YMA – 47

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“Will you keep showing me that kind of face?”

asked Lyle, and Medea sat back with a sour face.

Clicking his tongue, Lyle got up and moved to a position where he could see Medea’s face.

Medea turned around again.


Lyle had thought they would do it a little later, but Medea’s anger didn’t show any signs of abetting as she had been trapped in the Emperor’s residence for the whole time.

It would have been convenient to be able to ignore Medea as he had done before, but now Lyle couldn’t dismiss Medea’s feelings.

‘I’m anxious,’

thought Lyle, who was hyper-aware of her mood.

‘I’m in trouble. Even when you’re mad, you’re charming. If I could just make you smile, I would feel like I can reach the moon.’

But since earlier, Medea refused to make eye contact with Lyle. Lyle felt desperate, and not being able to ignore his overwhelming feelings or hers was embarrassing.

So he ordered the servants to bring all the things that Medea liked…. romance novels and sweets, but Medea didn’t even bother acknowledging them with any pleasure.

‘Shall I bring you jewels?’

Or something like a dress or shoes? Do you like hats and other accessories? Those were things the previous Medea did like. Lyle, wondering what women may like, suddenly realized he didn’t know what Medea liked.

The maid had advised him that the current Medea had a completely different taste from the previous Medea.

And it was not just one or two things, but everything changed completely.

Maybe this is why he was captivated by her, but it also made everything even more difficult.

Lyle, with a deep sigh, got up, went to a comfortable seat, opened a book, and glanced at it.

Only then did Medea glance at Lyle and then got up and moved to another room.

Lyle, who was peeping at her, was frustrated.

Judging from the current situation, there would be no improvement in the next few days, and he would find no relief.

Still, Lyle didn’t want to let Luke and Medea make plans to run away.

Lyle felt he couldn’t do anything about the situation; Lyle shut the book he was looking at.

He had come back early from work to be with her, but instead, he felt more frustrated.

* * *

“Your Majesty, what are you going to do?”

The maids who were watching with uneasy feelings came to talk. Medea looked at them with a sour expression.

“What am I?”

“No matter how upset you are, he is the Emperor. If you lose favor……”

It was unthinkable to say this to the former Medea, but now Medea was generous and lenient with her people.

“Favor? His Majesty hates me.”

“No, his Majesty put you on probation but kept you in his residence.”

“So what?”

When she didn’t understand and inquired, the maid looked frustrated.

“His Majesty favors you and wants you nearby.”

“Didn’t he come to see the Empress’s sleeping face in the middle of the night because he couldn’t stand being away?”

“Yes, before, he came to see the Empress in the middle of the night.”

The maids took turns saying a word. The first lady in waiting spoke again, trying to lay the final blow on an unconvinced Medea.

“His Majesty is in love with her Majesty.”

‘What nonsense are you spewing. You think I’m Seira?’

The maids seemed to think that Lyle’s actions were explained by the fact he was so attached to her, but she kept running away.

So it looked like he was desperately trying to hold on to her.

‘I didn’t seem like you hated me very much yesterday. Even this morning…… when I accidentally slapped him, I thought it was a huge deal, and I would get in trouble, but he didn’t get mad at all. Is Lyle interested in me?’

It would be a relief, but he would be wasting his feelings.

‘Who was the male lead? Except for the heroine, the hero had an iron wall that no other person could penetrate. Such a man came over to me in just a few days?

‘Such a thing is impossible,’ Medea concluded. ‘But maybe he favors my body.’ When he seemed furious, she had kissed him, and she could tell his anger quickly disappeared.

‘I have to meet Luke, but I have to think about how long it would take to get to Seira’s estate….’

It could take a lot of time since there were no cars or subways.

Medea felt a sense of urgency because she didn’t know clearly when Seira’s brother was murdered.

“What happened to finding an expert who knows the Solare region well? Are there any maids that work in the palace whose hometowns are in the region?”

“We found one. Shall I bring her in?”

It was not allowed to bring in people from outside, but it seemed that it was allowed to meet those who worked in the Imperial Palace. Medea was pleased and told her to bring them to her.

As Medea was waiting in the drawing-room, a maid with brown hair and freckles came in. Her name was Victoria, her nickname was ‘Vicky,’ and she came from a baron’s family.

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