YMA – 46

All of the officials who attended the morning political meeting had a seemingly light discussion about whether the Emperor would be late again this time.

Many had been worried about the troubled relationship between the Imperial couple and their resulting lack of children. So many were relieved that it seemed better.

“Oh, my… .”

“Your Majesty!”

“What is that mark on your face?”

Lyle’s expression crumpled as he walked into the meeting with a dignified step. Although this was the expected reaction, he was embarrassed, so the handprint looked redder.

Lyle attended the political meeting, leaving it because it was impossible to cover it with makeup.

“I had to attend the meeting, but I couldn’t get enough sleep….”

There weren’t many humans who could slap the Emperor’s face. Actually, there was no one but Medea.

The former Emperor and Empress had already died.

An enemy of the Duke or Medea wouldn’t be able to pull her from the Empress’s seat, but it would be difficult if the fact that she slapped the Emperor was known.

“I asked the Empress to hit me.”

“Yes? b-but…… .”

“No matter what, it’s your Majesty’s face…….”

Lyle glared at the ministers with an irritated face.


Lyle growled with a furious face.

“I ordered the Empress to do it, I said.”

At the Emperor’s bluff, his servants shut their mouths at once.

There were rumors that within a few days, the Emperor suddenly became deeply in love with the Empress. They didn’t think it was true, but……

“It looks like her Majesty has fulfilled your orders very faithfully,” said the Duke of Card.

Lyle grinded his teeth.

The ministers gulped and looked between the Emperor and the Duke.

“Yes, the Empress is very healthy.”

The Emperor instructed them to present the first item on the agenda in a blunt tone.


The strangely cheap reaction of the Emperor stimulated the curiosity of Duke Card.

He knew the Emperor wasn’t someone who would abandon Medea, but he was not also someone who would actively protect her.

Come to think of it; the Duke had been informed that Medea’s messenger had come by requesting to meet Luke. He had thought it might have been the beginning of a clumsy ploy to get the Emperor’s attention. But it was strange that she hadn’t contacted him even though he had replied.

Duke Card asked for the Empress’s presence while he was at the palace. Even Medea, who blatantly ignored Luke, couldn’t completely ignore Duke Card.

It was because of the power of her father, Duke Card, that Medea had been able to keep her position. If it wasn’t for him, she could have been pushed out of the Empress’s position for not giving birth to a Crown Prince. Due to political influence, the Duke of Card had no intention of pushing Medea out of the Empress seat, but Medea saw everyone as an enemy.

So, while Duke Card hated it, he tried to pretend to listen to some of the requests she wanted—testing him.

‘Silly thing even though you have risen to the highest position possible to a woman, but all you want is for love.’

Lyle was a man who could become a generous and loving husband as long as Medea did not ask for love.

Regardless, he was the Emperor. It was challenging to ask for love and a relationship as if he was an ordinary man.

Duke Card felt irritated beyond contempt because of his immature and shortsighted daughter, who harassed the Emperor while asking for love.

The only silver lining was that she was desperately trying to have Lyle’s baby. At least that was the case. There was no news yet, so he needed to clarify.

“The Empress, her Majesty is currently unable to accept anyone’s requests for a meeting.”

At the reply, Duke Card frowned.

“What does that mean? Is there anything wrong with her Majesty’s body?”

“It’s not…… Her Majesty is now under probation according to his Majesty’s orders.”


‘Is it because of this morning?’

Duke Card thought of the handprint on Lyle’s face and clicked his tongue.

He was foolish to wonder if the relationship had improved between them

But…… Wasn’t the Emperor’s attitude strange? Being slapped by the Empress wasn’t something to brag about, but there was no reason for him to shield the Empress with such a ridiculous lie.

It was as if he held Medea in favor.

‘Is the rumor true then?’

Based on the Emperor’s demeanor, the wound on his face, and the Empress’s probation made it seem like it was a lover’s quarrel.

However, the ‘lovers’ involved were the Emperor and Medea.

It was difficult for the Duke of Card, who knew all about what Medea subjected Lyle to, to think that the Emperor favored her.

‘Or does it mean that Medea now has a reason to be close with the Emperor?’

For example, if she with a child.

But if it were that reason, there was no reason for the Emperor to keep the news secret. Having a successor was an excellent opportunity for the Emperor to secure his position. Of course…… Lyle had consolidated enough power not to have to establish himself on such a base.

‘I’ll have Luke contact Medea again.’



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