IBMV – 20.2

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At first he had misunderstood her.

It was clear what the hostesses who were kind, actually wanted. So he thought she wouldn’t be any different.

But Olivia…….

She ran with anxious eyes to save him in danger and shared warmth to his cold hands. She punished the servant who had spoken harsh words to him, and she applied medicine to his unsightly scars.

All of that kindness might have meant little to her. But they gave him warmth.

Slaves live as slaves until death, and when they grow old and are no longer useful, they will are thrown away like garbage.

I thought it didn’t matter if I had such an end.

Because there are no expectations or hopes in this life anyway.

But why…….

Does the sunlight crashing over the surface of the water and the transparent lake containing the sky look so beautiful? Why does his heart feel warm when she looks at him and smiles… … .

Only then Kian realized that he had a huge misunderstanding.

I thought I gave up and abandoned everything, but that wasn’t it.

My heart was worn out and dull, but it still remained.

As a person, I want to be happy.

It was the truth he realized after meeting her.

“Escape… … Run… … .”

Because of that, he could not abandon her and run away. It didn’t take long for him to make up his mind to die by her side.

A terrible agony ran out with the sensation of sharp ice piercing his back.

With the sensation of bleeding out, the front of my eyes started to feel like they were spinning.

In the blurred vision, due to the bleeding, I saw her eyes blurring.

She was crying. He wiped her tears away, but he could not stop her tears.

He wanted to save her. Like she always did for him.

If I leave, she will eventually die. Before you do that, you must hurry and take her to a safe place… … .

Kian hugged Olivia, trying to move his body that couldn’t move as he intended.

The wizard who saw it snickered.

“What a loyal slave.”

Kian gave him a death glare. He gave a biting warning:

“Do not disturb.”

He finally realized it:

I do not want to give up this life.

I have to save her who reached out to me, who was good as dead.

But at that moment, Olivia’s head in her arms fell like a dropped doll.

As if he couldn’t believe it–as if he denied reality. His eyes opened wide open.

“No… … .”

In an instant, his head became white. He bit his lips so hard they bleed.

Why, why.

What did she do that she deserved to die? I just found this happiness. Why are you taking her away from me?

“Master… … .”

Kian called her eagerly with hope. But there was no reply.


Anger was an emotion that Kian had long forgotten: If you are angry with the irrational things that a slave must face, only you will suffer.

From one moment on, the only emotions he felt were a terrible sense of helplessness and resignation.

Murderous intent was also one of the feelings he forgot.

Once as a child, he tried to run away from his master.

And after that, he never tried to run again.

Rebellious slaves who killed their master and ran away were publicly executed in the most terrible, gruesome way. His owner took him to the plaza and watched the slaves die painfully from start to finish.

On that day, the fear seeped deep into his bones, killing any will of rebellion or defiance. He was emotionally castrated from the root. It prevented him from thinking about life free of slavery.

All that was left was strict obedience to the master.

No matter how much he hated or wanted to kill the owner in his subconscious, he was able to eradicate those feelings before they even became conscious.

If you didn’t have the power to kill them, those feelings were a waste anyway. They were feelings that only bothered him. He deliberately pretended not to know they existed, and he pretended to be invisible.

But now I don’t have to. You don’t have to be patient if this is the end of life anyway.

Kian willing gave himself to his wrath and homicidal emotions.

He felt himself go mad with an incredibly huge murderous fury—he needed to kill those who took Olivia away from him.

An raucous wrath— so strong that it devoured reason.

I will tear it all to pieces so that there is no trace left.

All of them, without leaving one alone—all of them.

“… … I will kill you.”

The moment that phase was spit out.

A powerful force exploded and violently raged out of him, burning his whole body.

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