ILLYML – 9.2

In order to meet the Elves, I needed to infiltrate Galen’s slave ring. I needed to know when and where the slave market opens.

When I try to recall what I read in the novel, I couldn’t remember.

‘This is Mikhail’s specialty.’

An invitation must have come to Mikhail, who has been operating in the underground world. 

Mikhail’s expression added conviction to my expectations. It would be nice to get information from Mikhail, but it would be a tall order. 

I decided to be satisfied with the invitation. 

“Of course, I’m not asking for free. I’ll give you a deal. “


“I’ll give you my blood. You know my blood’s good.”

My blood has mana. So often, in an emergency where one’s mana has fallen, wizards use their blood as a magic medium. 

I remember Mikhail saying that the mana in my blood is of high quality and unique. And there were quite a few times when he expressed his desire to use my blood in experiments. 

Once, I let him use my blood for experiments, it felt uncomfortable and weird, so I never gave it to him again.

Ever since I had to hear his whining pleading with me to no avail.


“Not enough? I’ll give you a 10% stake in my mine.” This is worth a lot more than anything Toshif could turn out. 

The mine was what I got from Alastair on my birthday last year. It hosted many rare and valuable minerals that were sold for astronomical prices.

Many aristocrats offered to buy it from Alastair, but he ignored them and gave it to me as a gift. 

Frankly, it didn’t move my heart; even without it, I already had more than enough money to last me ten lifetimes. 

“Stop it, alright?” 

Finally, Mikhail opened his mouth. He looked irate. 

“Do you think I’m someone who would put my sister in danger for an experiment? The Rigo Mine? Oh, I am very envious.” 

His tone was sarcastic, and his smile was twisted. I waited silently through his retorts full of indignation.

“What a waste I still can’t give you that invitation, mine or no mine.” 

Then he patted me on the shoulder and gave me a look. 

“So, sister, you can keep trying to bargain, but my answer is going to be the same.”

Mikhail’s hand that was patting my shoulder then used it as leverage as he stood up. Mikhail turned away from me.

I stood up and blocked his way. He tried to ignore me, but I snorted mockingly; I wasn’t going to drop this so easily. 

Mikhail sighed at my ridicule and slowly turned his eyes toward me. I didn’t miss that moment and moved quickly. 

Pow-! I put a simple sword laced with mana in front of his neck with quick handwork.

With the sound of a light cut in the air, the tip of the sword was facing his neck. Mikhail’s eyes reflected a flash of surprise. 

“You know what, brother? 

“You, you, y…….·” 

“If I had stretched the sword a little further, you would have died. Maybe you won’t be so lucky next time.” 

In the distance, we could hear the sharp sound of the flying swords hitting each other from the training ground, but we focused on each other, ignoring all else as we challenged each other with our eyes.

I picked a fight, and no one could stop us.

The knights didn’t notice us, focused on their rivals in the fighting ring, and I had put up a blocking vision spell. 

“Who’s worried about who when you almost died?’ Mikhail grabbed the blade with cool eyes. 

He struck the sword that was aimed at his neck. 

I quickly stretched out towards his neck with the other hand that wasn’t holding the sword and aimed the dagger at his throat. 

Pressure was added and slightly cut his throat. Mikhail’s eyes deepened. But I had no intention of stopping. 

“I had already warned you that if I did it one more time, you’d be damned. Was my warning funny?”

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  1. Hahaha, she’s so badass, has something crazy on her mind as well but hey, I’ve never seen such interactions between siblings before and still treat each other as family.

    Kinda wonder if our MC is just too focused on her goal but her attitude is not necessary with everyone? Because yeah, so far her mom and oldest bro seem to deserve her wary and aloof attitude, but idk if the rest deserve it too.

    They’re a villain’s family so I totally get her way, but her bro seems to be more willing to be by her side than anyone. Hope to see more cute moments in the future, lolol.

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