YMA – 28

Medea was so out of her mind and lost in pleasure that saliva was leaking out of her open mouth.

Lyle licked up Medea’s saliva flowing on her cheeks. He groaned deeply as he was doing hectic back work.

He was so engrossed in the pleasure that he grabbed Medea by her ass and pushed himself in and up so fiercely her ass cheeks felt beaten.

“Medea.…. Millie…….”

“Wow! O, oh……. Ahhhh! Oh, no!”

Hanging from his chest, she rubbed her white breasts against Lyle’s shirt. The debauched feeling felt through his shirt made Lyle growl a groan through his teeth with fervor.

While he was wearing all his clothes, Medea was not wearing a stitch.

Wait. Isn’t this the library? In a place other than her bedroom, where she was tasting pleasure in the arms of the Emperor with her naked body completely exposed, utterly indecent.

But at the same time, it was also incredibly alluring, and the fact that he coveted a woman with the highest status in the kingdom as if he was dealing with a bedroom slave gave Lyle ingratiating pleasure.

“Ah, aahhhhh!”

Despite being soaked with the pleasures she shunned, Medea was simply and utterly beautiful. Lyle poured out his passion inside of Medea. As a hot liquid gushed through his fiery cock, Medea was frightened and hung from Lyle’s throat.


Three or four times, he had already ejaculated. Her insides were full of Lyle’s semen.

Overflowing, some of it was pushing out of her entrance and fell on the floor.

“Millie….. You’re supposed to hold it in. It’s flowing out.”

Lyle whispered in a low, teasing voice. And Lyle relaxed his back. Because of Medea’s weight, his pillar, which was already inserted deep in her depths, wriggled against her insides. The vaginal wall, which had just reached a climax, puffed and twitching, tightened with the stimulus.

“Ahhh …. again, like that….. Umm…”

Lyle kissed her lips because Medea, who glared at him with a tearful face, was so charming.

Even though she was ashamed, Lyle’s kiss seemed good. Her expression became more relaxed.

“What? If you don’t like it… stop it with a kiss.”

Whispering, Lyle spilled a short kiss on Medea’s soft lips. Medea sighed, and her hand held Lyle’s cheek.

Medea’s blue eyes met with Lyle’s red gaze.

She had beautiful eyes. And it wasn’t because I was in a state of pleasure, nor was it because of the people around me that praised her so much.

But it was only a few times that I was conscious of her beauty. That was all after Medea lost her memory.

“Your Majesty…..?”

Medea called out to the silent Lyle, seemingly puzzled.

Lyle was looking at Medea with a frightening burning look. Somehow it felt like it was choking her.

“Call me Lyle,” said Lyle, roughly snatching Medea’s lips.

Medea’s groan flowed from his greedy, trampling kiss. His tongue was digging through the soft gap between her lips.

I knew what this feeling was.

But Lyle didn’t want to admit it; if he did, he was afraid it would mean that he would eventually forgive Medea …and the sins she committed against him were unforgivable.


“Aaohh…… .”

His male organ pulled out of her, and the obscene liquid mix of semen and love juice poured out.

With that lewd touch, Medea trembled and leaned against the table, her knees rattling.

‘You damn Emperor! It’s worse than in the morning!’

Medea glared at Lyle because she couldn’t curse out loud when her opponent was the Emperor.

Lyle was looking at Medea with a somewhat frustrated look at the subject that had been screaming.

It was the opposite of the morning when he left her bedroom with a very satisfied face.

“Wh, what?”

“Your legs are rattling.”

“It’s because of your Majesty.”

As she grumbled, Lyle looked at Medea with a complicated expression.

Unable to understand Lyle’s feelings, Medea looked wary.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

“If you can’t get up, why don’t you sit on the chair?”

“Oh, there’s a stain on the chair! Ugh, I’m so embarrassed!”

“Why does that matter?”

Lyle, who found her attitude incomprehensible, swiftly pulled out a chair and sat Medea there.

Medea, who was about to resist for a moment, saw a puddle on the floor and changed her mind. Nevermind a stain –they had already made a pond!

How can I face the librarians anymore? How can I ever come back—I am so ashamed!

“Oh my gosh! What is this? I won’t be able to come to the library anymore! I could die from the shame.”

“If you’re only going to borrow novels, you can tell a maid to fetch it for you.”

“I can’t! It doesn’t fit the dignity of an Empress that I am borrowing only unsavory romance novels! I just want some fun!”

Her grumbling sounded like whining…

Since she was not wearing anything, Lyle’s gaze kept going back to Medea’s body.

Medea noticed it,

“What is it? Where are you looking……. I can’t do it anymore! My waist and back are smacked raw!”

“So, if your back was okay, would you plan to continue?”

“Well…… His majesty’s face and body are far beyond my standards, and he has good skills…….”

Her compliments should have made me feel good… but I felt bad listening to it for some reason. Are you only doing it with me for that reason?

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  1. That was a hella ride of words and phrases.. but Lyle’s thinking is somewhat weird.. hahaha thank you for this

  2. It is so ironic It memory make with somebody person. Without remember some with painful times live , hurtful past. Somebody without memories not be person now is. It reason that sometimes. People with amnesia act wrong , to time with them behavior with memory because they not have memories important to fix them acts. Memories. make us who we are. But it not the same. Not knew people. Not remember bonds. Place, people change us. Lost it. If you see that person after lost memories is about 3000 % better person you must wonder what hell this person happen before that her or him natural , less experienced behaviors is so shocking. Better. Because without reason this change not happen. You search for reason, and make everything to not see , not remember. Again. I could pray for it. And search for all painful memories. And destroy all. Not matter that in it memories. Not was lost but person.

  3. “Are you only doing it with me for that reason?”
    aww Lyle wants more than sex from medea🥺. perhaps u want L.O.V.E? huh? tell me baby boy, want do u want?

  4. Lyle’s thinking…he’s actually a romantic at heart man, he switches thinking so fast I can’t keep up 😂 Thanks for the update! The Library scene scene scene scene ommph

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