YSR – 35

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Lillian gritted her teeth as she surveyed her mansion littered with red stickers. If being a fallen aristocrat wasn’t enough, it looks like she was going to become homeless.

No, how can your life be like this?

Every moment she thought it couldn’t be worse, it got worse. The hurdles became even bigger as if life were mocking her.

‘He said 72nd Street in Luce, didn’t he?’

Lillian was in such a hurry that she didn’t take note of the company’s name ‘Billions.’ If she had been a little more calm, she would have noticed the familiarity of the lender’s name.

However, Lillian’s mind was muddled and devastated by repeated calamities. Therefore she wasn’t suspicious of the name.

The house could not be seized like this. She ran straight up to her room and got ready to go out. She pulled out the uniform of the Royal Knights.

“Lady, let me help you. Raise your arms.”

Sam, who had been following Lillian, quickly put on her clothes. Lillian, who was studying her uniform, tilted her head. The family pattern, the seal and crest of the Rossetti family caught her eye.

‘What’s this snail shit?’

What kind of family pattern is this? Lillian narrowed her eyes in apprehension. She spoke, looking forward to Sam’s answer.

“Sam. The emblem of my family. What does this look like?”

Fortunately, Sam was oblivious to the queer question and instead talked at length. She was the perfect target for digging up information. She answered Lillian’s question without a trace of doubt.

“This one? People say it is the Rose of the Rosetti family, but I don’t see it as a rose. It looks more like a turtle’s shell.”

It was a rose. Lillian smiled dejectedly. I don’t know who designed it, but if this was the work of a modern designer, they wouldn’t have been able to lift their head from the overwhelming shame. That’s how bad the Rossetti design was.

‘Wait. Then my name is Lillian Rossetti…… like a lily rose, right?

It’s awful. I got goosebumps on Lillian’s forearm. Even though it’s a supporting role, isn’t it too random? Sam was diligent in dressing Lillian while she looked donned a hard look.

“That’s it, miss! You look great today. You are probably the coolest looking Knight in this Legonian Kingdom!”

“Thank you, Sam.”

Lillian looked at her reflection in the mirror. The uniform of the knights with a black border on a silver background was wonderful. It went well with Lillian, who had white skin and long black hair. If she kept her mouth shut, she would look like a saintly paladin. In reality, she had a contract with the devil.

‘Oh, come to think of it, where’s Saleos? Can I ask him to do this?’

Lillian, who inadvertently remembered the best card she had, soon shook her head. She had to use Saleos on something more important than this, such as solving the dilemma of her lack of fighting skills.

If she genuinely wanted to survive, she had to be self-reliant even in the midst of a crisis. Lillian clicked her tongue and reflected on her actions:

How long has it been since I signed a contract with the demon, and already I am starting to rely on him? He isn’t trustworthy, and he seems a bit twisted. I should be more careful from now on.

As a finishing touch, Lillian tied her long black hair neatly. And before she left, she spoke to Sam.

“I’ll be right back, Sam. Don’t worry and wait at home. Okay?”

“Yeah? Why should I be worried? What do you mean all of a sudden—oh!!”

Sam, who was blinking, clapped her hands as if she just realized what Lillian meant. It seemed to come to mind belatedly after seeing a red ticket attached to an object. Sam was a really comfortable child with the memory span of a fish.

‘Let’s not talk.’

Lillian smiled kindly like a stone Buddha. Then, leaving Sam behind, she quickly came out of the mansion. The place to go was already decided anyway.

‘Nobody can take my mansion. No one!’

If you touch Lillian’s little mansion, it’s a big deal. Her green eyes sparkled like a cat.

* * *

“Is it here?”

After a while on the road, Lillian found the Villains—I mean Billions loan company located on Luce’s 72nd Street. I was almost homeless because I couldn’t get there on time. Western address systems wasn’t the same as Korea’s, but it was Lillian’s mistake that she forgot that.

Finally arriving at her destination, a weary Lillian looked up at the building. And I was surprised. It was because the exterior of the Billions lender’s building was so dazzling. How much money they earned from private loans, and only a fraction went into this building—and yet it’s decadence ruined her eyes. At this point, it was comparable to Enrique’s Marquis Evan’s estate.

‘I envy you, you rich things.’

Lillian, who sighed deeply, scanned the name of the building. Billions loan company, it looked like a luxurious mansion where people could play and gamble to their heart’s content. Her body stiffened as she tried to move without much thought.

‘Wait a minute!’

Lillian, who turned his head, reaffirmed the lender’s name with unbelievable eyes. However, the results were the same several times. Only then did Lillian’s eyes shake as she jogged her memory, remembering what kind of company Billions was.

Billions was not just a loan shark. It was a large guild in charge of all illegal commerce in the Legonian Kingdom. From the slave trade to smuggling, gambling speculation, casinos, drugs, etc. The private loan corporation was just one of their industries.

But there was a reason why Lillian was so despondent. Even though she was still like an ignorant new-born in this new land, the reason why she knew Billions notoriety was simple. It was because they were one of the villains in the original script.

“I can’t live, really.”

Lillian put her hand on her forehead and sighed.


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