IBMV – 52

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“So you don’t want me to interrupt you?”

“Well, that’s not what I meant… … .”

As the situation unfolded, the boy who had been looking at Alexis like a savior–his expression had now darkened.

No matter how princely he was, he could not change the law at will. That fact he knew well.

‘But I don’t want to let go.’

I’m not a nosy person, but I kept worrying about what that kid said earlier.

I opened my mouth to the guards who held the law as a shield.

“If it’s illegal for this kid to do business here, then we need to close his business quickly.”

The guards responded excitedly as if they were happy to finally have someone to talk to.

“Yes, miss!”

They secretly wanted me to persuade Alexis to leave.

“Okay then.”

But instead of persuading Alexis, I approached the boy. Then he pointed to the sculptures he was selling and said,

“This, I’ll buy it all.”


As if the boy doubted his ears, he asked with a bewildered expression. I spoke kindly again.

“I will buy everything, so close your business today.”


The boy stammered as if in disbelief.

I nodded and pulled out my wallet. Then I tried to pay, but I ran into some trouble.

There was only a check in my wallet.

It was too cumbersome to go to the bank. I didn’t think the guards would wait until then.

So I just took a check and handed it to the boy.

“*Gasp*… … !”

The boy’s eyes widened. Seeing the amount on the check, the boy rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Then the flustered boy pulled something out of his trouser’s pocket. He must have struggled to create a sculpture, and his small blistered palm was full of coins.

“I’m sorry, but this is the only money I have… … How am I supposed to give you the change?”

From a glance, one could tell it was a small amount.

“I don’t think that would be enough.”

The boy stamped his feet, worried that I might change my mind.

“Well, then what should I do… … .”

What to do?

I said to the boy with a wink as if making a secret promise.

“There’s nothing I can do about it. You keep all the change.”

The boy looked at the check and then looked at me, blankly like a lost man.

Meanwhile, the guards’ incredulous expressions reflected how they could not keep up with the sudden change and situation.

One of them asked

“Uh, maybe…… . Is this a child you know, milady?”


“Bu—but why… … ?”

His tone reflected his confusion on why I would help a boy I did not know.

It’s understandable. It’s not a dime or two, it’s was a fairly large amount.

‘But that’s according to normal people’s standards.’

The ducal Ashford family wasn’t called the richest family in the Empire for nothing.

Our profits grew faster than I could spend it.

Besides, Anna’s dresses were selling like hotcakes.

I spoke to the guards staring blankly.

“Now you should go on your way. Business is over for today.”


“What, are you going to say it’s illegal for him to be here?”

“That…. No.”

When I retorted, the guards stopped protesting and shut up. They sneaked away, glancing at each other’s eyes.

I clicked my tongue as I watched the guards roaming the streets looking for another target.

As soon as I took my eyes off them, the boy from earlier approached me, bowing his head deeply.

“Thank you. Thank you so very much…….”

I didn’t act, wanting to be thanked. Somehow, I just ended up being nosy.

‘Cause it bothers me to pretend I don’t even know what’s going on.’

As I gently patted the boy on the shoulder, I asked,

“Don’t you think you should go see your mom?”

At the word, the boy nodded with a determined look. Thinking of his sick mother, the boy walked away promptly.

As I was glazing at the back of the boy walking away, Alexis came to my side.



“Thank you for your help earlier,”

Alexis continued,

“I was only motivated to help the child, but I didn’t give him any proper help.”

“It’s alright. It’s all about your willingness to help,”

He laughed self-disparagingly instead of answering.

“The capital has changed a lot. And I guess I’ve been away for too long.”

It wasn’t Alexis’ fault for the ban on street vendors but he seemed to be blaming himself for it, so I comforted him with sincerity.

“Even now you can change things one at a time.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Of course.”

Fortunately, Alexis seemed to have gained strength from my words and his expression looked brighter than before.

He picked up a wooden statue that fell at his feet. He asked as he brushed the dirt off the sculpture,

“By the way, Princess. What are you going to do with these sculptures?”

“Well…… I wonder about that too.”

The number of sculptures I bought from the boy was quite large.

It’s not one or two where I can display them in my room.

Alexis was examining the soldier-shaped sculpture when an idea came to him.

“How about donating to an orphanage?”

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