YMA – 48

When she was young, her family fell, and she came to the Imperial Palace to become a maid.

“A thousand greetings to your majesty, the moon, the Empress, this humble servant is Victoria Lierre from Solare,” said Vicky, her voice trembling.

Medea nodded slightly and looked at Vicky’s face.

She had brown hair and freckles with an unremarkable face, but Medea committed her name and face to memory.

In the novel, she was a maid who helped Seira because they shared the same hometown.

“…… Miss Lierre. May I call you Vicky?”

“O-of course! Your Majesty—My Empress! It’s an honor!”

Since she had a poor Baron family background, even as a maid of noble birth in the Imperial Palace would have hardly encountered royalty.

While she was in service in the Imperial Palace, Vicky had heard her father passed away, and with him, the title disappeared; therefore, she lost any noble standing she had and could not be a lady-in-waiting.

Vicky’s fellow maids were openly dismissive and disrespectful towards her.

“I am curious about your hometown, the Solare region since there is plenty to learn outside of books. Do you know the nobility in the region and where the boundaries of their estates are?”

Vicky’s father was a knight who was bestowed a temporary non-hereditary title for his war-time contributions.

Even if the title no longer existed, he and his family were nobility for a while so that they would have some information about the aristocrats in the vicinity.

Sure enough, Vicky looked at Medea with a big smile.

“My father’s lord’s estate was nearby, so I heard of many aristocrats!”


Medea beckoned Vicky to approach the map of Solare that was laid out before her. The map was spread over a large table in the parlor as a tense-looking Vicky neared.

Medea smiled at Vicky, who seemed a little frightened, and reassured her,

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m simply curious and wanted to hear some stories. You don’t have to be nervous; I’m not trying to quiz you,”

explained Medea, recommending the seat opposite to hers.

Vicky, who sat down with a stiff attitude, began to explain the region of Solare.


The main crops produced were potatoes and beans.

Other than that, it was primarily a barren land with some rare herbs.

The estates were also minimal because a vast mountain range encompassed the region of Solare, along with forests and swamps.

Among them, the estate where Seira’s brother was a lord was a corner close to the swamp.

Since there is only a small amount of land available, it was land that collected the least taxes in the Empire.

Instead, it was the place that ended up needing the most support of the Empire, especially when the demons came out.

Vicky had no relationship with Seira’s family but knew of them.

Ian, the eldest son, had just come of age; his father passed away, leaving him to inherit the Baron’s title and lordship of the estate.

There was a lot of speculation around the Baron’s* suspicious death. [*t1v: pretty sure Seira’s father was a Count, but now the author writes that he was a Baron]

There were rumors that the previous Baron’s expelled brother deliberately caused a wagon accident and killed him. Seira’s father died after suffering for eight months after the accident.

It seemed that Ian’s father had barely held on to life, holding out until Ian had reached the age of adulthood.

Thanks to this, the title was handed over to Ian, and Ian’s uncle said that he had no choice but to retire and resign.

“However, the previously young and healthy Baron’s body is now frail, and whispers are circulating that the uncle is using poison this time. The family has another son, but I think it is five years before he reaches adulthood? I know there should be at least four more years because, between them, there’s a middle child… a daughter.”

It was Seira, the female protagonist of this novel.

“How long will it take to travel from the Imperial Palace to that estate?”

“Well… … . Maybe 12 or 13 days?”

“What… … ?”

What did she say-?

* * *

‘I overlooked the fact that this Empire was extensive and Seira was a noble on the periphery. Twelve days at the earliest… … . Even if the timeline is tight, it’s too tight!’

I don’t have time to scuffle with Lyle. If you don’t meet Luke quickly and send him there, Ian will die!

‘But, how are you going to persuade Lyle -!?’

Medea was utterly frustrated and troubled.

What did Lyle say? Didn’t he say that her probation would continue until he forgave her—but when would he forgive? A week? A month? There was no set time—only the vague ‘until I forgive you.’

‘I’m not a kid! But isn’t he treating me like a kid? But he’s the Emperor… …’

Medea decided to brainstorm as to why Lyle might be upset.


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