DDLL – Prologue

Thank you so much to my kofi patrons, my pateron patrons, wonderful readers, amazing commenters and those who give me raws and edit!!! And of course, most of all, the authors 🙂 The light of the early night* was bright. (the word also doubles as ‘first night’) The dark interior was adored and covered in…

The Duchess’s Dangerous Love Life

One day, her husband died. Adele, who had lived in peace as the Duchess, tried to return to her family.  However, her husband’s younger brother Noah Maktus asked for a marriage by citing a law that she needs to marry him, and Adele, who marries him to resolve a family issue now has to face her first night with him… 

“It’s not your first night, why are you trembling?” 


“Oh, is it because it’s your first time having sex?”  

Adele recalled two years ago, her late husband, opened her clothes on the first night and only said, “I am sorry.”  

She was happy without sex. It was okay. She could live without something like this without the pleasures of the flesh.

“Sister-in-law, have you ever eaten cock?”  


“I’ll let you enjoy the pleasures of a woman in the future.” 

Two of his fingers squeezed into Adele’s entrance, 

“Every night….” 


Thick, hard fingers stirring Adele’s soaked insides.  

“I’ll make you cry from pleasure in my arms…” 


“Yes, make you beg for it every night…..” 

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