PCP – 34

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“Good memories? It’s not even funny.”

Akkard, with his copper-colored forearms outstretched, grabbed her effortlessly by her slender pale wrist. Then he gently chewed her cowering fingertips. It was as if he was punishing Damia for trying to cut him off.

“This— don’t do this”

Damia was surprised and pulled her hand tightly to her bosom. Because of this, her bountiful breasts, pressed against her arms, looked more prominent. Akkard recalled how pretty and sweet her naked body was under that dress.

Damia somehow felt that his gaze on her was very dangerous. It seemed that she had better find a reason to kick Akkard out of the house as soon as possible, so she hurriedly tried to divert his attention.

“Well, I heard…..I heard that Sir Akkard had work to do in the North. His Majesty, the Crown Prince, personally sent Sir Akkard here, didn’t he? You’ll have to finish your work as soon as possible and go back to the South, so you’d better go.”

It was said with a very soft spirit, and it wasn’t easy to point out so lovingly that: “You’re here for work, so don’t try and establish a relationship with women,” and when Akkard realized it, his eyes narrowed with anger.

‘Yes, it’s fun to come out like this.’

She didn’t know Damia, but the reason Akkard came here wasn’t just to meet her. He was doing ‘work’ in his own way. Additionally, it would be very satisfying if he could punish an impure woman who has no experience trying to flee from him.

‘I am going to thoroughly tame that innocent body so that it only knows me.’

And if and when I get tired of you then…

Akkard smiled coldly, imagining a joyful future. As a seasoned hunter, he knew how to steer his fleeing prey. Akkard, who concealed his cruel intentions and laughed, walked away.

“Are you snubbing people like that and now worrying about my affairs?”

Her intention was clear, but his large physique wasn’t a joke when he moved a little. As his hard chest came closer, a surprised Damia backed away.

Akkard was able to easily drive her to her corner without any effort. He slowly bowed his back, placing his hand against the wall, and lowered his eyes. And whispered, looking down at Damia who was caught between his arms.

“I got you.”

Damia froze like a mouse under a cat’s foot. She looked up at him, trying not to show her nerves.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Akkard grabbed her hand that pushed against his shoulder and slowly clasped her hand in his. The touch of the slender fingers trembling in his hand was very sweet.

Damia Primula strangely stimulated his sadism. While he wanted to melt her with so much tenderness and kindness, he also wanted to hold her violently until he made her cry.

Akkard struggled with conflicting impulses like a tempting snake, but he managed to exercise patience and chose the former. With her white wrist exposed to him at an angle, he kissed her delicate palm and whispered, his lips tenderly vibrating against her skin.

“That’s because you left me that night.”

The lips that touched her sensitive palm were really hot. The moist and smooth lips stuck softly every time he spoke, stimulating all of Dami’s senses.

Damia was greatly shaken. The sexy aura of the man in front of her was so intense, so thick that she couldn’t breathe. While her head was dizzy, she was confident in the full understanding of his nickname:

‘Ahal Teke of the capital, indeed.’

There was a legend that Ahal Teke was the most beautiful stallion in the world.

Its hair sparkled brilliantly under the sun with pale gold and platinum tone. Not only was it superior to other stallions in physical strength, but also much bigger.

Damia looked up at the man in front of her. A man’s— much larger than herself— hair was shining in a fascinating silver-white color in the afternoon sun. Its subtle color was as beautiful as a pale rainbow hung in a dewy web.

It was very difficult to reject such a fine man. However, Damia managed to do it with pure willpower.

“Abandoning? We didn’t have any relationship in the first place. It was just one night.”

Akkard asked, laughing, his bad personality revealed.

“One night? With whose permission?”

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