PCP – 252

“It’s really like a wild jungle. This royal place.” After saying that, Sienna shrugged. Akkard, startled, reflexively called out to her “Sienna? H—how—” “Do you know what an irritating annoying little brother you are, Akkard Valerian?” Sienna retorted instead of answering. She turned her attention to stare down Teresa. Caught red-handed and failing to executeContinue reading “PCP – 252”

PCP – 247

“Of course.” To Damia’s cautious question, Heinrich responded as if it was apparent. “The fake Saint planted in the royal palace cannot be reached, and your stepmother in the north has disappeared. Unless they’re idiots, they’re bound to know something’s wrong.” Then, how will the High Temple come out? After many years of experimentation, theyContinue reading “PCP – 247”