IBMV – 21.1

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[A wizard who will destroy the empire will be born on March 1840 of the Imperial calendar.]

Twenty years ago, it was foretold by a prophet who visited the Emperor.

The Emperor killed all babies born with magical powers in March of that year to prevent the prophecy’s implementation.

To be exact, he believed he had killed them all. However, the child foreseen in the prophecy was still alive.

The moment he regained his sealed power, a giant pillar of light split the night sky in two, and a dazzling glow covered the whole area.

The atmosphere vibrated as if it couldn’t breathe amidst the vomiting of uncontrollable, overwhelming power.

Just now, the earth trembled once as if afraid of the existence of a man who awakened his strength.

All the trees planted neatly along the road in a row were uprooted, and stones were roughly dug up.

It was a devastating mana vortex, a magical storm—a natural disaster.

And in the middle, Kian was holding Olivia in his arms.

Magical power overflowed from his entire body like a huge bank had burst, and water that had been blocked poured out all at once.

Just as the heart circulates blood with full force, the magical power that had gathered near the chest spread to his nerves. It was a strange sense of being reconstructed from the cellular level.

Kian didn’t know why he suddenly had this power.

But for him now, it didn’t matter.

The fury that was interfering with his sanity was not resolved at all. All that exists is the burning flesh that does not go out.

Kian slowly lowered Olivia, her eyes closed with a pale face.

Then, he took a step toward the wizard in a black robe.


A devastating storm ripped through the whole area. Struggling to withstand it with every ounce of his strength, the wizard let out a groan of astonishment.

The mana storm, which was launched shortly after the emergence of a huge pillar of light that seemed to cut the world apart. There was ‘that man’ at the epicenter of the destruction.

He was a slave who had not had a handful of mana until just now. From him, horrifying amounts of magical power was being released.

Is that really the magic power that a human being can have?

‘How does this happen… … It’s ridiculous.’

The brain tried to reject the unrealistic catastrophe happening right in front of him.

However, he couldn’t be mesmerized forever. The raging storm had stopped, and the being who caused it appeared to have begun to move.

A silver-haired slave—rather, he should be called a sorcerer?— turned his eyes full of hostility directed towards him.

He was breathing life and magic out without regard. Mana so concentrated that it fluttered like flames from his whole body—even just looking at the power was oppressive and overwhelming.

The wizard’s instinctual alarms of peril shook him. A stream of cold sweat ran down his back, now confronted with a menace.

But mission failure was death. He had no option to retreat.

‘You have to end it here.’

He had no idea how this slave awakened his powers, but it was meaningless if he didn’t know how to handle it. In fact, isn’t he simply releasing the magic into the atmosphere without giving it any form?

‘I might have a chance.’

The wizard concentrated all of his magic, raising it to his limit in both hands. His magical power of the cold soon birthed a giant ice spear. As he reached out, the colossal javelin of ice readied itself and then shot towards Kian.

Due to its majestic speed, the spear of ice swirled and scratched the ground. Soil and stones soared and bounced, and the damaged earth screamed.

It was a massive spear of ice wrapped in frost that would even freeze his victim’s breath before hit the target. With a roar, the veil of frost rose white.

Reeling from exerting all of his mana the wizard breathed hard, now short of breath. He inhaled roughly.

But, strangely enough, he was choking. It was hot as if he was in the desert.

‘Something is wrong.’

The moment he realized that the situation was wrong, what had engraved itself on his retina was a whirlwind of swirling flames.

Clearly, the enemy that should have been pierced through by the spear of ice he created… was somehow alive…..?

The silver-haired man, Kian, was uninjured.

‘Are you saying you used defensive magic? Wasn’t he just a kid who didn’t know how to handle magic.—-But how did you learn to use magic in a short time?’

The thoughts stopped expanding because there was too little information. Instead, he urged himself to cope with the crisis that loomed.

The flames emanating from Kian’s hands burned down the whole area, and slowly walked towards him. The wizard deployed defensive magic to stop the rushing flames while gritting his teeth with effort.

However, his barrier was weakly made; it contained his last remaining shallow reserves of mana. His shield was torn like a sheet of paper, and the attack overtook him.


The hot heat swept over him and hit him with an overwhelming blow. The flames, burning like hellish fire, consumed his body with the momentum to melt the skin and lick his bones.

His last thought, while in raging flames without forgiveness or mercy— devouring his whole body, were:

I can’t understand. Why…… should it be me who dies?

It would be easy to take the slave’s life by trampling it like an insect. But how can the relationship be reversed so quickly?

With everything in doubt, the wizard took his last breath.

After the flames were gone, all that remained was the ashes that had been burnt black.

The wizard was an absolute unknown. The pages assigned to him are up to here.


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