As the texture of the cloth flowing down my skin passed over it, I felt a creepy strong sense of lust. ‘Ah, is thisContinue reading “YSR – 1”

You are the Supporting Role

The seductive woman’s body was ethereal, beautiful and sweet. 

No man would be able to come to his senses with that enchanting curvaceous figure in front of his eyes.

The man had his head bowed between her legs, sucking the honey from her shriving petals. 

The elastic tip of the tongue licked up the vagina long, and the swollen clitoris end was sucked. 

At the same time, his thick fingers went in and out of her vagina and dug inside.

At that moment, her white body convulsed with terrible pleasure.

“Oh, no, no, no more……!!”

She begged, cried, and climaxed. But the man wasn’t satisfied with this. 

He pushed his tongue into the twitching tunnel, and began to lick to the inside of the convulsions. 

Like a stupid bug that drowns in honey.

So he didn’t even notice. 

A sly smile that rose to her delicate face, groaning beneath him.

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