YSR – 67

At the end of the day, the water basilisk, which gave Lillian its neck, slowly fell to its side. Its only one remaining eye glared bloodily at Lillian. His eyes were intense, with a bitter intuition about its impending death. ‘It’s so realistic,’ Lillian thought as she brushed off the blood from her blade. ThenContinue reading “YSR – 67”

TPCP – 24.2

Thank you to raw provider: angelstars5 and proofreader Jasmine “Relax. It’s okay.”  “Uh-huh…….Uh……….”  Lucerne put his second and third fingers together and put them inside Elisha’s body. Perhaps thanks to Lucerne’s careful release, there was a sound of water splashing and dampening. It was tight but with it came a bearable pressure. “Oh, ohh…….” AsContinue reading “TPCP – 24.2”