ILLYML – 38.2

An unbrainwashed Alastair would be powerful. There would be no one able to stop him.

If Alastair aimed to kill me, he could end my life more painfully than he did with them.


Drip. Drop.

Seeing my arm dripping with hot blood, Alastair frowned.

He roughly loosened the cravat around his neck and wrapped it around my arm like a bandage.

“Well, I had told you to come right away.”


“Why didn’t you keep your promise?”

His angry eyes rebuked me bitterly.

The wound, which was numb even after being stabbed by a knife, seemed to have touched his gaze.

Not knowing what to say, my head went blank for an instant.

I was often at a loss for words when I saw those heavy eyes.

Meanwhile, the guards rushed into the banquet hall.

The guards who arrived late captured the remaining Dark Warlocks.

They were terrified and did not even think to resist, trembling and quiet as they were apprehended.

Perhaps when they are interrogated in prison, their identities will be uncovered.

This part was in the original novel.

“Serina, I’ll treat you!”

“It’s alright.”

Before I could answer, Alastair cut Juliana off.

Juliana was restless with his irritated tone of voice.

I, too, was bewildered by his sharp, chilling manner, but I held in my thoughts and explained to Juliana.

“I’m grateful for your heart, but holy powers don’t work on the Melford bloodline that is heavily mixed with wizards.”

Holy power and magic.

The two were capable of opposing each other.

Therefore, holy power does not work for everyone.

If you have strong magical tendencies, holy power will not work on you. As was true in my case.

The Melford family produced many wizards, at least one for generations, and had strong magical blood.

On the other hand, Alastair was different from me because he was a rare case of having incredible magic poweress from a family with no magical inclination and no blood from wizards, so holy powers worked on him easily.


The tie squeezed my arm tightly.

I grimaced at the sensation of my wound being pinched.

Far from stopping the bleeding, the wound seemed to be more painful

“It hurts, Alastair. You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

I turned my head to Alastair who was concentrating on wrapping my arm.

With such a meticulous and cautious personality, there was no way he could make a mistake in controlling his force when tying a single tie.

One of the most important basic things in fencing is being able to control your strength.

“Gimme a break. Can’t you tell, I’m worried about you. And if there’s anything wrong, isn’t it your fault?”

He’s been acting particularly cold today.

I wanted to spit out harsh words to him and give him a piece of my mind but I did not open my mouth, being aware of Juliana next to me.

“I, I’m sorry that you’re hurting so much because of me.”

She looked at me in tears.

Her glum face gradually grew shiny with her tears.

“I don’t know why the Saint is crying when it was Serina who was stabbed.”

Surprised by Alastair’s stinging barb, I stomped on his foot to tell him to stop.

My heels were high and pointed, so it would be quite painful.

‘What’s wrong with you?’

I glared at him and smiled awkwardly at Juliana.

He didn’t have to be friendly with Juliana, but my relationship with her becomes more and more awkward because of Alastair.

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have cried…….”

“No. What can one do with a physiological phenomenon? Alastair isn’t normally like this… but I guess he’s acting a little sensitive because he’s worried about me.”

Why the hell do I have to explain this? I’m usually a brazen person, one can’t always be shameless.

“And, Saint-nim, I’m sorry in this case.

“And Saint-nim, in this case, you don’t need to say sorry, saying thank you is fine.”

“I-I’m sorry. And thank you very much. Without you, I’d be…….. I will make sure to repay you.”

“Yes. Please do, I may need your help one day. Would you run to me right away when I say I need your help?”

“Of course I will! Call me anytime. I’ll always thank you for your kindness,”

Juliana vowed with determination.

If the day came she would return the favor, perhaps it would be to erase his brainwashing.

I thought absent-mindedly.

One of the attendants ran hurriedly from afar.

“Lady Melford, his majesty wants you to go and receive treatment.”

What a turn of events.

The monarch went out with the guards, saying that he would directly punish those who dared to ruin the founding banquet.

When he was younger he was leading armies and now as he got older he became more docile.

But it was amusing that they remembered to take care of me belatedly.

“Come on, Serina.”

He took off his coat, covered me, and propelled me on the back.

The servant took the lead and I followed him.

“Me too… Can I go with you?”

Juliana hurriedly shouted from behind.

When her powers wouldn’t work, she wanted to see me get better with her own eyes

“No. Please do not come, Holy Saint. For Serina, stability comes first.”

I am stable. I am not an emergency patient.

“I look forward to seeing you again later, Saint-nim.”

I left her behind and followed her attendant.

“It would have been really dangerous without the aid of Princess Melford and the Duke of Agernia.”

“I think his Majesty the Emperor should reward them.”

“I know. Thanks to them, we were safe on such a precious day.”

I laughed to myself at the sounds behind me.

Do you want me to rejoice even after seeing those cruel selfish appearances?

In that situation, you all worried about your own safety, not stepping forward and just trembling—how absurdly humorous.

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