YMA – 27

As he exposed her inner folds, transparent liquid started to leak out.

Medea’s face lit up red.

“I don’t think you have taken the lead in anything other than a kiss… …”

“No, don’t make fun of me,” said Medea as she sulked and stepped back.

Lyle approached Medea with a weird smile.

“I wasn’t teasing; I was only telling the truth.”

Medea was trying to cover her ample breasts with one hand while lifting her dress with the other.

“Show me your breasts.”

“N, no! You’ve seen it plenty this morning!”

“So you can show me…. While you’re standing like this already.”

“Ahh… … .”

Lyle’s fingers went under Medea’s arm and lightly pinched her nipples. It wasn’t painful, but the lewd prank made her moan.

“You said you were licking, but —other jokes… … ! Ugh!”

Holding Medea’s two indignant cheeks while she scolded him, Lyle poured down a multitude of kisses over her, and he finished her off with an incredibly passionate, devouring kiss.

The dress slipped out of Medea’s hand, now utterly devoid of energy.

“Huuah…oooh hnngh…”

“I’ll lick you now,” Lyle whispered, looking into Medea’s blue eyes after he released from his sweet kiss.

Medea hesitated when she saw Lyle willingly kneel in front of her. She curled up her petticoat again and, with a shy glance, seemed to permit him to go ahead. An immaculate pussy was revealed between thighs trembling with tension.

“Haaaa… .”

Lyle, with his fingers, opened Medea’s fold and gazed at it with a sticky glaze.

Medea was embarrassed and kept closing her legs.


“Yes, yes?”

Replied the parched Medea, surprised.

Lyle pointed his gaze at Medea’s trembling knee and said, “If you keep closing your legs, I won’t be able to get between them.”

“Don’t tease me….”

“I wasn’t lying when I said I want to clean you with my tongue.”

With such a neat and beautifully handsome face, he spoke dirty words that had a great destructive power. Medea was momentarily dazed.

Lyle said:

“If you keep moving your hips or closing your legs, I understand that it means asking for the bigger one. You’ll be fine, though, right?”


It was obvious what the bigger one was.


The faltering Medea’s knees were spread wide open by Lyle’s hands. While kneeling, Lyle reached out to her petals.


He spread her petals from both sides, exposing her flower dripping with wine. Lyle looked at it and breathed in. Medea swallowed her shaky breath, and the moist tip of his tongue caressed her blossom.

“Ahhhh… .”

Even his breath made me trembled at the sweet stimulus.

Lyle glanced at the flower bud that had started to stand up.

When the tip of his tongue tickled the eye of the flower, a strange sensation started to spread out.


Lyle decided to taste only the eye of the flower without touching the other places. He rubbed it up and down, pushed it from side to side, bit it with his lips, and kneaded it.

“Ekk!….haha… ahhhh…. stop… … .”

All my nerves turned to places I wasn’t even aware of. The only thing that Lyle’s lips touched was that bud, and although he hadn’t even touched anything else, I could tell just by feeling that my core inside contracted and the love liquid overflowed.

“Ohhh… . Uhhh humm. Haak, Your Majesty, stop… … . Ah… … .”

“Remember what I said if you moved your ass away? I’ll hit it with your ass poking out.”

Medea eyes widened at words like a bolt from out of the blue.

That means you’re going to put it in!

I thought I could just hold on by being licked right now, but I wasn’t confident of holding out until the end.

“No… … . Stop licking, uh… … . Ha! Oh oh… … .”

There was a sweet shudder that ran all over my body when his tongue smoothly rolled my bud.

Medea sobbed, unable to pull her ass away or close her thighs, because of her wager with Lyle.

Because she was feeling so good, it was even more difficult.

“No, I think I’m going to……Ahhh… Stop. Ah ohhh……”

There was no way Lyle would quit with Medea begging with such an anguished cry. Lyle eventually pulled her ass towards him and pushed his tongue into Medea’s entrance.

“Haa, wow! Oh Ahh!”

At the obscene stimulus, Medea cried out and hung on to Lyle’s head.

I was so embarrassed to do such a lewd thing in the library but what Lyle did to me felt so good.

Every time he licked it, I felt like I was going crazy.

“Ah, ah… … No… … . Wait, no! Your Majesty, stop… … . I think I going to… … . Ohh… … .”

“Hold on… …”

Lyle whispered in a very excited low voice.

Medea shook her head and sobbed, saying, “I can’t stand it anymore!”

“Ah, ah ah, ah, ah, Ahhhh!”

Medea wobbled and sank as she reached her zenith.

Lyle, on his knees, smiled cooly as he received her.

“Hah, ha…..”

Lyle rose up and picked up a dreamy Medea in his arms. He strode to the front of the library table and laid Medea down.

The hem of her dress was rolled up, and two smooth white legs were wide open.

“Hah, ahhhh!”

Suddenly, Lyle, who had pulled out his penis, quickly pushed it in and up. When he tasted the peak, Medea’s spirit was aroused. When his head rose again, she felt ashamed.

“Ah, no… Aang! Lyle!”

“I kept my promise. It’s the Empress who’s been acting out of control.”

What promise?

Medea’s protest was buried in a moan at Lyle pushing in his fiery penis.

He wrapped his arms around Medea while he kept his rhythm.


Oh, gosh! I can’t accept this…….Why are you staring at me with that face, that face that looks like it’s in love!


The lifted body shook violently up and down.

Medea sobbed, desperately wrapping around Lyle’s waist with her slender legs. Her dress, which had been hanging over her waist, had been torn and long since fell to the floor.

There was a messy trace of lovemaking mixed with semen and love liquid near Lyle, who was churning.

“Ugh, yes! Aang! Aaang! Lyle~!”

Whenever Medea sang his name in a wet voice, his passion grew out of control.

Did the former Medea ever call his name? It seems likely.

But every time, Lyle was angry with a raging fire and never let her call his name again.

Even though the only being allowed to call his name was the Empress.

“Ah! Ahhh! That’s so good, ooh! Aang……. Whoa…….”

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    1. Ok, first off, I sincerely apologize if the question makes you uncomfortable, cuz I didn’t mean that to happen at all, but I had to ask you when the question struck me. Does it make it even weirder for you to read a smut story/scene like THIS^^^ when the ML’s name is “LYLE”, which is the same as your username? ԅ(ಠಿД ಠಿ;; ) (;;°~ ° )ゞ
      I wondered that when I read your username, because that’s probably how I’d be feeling if Medea/MC was named “HEKELA”😅 (;;´°~ °` )ゞ (⁄ ⁄•⁄艸⁄•⁄ ⁄;;;)😹

      1. This is actually the reason why this novel is the one I’m most updated in HAHAHA.
        Also, I knew this novel by accident when someone was talking about Lyle’s ability (the 8 times) and some thought they were talking about me. 😂😂😂
        I don’t think the odd feeling of seeing my namesake achieving his happiness multiple times will ever go away but that’s what makes me read it more, if that makes sense. 😂

  1. I like this story but the point of view switches between the characters without warning and sometimes it’s kinda confusing

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