HCM – 39

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘It’s… it is too… … .’ —Awful! Just horrible! Just what did Aslei do to deserve this? He was a person who did not lose his integrity even after going through so many ordeals. Yes, she was going to divorce him and leave, but she never wanted him to beContinue reading “HCM – 39”

HCM – 38

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ It felt like someone tapped her on the shoulder. Frisia hazily opened her eyes and looked into the darkness. It was quiet in her bed with the four pillars reaching up to the ceiling. ‘Strange.’ Aslei’s arms that were supposed to hold her were absent. His warm embrace was gone.Continue reading “HCM – 38”

HCM – 37

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Frisia reached out and caressed his cheek. Aslei looked at her with trembling eyelashes. Frisia thought his blue eyes, distinct from her blue ones, were very pretty. Like the hue of the deep ocean or the color of the sea at night. ‘It’s not that I don’t like it.’ OfContinue reading “HCM – 37”

HCM – 36

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ If she looked at him with contempt and asked why he did it—he was sure he would blurt out the truth without thinking: Why is it that Aslei bastard and not me?! ‘If that was the case, would your heart towards him waver— even a little bit?’ Jeremy wanted toContinue reading “HCM – 36”

HCM – 35

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ The hallway and path leading to the garden were empty, probably because the attendants quickly informed each other to clear the way. Fortunately, the weather was clear and although a few thick clouds cast shadows, it was rather clear with the blue sky shining between them. Rays of bright sunlightContinue reading “HCM – 35”

HCM – 34

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “I haven’t been misled nor am I under any such delusion. I’m just elated I am able to get closer and connect with you more… … That I’m in the situation that I am able to court my wife.” Courtship? At his words, Frisia looked positively puzzled. She was justContinue reading “HCM – 34”

HCM – 33

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Upon hearing that Jeremy was the culprit, Frisia was both certain and puzzled. It was only after Aslei’s divorce from Frisia that Marianne and him became fervently entangled with each other. Before Aslei was married to her, he had briefly interacted with Marianne, but he professed he had no relationshipContinue reading “HCM – 33”

HCM – 32

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ It would not cease with just Jeremy, but many of the Tower’s magicians could get entangled. The Magic Tower had already lost too many talents because of the war 10 years ago. A single mage should not be harmed again by a conflict. ‘Four years will be enough.’ The ArchmageContinue reading “HCM – 32”

HCM – 31

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ That’s why Marianne insisted despite Jeremy’s urging to give up. Up until then, she was convinced that Aslei and Frisia were going to get a divorce. It’s Frisia! Even if she pretended to be meek, her nature would eventually shine through. Three years was a long time. She was convincedContinue reading “HCM – 31”

HCM – 30

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Jeremy wasn’t the only one she had had an affair with. She was loved by many people, some of whom had different charms than Aslei. It was only natural for her that someone who had everything would want to get one more— no, two—three more. Aslei was extremely devoted toContinue reading “HCM – 30”

HCM – 29

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘It’s amazing how much it hurts after doing it too much.’ Frisia’s cheeks warmed as she recalled last night. Aslei bit, licked and sucked on her, coveting her desperately. He was so tenacious and intense last night that all other affairs they had in the past paled in comparison. Still,Continue reading “HCM – 29”

HCM – 28

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Yes. Ah, y-you can put it… … . Uhh!” When she asked him to put it in, his excitement exceeded his limits. His penis rushed into Frisia. “Ahhh… … .” It felt good even though the hot and large thing squeeze in and opened her up a lot. Frisia rationalizedContinue reading “HCM – 28”

HCM – 27

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘Frisia.’ I’m sorry. I will treat you with respect. He wanted to calm and soothe her by whispering this, but he didn’t want to remove his lips. Frisia’s lips were so sweet that it was difficult to pull his tongue out. Now that Frisia gave permission and freerein, he onlyContinue reading “HCM – 27”

HCM – 26

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ “Y-yes.” A stare that seemed to devour her fell on her, so she thought Aslei would kiss her as soon as she allowed it. But he stopped and just looked at Frisia. “But, still…… will my wife be alright?” Will I be alright? Frisia felt like she wanted to scream.Continue reading “HCM – 26”

HCM – 25

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Caw! Clarisse looked at the crow suspiciously. If it was truly Jeremy, she couldn’t figure out why he came to her. ‘Why don’t you go to the wizards in the tower?’ It was suspicious, but it was quite a distance from here to the tower. If it was by theContinue reading “HCM – 25”

HCM – 24

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Each night, the number and duration of their affairs were about the same. Finally, more than that was too much for Frisia’s body, so they agreed to break off. So it could not be that the curse worsened because they neglected their sex life. ‘Do we have to keep doingContinue reading “HCM – 24”

HCM – 23

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘When will this curse be lifted!’ It had already been four days, and even though she exerted all her strength, Aslei’s curse did not wholly disappear. Frisia became tearful and buried her face in her pillow. Aslei returned to his room, looking at his chest in the light. Traces ofContinue reading “HCM – 23”

HCM – 22

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Jeremy was greatly shocked by his words that came out like a bolt from the blue. He looked at her teacher, not understanding what he had heard. “What do you mean… … . Are you saying you will abandon me?” “Jeremy, the won’t kill you if I tell him.” “It’sContinue reading “HCM – 22”

HCM – 21

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘Fuck.’ Jeremy fell from the window and crashed into the balcony floor. He grunted and hurried to examine his wounds. He would have only been surprised if it had been a child throwing the stone, but it was clear that the one who had just hit him was not ordinary.Continue reading “HCM – 21”

HCM – 20

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘It’s because of the curse.’ He wanted to kiss her because his body was in heat. However, her heart was shaking this much solely because of her.…. Her feelings had nothing to do with the curse.  “Frisia.” Her heart plummeted at his passionate, sweet voice calling her name, full ofContinue reading “HCM – 20”

HCM – 19

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Caw… … . It was a crow’s vocal cords, but Jeremy cleared his voice to cast a spell. The Master of the Tower sealed him in the form of a crow, but his magic did not disappear completely. He had some magical powers, even if it was contained in aContinue reading “HCM – 19”

HCM – 18

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Aslei would be tormented by his desire for the Duchess for the rest of his life. And the Duchess would be repulsed and come to hate him. No matter how much men loved someone, if they were overwhelmed with lust, many men spent the night according to their own desires,Continue reading “HCM – 18”

HCM – 17

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Surprised and ashamed, Frisia’s face turned even redder. Aslei did not regret his actions. But if he had not witnessed her first climax with him, he would have regretted it to his last days. “I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise, madam.” “Oh.” His still inserted penis moved. It wasContinue reading “HCM – 17”

HCM – 16

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Last night, due to the rush, she didn’t realize that this intercourse was solely to extinguish his curse. What made him wait with all his clothes off……. ‘I think it would make me feel more miserable if we did it with both of our with clothes on…….’ Aslei’s body wasContinue reading “HCM – 16”

HCM – 15

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ It was night. The only difference from yesterday was that she drank potions before going to bed. She painstakingly washed her body, brought the aphrodisiac and applied it between her legs. Aslei was also lying in bed waiting. The handcuffs and shackles on his wrists and ankles were the sameContinue reading “HCM – 15”

HCM – 14

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ I can’t take it anymore! “Frisia. Oh, Frisia!” It was quite a coincidence that Frisia, upon seeing Aslei smiling broadly at her, panicked, turned and slipped  —twisting her ankle—while trying to run away. ❁ ❁ ❁ Speechless, Frisia, who was caught while running away because she couldn’t even control herself,Continue reading “HCM – 14”

HCM – 13

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ As she nodded almost invisibly, Aslei took Frisia into his arms. His chest ached as her body felt too thin in his embrace. His heart froze with distress that he might have starved her during these three years. As he held her and put strength in his arms, he realizedContinue reading “HCM – 13”

HCM – 12

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ The misinterpretation that he liked Marianne Rowain needed to be cleared up. Even though he didn’t know much, the relationship would not progress without resolving their misunderstandings. Frisia was just as stubborn as he was. Aslei entered the garden and coughed to announce his presence. The maids and attendants, whoContinue reading “HCM – 12”

HCM – 10

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Some called her arrogant, but most were in awe. She was the ducal princess of Atreille, and retained an elegant beauty. It was common for high-ranking aristocrats to be overly pretentious and treat nobles of lower rank rudely. But had never heard of such a rumor about Frisia. Jeremy harboredContinue reading “HCM – 10”

HCM – 11

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ ‘It’s not a big deal.’ Wasn’t it? ‘You will soon be forgotten.’ Frisia was sure about that. That’s what eventually happened to all memories. Memories that are not cherished over and over again fly away. That night with Aslei was not a memorable one to hold onto. Instead, she couldContinue reading “HCM – 11”

HCM – 9

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (4/4) Click. As soon as the door closed, Aslei took off his blindfold. He felt like his heart was tearing, but it was stuck in his chest and difficult to express. He was frustrated and worried about Frisia but could not figure outContinue reading “HCM – 9”

HCM – 8

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (3/4) Don’t hurt her. You shouldn’t have hurt Frisia. He was a man who had to endure and suffer. Frisia tried to limit his movement by binding him, but……. ‘It’s useless.’ Aslei didn’t tell her because she was already frightened. That he could releaseContinue reading “HCM – 8”

HCM – 7

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (2/4) ‘I don’t feel good.’ The self chanting that she was alright was a lie. Although she got married by contract, Frisia also had dreams. At least she wasn’t dreaming about having sex with Aslei. She also considered herself an unromantic person. ‘Anyway,Continue reading “HCM – 7”

HCM – 6

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (1/4) ❁ ❁ ❁ When Frisia entered the bedroom, Aslei was lying in bed. Well, he wasn’t just lying down. He was tied to the bed with his limbs spread apart. It was a precaution in case he went crazy with lust. JustContinue reading “HCM – 6”

HCM – 5

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (4/4) ‘Three years wasn’t that long.’ It was awkward at first. Sharing space with Frisia. She meticulously planned, specified, and revised the provisions of the contract. One of them included the couple’s image. “I don’t want the duke’s servants to look down onContinue reading “HCM – 5”

HCM – 4

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (3/4) The only people who could be salvaged were Aslei and Frisia’s older brother. The remaining were serious criminals who really shouldn’t get married. This was the case even though the female protagonist, who began to appear earlier than the original, was being punished.Continue reading “HCM – 4”

HCM – 3

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (2/4) Frisia was washing herself with a pale face. This was not apart of her plan. The original storyline kept distorting. ‘Why?’ The meeting between female protagonist Marianne and male protagonist Aslei happened earlier than the original. This was also the case whenContinue reading “HCM – 3”

HCM – 2

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄Thank you sarii for your Ko-fi donation! (1/4) They eventually agreed to adjust the curse, but that did not mean that his student’s sins were eliminated or alleviated. “Because of you, a woman now needs to sleep with someone she doesn’t want. Are you still without sin?” There was a slightContinue reading “HCM – 2”

HCM – 1

Thank you raw provider 🌻haebaragi_syk❄ 1 Curse of lust “How could you do something so stupid?!” When his teacher, the Master of the Tower, sternly rebuked him, he bowed his head. He knew very well that despite his scolding, his Master would not abandon him. “I’m sorry.” “Why did you put such a curse onContinue reading “HCM – 1”

The Hero is Crazy About Me!

“From the moment I took a breath and opened my eyes, I wondered where I was. But then, I was clear on what world I was in after hearing a familiar name.

I was reborn as the villainess, Frisia Atreille, from a novel I read before I died, called “I’ll Leave it to You.”

To escape from my fate in the original work, I initiated my contract marriage with him three years ago.
A month before our contract marriage breaks off, Aslei is cursed.

“I can endure it. If it becomes unmanageable, I’ll call the magician……!”
“It’s alright.”

After sleeping with him, I feel dejected and melancholy and avoid him. But eventually, Aslei boldly approaches me and makes a startling admission:

“Frisia. It is my fault and due to my insensibility that I did not confess before we slept together last night.”

Do you really like me? Isn’t that impossible?
After his confession, my heart pounds for no reason, but I can’t believe him because I know the original story.

‘If Aslei gets better and I remain as the Duchess…….’

Can I do that?

I fear some horrifying conspiracy will unfold, and I will be discarded.

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