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Damia looked at Klaus’s face after a long absence with an unfamiliar look. He had been a delicate, sensitive boy when he was young. When she saw that he became a big young man, he seemed like a new person.

‘I heard about your close friends with Cesare, but I never thought I’d see you here.’

But now wasn’t the time to be immersed in the sentiments of the past. At Klaus’ sudden words, Louise seemed firmly offended.

“Why do I hate Damia Primula? It has nothing to do with you.”

Klaus laughed at Louise’s sharp-tongued attitude.

“Ah. It’s obvious; you can’t hide your feelings. It looks fun to take a friend from Nuna* Damia?” [*Older sister]

“Why? Now come on. You feel sorry for her?”

“Well, a little bit.”

Klaus confirmed in a neat tone. Louise screamed at his reply.

“Why the hell do men only like that girl? What is it that I lack or less than when it comes to Damia Primula?”

“Maybe you have nothing here?”

Klaus squeezed his chest and chuckled. Damia was unfamiliar with the expression of mischievousness.

Louise’s doll-like face, who witnessed this movement, turned red at once. Still, her complex and sense of inferiority was raised as she raised her hand.

“Klaus, how you dare to make fun of me……!!”


Klaus, whose age was active in physical activity, avoided her hand without difficulty. However, he couldn’t escape her kicking under her generous skirt.


Klaus was kicked in the shin with her pointed shoes. He frowned, and his eyes as he glared at Louise became fierce. He seemed to say he would stand being hit once for a joke—but wouldn’t stand for it if he was hit anymore.

Seeing this, Louise gritted her teeth in anger and forced her foot down. She was on the same boat with him, whether she liked it or not. If she created more resentment between them, nothing good would come from it.

“Stop joking around and focus on what’s in front of you! Do you understand?”

Louise snapped at him and turned away. She was trembling with anger and walking away as if she didn’t want to be in the same space as Klaus.

“Yes, yes, yes. When you contact Cesare, don’t forget to tell them! Don’t ‘blink’ again.”

Of course, there was no answer back. Klaus rubbed his bruising shin, looking in the direction of Louise’s disappearance.

“What a temper.”

Klaus clicked his tongue in distaste and finally left. Damia held her breath and waited for his footsteps to disappear completely over the corridor.


It seemed like everyone was really gone. Damia sighed and relaxed her body. After being very nervous for a long time, she was very tired.

She was about to push open the door to the locker when a large hand popped out over her shoulder, grabbing her delicate wrist.

Damia was so surprised that her heart fluttered. Her body trembled when she realized that she had completely forgotten the man behind her back.

“Oh, Lord Akkard?”

Damia carefully looked back at him. It wasn’t what he intended, but the movement was close to one of a ferocious beast’s.

It was unavoidable. Akkard dimly reflected in the lighter shade of the door from the dark shadows exuded a dangerous feeling. Especially his sharp eyes shining brightly under thick eyebrows.

“Do not go out yet.”

He whispered briefly to Damia, dissuading her. Damia was puzzled. The sound of sweeping came from somewhere.

“It’s a maid.”

Damia felt embarrassed. It certainly seemed a little difficult to go out now. The maid was sweeping through a hallway with no one else and would be surprised if someone suddenly jumped out of the locker.

‘Two of them, too.’

Especially if she were caught hiding with Akkard, there would be strange rumors. Damia reluctantly took her hand away from the door. And was surprised and stiffened when she tried to move back in a startled manner.

‘Ah, again…’

She felt it. Something of her was stabbing her fiercely behind her ass. It was hot and hard, as if it was going to break through her clothes right now.

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