PCP – 45

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“Hey, Sir Akkard…”

Damia called his name without knowing what to do. She couldn’t figure out why his member was so ferocious; it wasn’t even night time.

The face that looked back at him was pitiful and pretty, and the blue eyes that were swaying around under the long eyelashes grew bigger because they didn’t know what to do. As soon as he saw this, his groin was sorely energized.

“If you don’t want to get caught, stay still.’ 

Akkard, who had his teeth clenched tightly, whispered and tried to catch his breath. He could see Damia’s blushing as his breath heated up by desire touched her ears. As if made of porcelain, the white and delicate earbuds were colored with reddish-pink at the end.

As soon as he saw this, Akkard literally turned his eyes.

‘I can’t stand it anymore.’

He’s been patient for a long time. It wasn’t intentional, but he was holding Damia from behind.

Her summer tea party dress was thin and light. Beyond the silk-like soft cloth, Damia’s plump and soft ass cheeks were clearly felt. Just a touch would make any man gasp, go hard and stick out like a horny dog in heat.

On top of that, she also had rich hair and a good scent coming off her white neck. That alone would kill dozens, and Damia Primula even leaned forward in this situation.

So her ass naturally pressed down against him. It was sloppy and gently rubbed against him and fueling the man’s desire.

Therefore, it was all Damia’s fault that he was in heat now.

‘So you have to take responsibility.’

With his eyes dimly shining, Akkard hugged her slender body tightly from behind. Then he reached out and began to squeeze her voluptuous breasts over her clothes.

“……Sir Akkard!”

Surprised, Damia called him with a suffocating sound and tried to take his hand off. But Akkard ignored her voice and put his teeth on her neck.


“Shhh. If you keep making loud noises, they might open the locker.. .”

He warned, biting her long, white neck like a deer. And grumpily, he began to caress her chest more earnestly.

An unimaginable big breast filled the palm of his hand, giving him a proud fullness. As he swept a couple of fingertips over her peaks, he could feel her nipples standing sharply under the thin dress.

“They’re standing, aren’t they?”

When he intentionally spit it out to shame, he could see her neck turning redder in front of him. She was so cute as she struggled to hold back her voice. So Akkard opened the front of the dress and touched her breasts directly.

Her body trembled as he pinched her trembling nipples and spun it round and round. In addition to this, with her shivering ear in his mouth, a sweet moan flowed out.


Tears welled up in Damia’s eyes. The teasing and stroking of her breasts was too provocative, and the tongue teasing that penetrated into her ear. Even when she tried to avoid it, he did not budge as if his arms were made of iron.

The tongue, which was coming and going in and out of the ears, touched her round ears and sucked the tender flesh behind her ear, and then bit it. The sensation that originated in a small place less than half a span of the palm swallowed and shook her whole body.

It was the moment when Damia trembled endlessly at the unfamiliarity. A hand that was squeezing her breast went down to her navel and dug through the hem of her skirt.


Damia rushed to close her thighs. However, as if to laugh at her efforts, his large hand crept through the gap.

With his calloused hand, his big rough fingertips gently touched her delicate entrance. As Akkard’s hot fingers pressed slowly and softly against her puffy and slightly thick vaginal mouth, her obscene honey oozed out and flowed down from the inside.

“It’s getting wet.”

Akkard groaned as if he was reprimanding her, but he played with her with his hands. At her sensitive vaginal mouth, he spread her soft labia like petals with two fingers, and his middle finger caressed her and then crushed the top of her clitoris. In reaction, hot honey poured out from the inside of her entrance again.

Damia looked back at him, gasping almost crying. There was a person outside the locker, and she looked like she didn’t know how to do this. Her face, which was so overwhelmed with pleasure that she didn’t know what to do, further aroused the man’s sadism.

“How foolish.”

That kind of facial expression is counterproductive. He kissed Dama’s temple and whispered with a horrible affection.

Unlike his slow dark voice, his behavior became more urgent and harsh. After roughly lowering his pants, he grabbed Damia’s soft ass and started rubbing his pillar on her tiny, white underwear revealed under her lifted skirt.


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  1. I really can feel Damia feelings. Like when she angered with him, I was like ‘scram you bitch’, but then she got melted into a poddle and I got like ‘I WANT YOU TO CRY FOR CRY FOR MEEEEEE’

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