IBMV – 55

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We moved to the orphanage with Kian’s teleportation magic.

When the swirling landscape subsided, a gray stone building stood looming over me.

A bronze sign hanging from the door had the words Shelton Orphanage embossed.

The loud laughter and boisterous chatter of children could be heard from outside.

“Then we will go in first.”

Kian took my hand and took the lead.

Alexis smirked once, then quickly stepped forward and stood next to me.

As I passed through the orphanage’s iron gate, awkwardly sandwiched between the two, we walked until a large space came out to the main building.

There was a playground equipped with swings and slides, and there was also a basketball hoop for bigger kids.

If not then the orphanage run by our family, this place seemed to be well managed.

I said as I walked through the door of the orphanage building.

“I would like to meet the director here first.”

The two men agreed.

We asked for directions and arrived at the director’s office. After knocking, I was told to come in.

When I opened the door to the director’s office, I saw a young woman sitting in front of a large desk.

She was a beautiful woman with an elegant impression, with her dark brown hair tied up in a bundle.

She greeted us with a smile,

“Welcome. I am Carolyn, the director of this place.”

“Nice to meet you, Olivia Ashford.”

As if surprised to hear my name, her lips parted slightly.

As she offered us a seat, she asked,

“What brought you here, Princess?”

“I brought some bread and toys for the kids.”

“I see. I’m sure the kids will love it too.”

The children will also be going out, so it would be a good idea to hand out the bread right now, she added.

After a while, the orphanage teachers lined up the children to distribute the bread.

“Come on, don’t push and take one at a time.”

Alexis and Kian helped the teachers distribute bread to the children. Of course, I also joined.

“Eat well.”

“Thank you!”

The children greeted as they received the bread. It was so cute that it made me smile.

I slowly turned my head to see if the two men were doing well.

“Wow, what a handsome older brother!”

“Your hair is shiny! Can I touch it?”

“… … .”

It looked like even young children like good-looking people, Kian was a hit, and very popular.

Even though Kian looked troubled because he was not used to dealing with children.

My eyes met with Kian, and I said, “Cheer up!” Then he nodded his head with a gentle face.

After encouraging Kian, I looked for Alexis.

‘I wonder if you are doing well.’

He decided not to reveal his identity, fearing that the children might find it difficult.

I thought children would be scared because of his sharp impression, but Alexis was surprisingly popular.

The children flashed curious eyes and poked at his arms.

“Wow, this older brother has bulky arms!”

“It’s so hard!”

Alexis, a knight, had a body that was sculpted from exercise, and the children seemed to be amazed by his muscular forearms.

He said, stroking the children’s heads with a large hand.

“Eat the bread first. Then I’ll play afterward.”

His tone was blunt, but there was a smile on his face.

After feeding the children, we handed out the sculptures we had bought from the boys on the street.

“Wow, so cool!”

Fortunately, the children liked the gift.

With the sculptures of soldiers, children played marching games.

And Alexis played with the children as promised.

Children hung on his forearms and he lifted them up.

“Who’s next?”

“Me! Me!”

“Okay. Don’t push, keep a line.”

I thought that Alexis, who played with the children non-stop, was amazing.

“Aren’t you tired?”

He answered with four children hanging from his arms.

“I am not tired. It’s no different from the exercise I usually do.”

Turns out, he didn’t break a sweat, and his breathing wasn’t labored. Oh my.

‘It seems not anyone can become a swordmaster.’

I, who had been knocked down while playing house with the children just recently, admired Alexis’s physical strength.

“I didn’t know that your highness would play with the children so well.”

“Because children like it, it’s fun for me too.”

he added playfully.

“Aren’t you lucky to have me?”

“Yes. It would have been a disaster if you hadn’t come.”

When I saw him genuinely liking children, a notion came to mind.

“I think your highness will be a good father.”

Alexis laughed and said with a chuckle,

“Father…… I don’t even have a lover yet?”

I hadn’t thought about it that far, so I didn’t know what to say.

Still, Alexis was a good person, and since he is a member of the royal family, he would be a positive influence.

I was in the middle of thinking that when suddenly, the children shouted ‘Wow!’

I looked in the direction of the sound to see what had happened.

Blue mana was overflowing from Kian’s palm like a flame.

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