YSR – 34

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Lillian tried to control her mind by holding onto her trembling heart. She was a modern woman from South Korea—from the 21st century. Sleeping with a hot guy was no big deal! Of course, she was a virgin in her previous life, but it wasn’t the time for her to be shy or ashamed.

Time was never on Lillian’s side, so she needed to work hard and complete as many things as possible until her work paid off.

Time continued to flow by as she wasted her time being shy.

She had to make up her mind quickly.

‘So what? It’s not even my body anyway. When else would I ever sleep with such a handsome guy? Originally, you couldn’t even pay someone to have sex with you!’

Lillian blushed and struggled to make up her mind. She took a deep breath and then beckoned Saleos:

“Hey, Saleos…….”

“Miss! Lady Lillian!”

Lillian was calling Saleos when he opened his eyes, and he twisted the corners of his mouth in mirth. Simultaneously, the butler of the Rossetti family sprinted toward Lillian. His face was blue.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

Lillian, who saw this, had a sudden ominous feeling. Sure enough, the butler gasped and spoke urgently. The news from him was genuinely shocking.

“You’re in trouble, miss! Now– some gangsters are carrying certificates to confiscate assets—and they are threatening and trashing the place. I think you should hurry up and come and take a look!”


Gangsters? Asset foreclosures!? What the hell are you talking about? In any case, this life has never gone away comfortably, even for a single day. The pale Lillian sprang to her feet.

As she rushed into the mansion, I saw a group of men. They were trampling on the inside of the estate with dirty shoes, kicking things, and sticking red ‘for sale’ stickers on random objects. Sam followed around and stamped her feet.

“No, why are you doing this!— Really! Why are you being so violent?!”

Then, one of the men, a particularly ugly-looking man, snickered back.

“We’re just here for the money. Since you don’t have money, you have to pay it back somehow. So don’t take it personally.”

Lillian frowned. She strode up to the gangsters. Sam exclaimed at her appearance.


The gangsters who spotted her gawked and whistled. Lillian was a lady with black hair and white skin just as pure as lilies; even if she wasn’t an extraordinary beauty, there was an air about her that caught the men’s attention.

But Lillian’s mind was in turmoil. She asked the gangsters with her commanding arms crossed.

“I am Lillian, heir to House Rossetti. What the hell is all this fuss about?”

“Oh, it’s that precious girl. Excuse us. We’re collectors for the loan company ‘Billions’. As you can see, the owner of this house borrowed the money and didn’t pay it back, so we had to proceed with the seizure.”


“Yes, sir. Here’s the loan he signed himself. Check it out.”

—Herbert, you bastard!

Lillian’s expression suddenly turned pale. A despicable smile graced the man who pulled out a sheet of paper. Upon receiving it, Lillian opened her eyes wide and read the contents of the document.

Although it was a little different from the Republic of Korea, it was a sure loan. It’s also marked with the signature of Baron Herbert Rossetti.

‘You damn old man!

Lilian, who saw this, gritted her teeth. Herbert, the drunk and the philandering – madman, apparently wasn’t satisfied with Lillian’s salary. Since before, he seemed to have been playing luxuriously by spending hidden loans and money in the background. Banking on the fact that Lillian would take responsibility for his sins in the future.

‘There are hurdles after hurdles.’

Herbert—I should have killed this bastard sooner.

At this point, even the guilt of murdering a person was wiped out by anger. Lillian was dizzy when Herbert left a will full of debt instead. The man snatched the loan document from her limp hand.

“As you can see, the borrowed amount is quite large, so we’re going to auction the mansion for repayment. The deadline is next weekend. If you are willing to pay back before then, please visit the Billions loan business located on 72nd Street, in Luce. I recommend you talk to the manager in person.”

Of course, that’s if you have the money, implied the obnoxious gangster as he laughed loudly. Then they put a lot of foreclosure, auction stickers all over the mansion and went away.

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  1. I feel really bad for her. BUT the solution to all get problems can be solved by sleeping with Saleos, that handsome devil (literally) so…

  2. Haha yes, u still will have to sleep with our hottie demon, why are u doubting it so much? Better him that these disgusting men, for example.

    In other things, omg, I am so mad with this old dirty man. I’m so glad he’s dead but even that way, he’s still as annoying as ever. ):<

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