IBMV – 47

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The front of Anna’s dressing room was crowded with people. “Do not push, stand in one line!” A clerk in the dressing room exclaimed, sweating profusely. “It’s been out of stock for several days, so I couldn’t buy it…  …  .” “Aren’t you taking reservations?” “If I had knownContinue reading “IBMV – 47”

IBMV – 39

Thank you to raw provider: Aii Fresh flowers freshly picked from the garden were decorated on the tea table.  High-quality teacups, teapots, and various desserts to accompany tea were placed beautifully.  “Alright, that’s enough.”  At the same time as I nodded with satisfaction, an employee announced,  “Lady, the guests have arrived.”  Women in striking dressesContinue reading “IBMV – 39”