IBMV – 54

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Kian felt terrible.

It wasn’t because the weather was overcast, it wasn’t because things weren’t going well.

He thought it might be because the Commander of the 3rd Magic Division of Wizards was constantly bothering him to duel him but it wasn’t that either.

Just, for no reason, he felt bad.

After the subjugation mission in Baron Reindoff, he was living relatively peaceful days.

His subordinates, who had previously disliked him, now treated him with respect as a commander.

And the commanders personally held a welcoming party for him (even though he was extremely reluctant), and some openly wanted to get to know him.

But, frankly, Kian was annoyed by their interest.

So he tried to keep a reasonable distance from people rather than make friends.

However, the Commander of the 3rd Magic Division was relentless, Kian wondered if he was tactless or brazen.

Although he lost every fight, he continued to ask Kian to fight him. Because of that, he became the number one person that Kian avoided the most.

But thanks to his departure from the mission, his days were quiet and peaceful.

In other words, there was nothing to make him feel bad.

Kian reasoned that much with his chin on his office desk.

‘It’s been 23 hours and 11 minutes since I have seen Olivia-sama.’

In fact, he was restraining himself every day.

He wanted to see her every day and missed her terribly but he didn’t want her to bother her.

So, he continued to suffer painful days of compromising with himself.

Kian was signing the papers, while he was drawing Olivia’s face in his head.

He thought that thinking of her face would naturally make him feel better.

But even after he painted her face ten times, he didn’t feel any better.

Rather, it was getting worse.

‘I can’t do this.’

It was 3 pm. All important approval documents had been reviewed.

Kian wore a coat over his uniform. He then left the Imperial Palace as he was and went to see the Duke of Ashford. Albert, the butler, welcomed him.

“Oh my. The lady is currently absent.”

“Do you know where she went?

“Go to the dressing room at 127 Lisbel Street. She said she was going to meet Miss Anna there.”

Kian went to the dressing room that the butler had told him about. The woman he met there, Anna, seemed busy dealing with her guests.

“The lady has already left here two hours ago.”

“Do you know where she went?”

“I don’t know that.”

Kian eventually went to the places he thought Olivia might have stopped by.

He couldn’t explain it, but if he didn’t see her now, something bad would happen.

He stopped by the Ashford Bakery.

And there he witnessed an unpleasant sight.

Olivia was with another man.

* * *

I didn’t expect to see Kian here. I approached him with delight and surprise.

“Kian! What brings you here?”

Kian said, folding his eyes beautifully,

“I thought of Olivia-sama, so I thought I’d like to see you.”

He briefly explained how he found me.

After that, he looked at Alexis.

“I didn’t expect to see your Highness here.”

“That’s the same with me.”

“Why are you with Olivia-sama for?”

Kian asked with a smile.

But that was the smile he wore when dealing with the nobles at the Imperial Palace banquet.

It’s beautiful but reminds me of a thorny rose.

“You have always been very interested in things related to the princess.”

“You did not answer my question.”

There was a strange atmosphere between the two of them.

‘Did something happen?’

Did the two of them run into each other at the Imperial Palace and offend each other?

Anyway, it was troublesome if the mood between the two got worse.

I quickly intervened between them.

“Kian, I’m going to deliver donations to the orphanage from now on. His highness agreed to help with that.”

Only then did Kian’s expression softened.

“I see. Do you need my help?”

“If you help, I would be grateful.”

“Then just say it. What can I do to help?”

I was worried about how to deliver the bread to the orphanage.

With Kian’s help, I could feed the kids with freshly baked bread.

I pointed to the wagons lined up in front of the bakery.

“Can you take those carriages to the Shelton Orphanage?”

Kian said lightly as if it were simple,

“Of course.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Kian disappeared from my sight.

The buggies that had been lined up also disappeared.

After a while, Kian reappeared. In the blink of an eye, he finished his work and reached out to me.

“Let’s go then, Olivia.”

I nodded and took his hand.

He smiled, then turned his head to look at Alexis.

“Since I am here, your highness can go back—”

Then Alexis grabbed my left hand.

“What are you talking about? It’s good to have more hands than fewer. Isn’t that right, princess?”

Their eyes met in the air. They were both smiling, but for some reason, there was a tense atmosphere.

I looked at the two of them in embarrassment.

Kian didn’t seem to like Alexis’ company, and Alexis didn’t seem to have any intention of backing down from Kian’s hostility.

I don’t know why Kian hates Alexis’ presence, but it was Alexis who decided to go to the orphanage first, so I decided to persuade Kian.

“Your highness is right. It will be easier if you help me.”

I looked up at Kian as I said that, and after biting his lips a few times, Kian finally nodded his head as if he couldn’t help it.

“… … If you say so, I understand. But before that.”

I opened my mouth with a brightened face. Kian smiled and stretched out his hand.

“Leave this aside.”

Then he removed Alexis’ hand that had been holding mine.

* * *

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