SV – 28

Thank you for the Ko-fi kuroneko_chan! “I heard as soon as you came back from downtown, you locked yourself up in the study.” “Yes… Reading the newspaper… .” “The capital’s newspaper?” “Yes, I had a lot of questions.” Gerald nodded his head in understanding, then put a finger into her curled up hand. Then, holdingContinue reading “SV – 28”

SV – 27

Thank you for the Ko-fi kuroneko_chan! (2/2) 「“For the past 20 years the rampant criminal activities of Plum have now reached their zenith. In the past, ‘Plum,’ was only known to abduct children and experiment on them. Now collaborating evidence has found that they are leaving children’s bodies at gates to become fodder for monsters.Continue reading “SV – 27”

SV – 26

Thank you for the Ko-fi kuroneko_chan! (1/2) “Does your Majesty think they have succeeded?” “Maybe, because they are confident of success, they haven’t given up for such a long time.” Aides and escorts follow the two people walking side by side. Walking away from the tea room of the cute princess, the two headed toContinue reading “SV – 26”

SV – 25

The Great Central Empire of Marcania was a country in which the central government was stably established based on the powerful imperial power and the power of the princes. The people respected the imperial family, and the princes maintained proper order through cooperation with local officials. In the history of the Marcania Empire, the imperialContinue reading “SV – 25”

SV – 24

“Von Klose… . Is she the daughter of Count Howell Von Klose?” “Yes, they came to the capital to observe Earl Gerald Von Klose’s sentinel advancement exam.” Reynon smiled and nodded coldly. [t1v: his address isn’t ‘highness’ but ‘majesty’ hinting that he has power equal to a king] No wonder she had looked familiar, itContinue reading “SV – 24”

SV – 23

Aberdio, the capital of Marcania. Dahlia, who got out of the carriage with the Countess, was bewildered by the city’s significantly changed appearance. It was markedly different from what it had been seven years ago. The somewhat outdated waterway was perfectly maintained, some beautiful buildings had been built in a previously vacant lot. In addition,Continue reading “SV – 23”

SV – 22

‘That was… . reverse guiding?’ Tears welled up in her eyes as she sank down. But tears never fell. Dahlia got up bravely and wiped away her tears and looked out the wide open window. There were people gathering to see off the Archduke and his party. Shortly thereafter, Jurgen left the building and joinedContinue reading “SV – 22”

SV – 21

The man who took off his mask threw away his dignity without any hesitation or regret. Pulling and loosening the neat cravat, he flopped on the nearby sofa and crossed his legs. She wiped the knee that Jurgen’s lips had touched, and then straightened her back. “I would have been content with a thank-you note.Continue reading “SV – 21”

SV – 20

Thank you for the Kofi Theresa Frances! (3/3) I should see you off… right? No matter how angry I am, it is according to etiquette. Dahlia chose a very modest and stuffy dress that she usually avoided. But now she found it helpful to cover up the traces that man left on her skin. HerContinue reading “SV – 20”

SV – 19

Thank you for the Kofi Theresa Frances! (2/3) “These are manastones. Second to none.” Jurgen displayed three crystals that gave off a bluish light in front of everyone at the table. It was what he found when he entered the gate alone to prepare for a runaway. It was the source of the power thatContinue reading “SV – 19”

SV – 18

Thank you for the Kofi Theresa Frances! (1/3) “Freesia, prepare the bath water.” Returning to her room, Dahlia immediately ordered her maid. Then, without assistance, she began to take off her disheveled dress. Every time she pulled the string from her back and loosened it, her heart fluttered and her eyes felt as if sheContinue reading “SV – 18”

SV – 17

A kiss was devoured and swallowed up greedily. The moment their lips met, Dahlia’s mind went blank. It was too overpowering and confusingly virile to even call it a first kiss. He grabbed her chin and dug in between her lips and into her mouth, intertwining his tongue with hers and scanned her mouth. AtContinue reading “SV – 17”

SV – 16

t1v: There’s a lot of new terminology in this book so here’s a ‘guide’ and official artwork in this post.  Her fingertips and toes tingled. She gasped as if someone was strangling her. At the same time, the heat she felt last night poured from the top of her head and flowed into her. Escape.Continue reading “SV – 16”

SV – 15

“Dahlia, don’t be too conscious. After you make your debut, a lot of men will propose to you. You can make a decision then,” Yvon sighed, replacing the withered flowers in the vase with new roses. “The Young Duke is a very intriguing man….. Maybe he fell in love with you at first sight. YouContinue reading “SV – 15”

SV – 14

“What were you thinking, Jurgen?” A temporary portal had been created near the northwest gate of the Mint. It was an advanced portal created by Rodrigo Brandel, the magician of Count Von Klose. The Archduke of Leicester, who had just arrived from the portal, stood next to Jurgen, who had arrived first. The intermediate gateContinue reading “SV – 14”

SV – 13

A luxurious breakfast of sumptuous Southern Tezeban cuisine was arranged for outdoor dining. Under the pergola where the sweet-sour grape vines cast comfortable shadows, lay fresh salads, still-hot baked bread loafs, juicy chicken in gravy and the region’s exclusive white berries filling plate after plate. An exhausted Dahlia unable to go back to sleep, quelledContinue reading “SV – 13”

SV – 12

Edelred, masters of Altera. Dahlia pondered over the familiar name for a moment, recalling the aristocratic familial titles and lands that she had memorized in class. “The Ducal Prince of Edelred… .” “I’m delighted that you know me, miss.” “… I am Dahlia Von Klose.” She still was puzzled as to why he was hereContinue reading “SV – 12”

SV – 11

Dahlia’s eyes opened upon the dawning awareness of someone’s breath tickling her skin. Beyond her bed’s canopy drawn around her, her obscured view of her familiar room reassured her. She seemed to have lost consciousness due to her high fever. Damn it, Rodrigo. You never told me it would hurt this much! Dahlia lifted theContinue reading “SV – 11”

SV – 10

“You have often experienced anomalies. Many times gates graded as intermediate mutated into advanced or high-level gates with ancient or never before seen monsters pouring out of them. And those creatures are unusually regenerative with repeated and rapid rebirth and divisional offspring. In summation, a gate to hell.” I remember. How can I forget? HowellContinue reading “SV – 10”

SV – 9

Gerald, who put Dahlia on the bed and stretched the curtains of her canopy, approached Jurgen. The eyes of two men of similar height collided and sent out sparks in the air. “This is my sister’s room. Sir, you can’t just walk in….” “Isn’t she a guide?” For a moment, Gerald’s frown crumpled fiercely. JurgenContinue reading “SV – 9”

SV – 8

The southern night sky was not completely dark. At first glance, Jurgen’s eyes widened as he looked up at the blue night sky. After dinner, he left the banquet hall and walked along the promenade the Countess had mentioned before, and burst into laughter that had been suppressed. This is—this is absurd! “The future… changed?”Continue reading “SV – 8”

SV – 7

Howell and Gerald stood in front of the forest lake with the knighthood. A majestic stream of water flowed over the Kayena statue, creating a hazy water mist. Howell, who was informed that the portal had been activated a while ago, headed here with his son and the knights. The place where the coordinates wereContinue reading “SV – 7”

SV – 6

“I-I should get going.” “You must rest today. Now that the new seal has been engraved, it will take some time for your body to accept it.” “I will.” “It must be difficult for you to move, so let me call an assistant. He can carry the lady to her room… .” “No.” Dahlia wrinkledContinue reading “SV – 6”

SV – 5

The apprentice wizard, who was wearing a thick robe, glanced at Dahlia and blushed. “I hope I didn’t interrupt tea time?” “It’s alright. Rather, thank you for interrupting at the right time. I wanted to avoid something.” The apprentice wizard’s heart sank at Dahlia’s smile like the spring sunshine. Lady Dahlia Von Klose. Her vonContinue reading “SV – 5”

SV – 4

17 years later. “Have they been like that since morning?” It was 3pm when the sun was shining brightly. A tea table was set in the western garden with white spring flowers in full bloom. The Countess, in her wide-brimmed raffia hat, smiled as she looked at her daughter gracefully holding her teacup. “Soon, it’sContinue reading “SV – 4”

SV – 3

“The Knights have just passed through the portal!” Good news flew to Blenheim House. After ten days and two days ago, the news that the knights were returning from the west of the Oden Mountains for subjugation. “Madam, move slowly.” “It’s alright. Let’s go and greet them.” Countess Yvon Von Klose, with the help ofContinue reading “SV – 3”

SV – 2

Holding the child, Howell looked around with a puzzled expression. ‘Obviously, the guide lost her life… ? But why… .’ His energy, which had been exhausted and on the verge of a riot, was filling up very slowly. Convinced that someone was guiding him, Howell’s eyes fluttered brilliantly. ‘No way… .’ His astonished gaze movedContinue reading “SV – 2”

SV – 1

I. Dahlia Von Klose 20 years ago. A village was burned to ashes. Black smoke surged from all sides, and dry trees burned brightly. It was unimaginable that there was a village here, and it was a tragic sight. Count Howell Von Klose looked around with a staggering gait. It had only been a fewContinue reading “SV – 1”

SV – Prologue

Before dawn, early in the morning when everyone was asleep. The sound of heavy shoes echoed in the luxurious gallery hall. From outside the arched window, the blue light of dawn started to flood in, illuminating the red bloodstain trail spreading from under the man’s feet. It was a brutal trace that didn’t fit theContinue reading “SV – Prologue”

To My Sweet Villain

[To My Gentle Villain]:
Dahlia Von Klose who possesses two powers at the same time and the Fifth Returner [5th time regressor] Jurgen Axel Edelred.

In order to survive one more day, the two desperately needed each other.


Kissing Dahlia’s white legs up to her knees, he felt a distinct satisfaction.

Even if it’s a new presence in her world, yes. There is nothing different from the others. With a remorseful expression she’ll push him away saying don’t do this. She’ll hide the joy of having a higher status person with a dignified, proud face kneel before her, promising that he will grant anything she wants.

Grasping her heel, he swept up her soft calf and grabbed the back of her knee. Then he looked up at her as she trembled like her frightened bird.


However, the moment Dahlia’s eyes met his, a chilling sensation of pleasure ran through Jurgen’s back.

Covering her mouth, Dahlia was holding back a burst of laughter, like someone who had seen a gruesome comedy. With her sight full of the kneeling man at her feet, she showed an unhidden scorn.

Unconsciously his grip grew stronger on Dahlia’s leg. Then she flinched and bent forward towards Jurgen. She still hadn’t erased a feeling similar to contempt in her eyes.

“What are you up to? Sir Edeled.”

It was a voice sweet as poison.

Smiling, Jurgen let her legs go, then got up on his knees. Following the dark red eyes that became cold in an instant, Dahlia’s held his stare.

The mask of the noble Jurgen Axel Edelred had cracked. The man’s eyes looked down obliquely and then grew long in a smile as he swept back his flowing bangs.

“Ah… . Did I get caught?”

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