DVS [3]

Carr couldn’t say anything. Apart from Arte’s power, he didn’t know how to respond. However, it explained yesterday’s incident. Otherwise, there would have been no reason for a saint to come and offer her virginity to a devil like him.

Senia smiled weakly as she looked at Carr, as he frowned slightly unsure how to react. Her weak smile briefly reached her eyes before disappearing.

“Are you disgusted? The fact that a human being, a saint, dedicated her body to the devil in order to regain her power and position?”

“However, I don’t care. After three years, my power has finally returned. I was able to save a lot of dying people today.”

Carr, who was locked up in a solitary confinement, didn’t know but today there was a big festival in the city celebrating the return of Senia’s power. Her position was exalted. However, the method of restoring her power had to be kept confidential. Many people would not be pleased with the nature of Senia’s solution to her problem.

As a saint, today alone, she was able to cure fifteen people with that newly restored power. All of those fifteen had been seriously injured to the point that they were terminally ill or couldn’t be saved by traditional medicine.

‘I see.’

Carr murmured inwardly, swallowing his bitter feelings. He didn’t feel good about it, but what choice did he have.

Senia stepped closer to him, as he sighed and rubbed his neck.

“I know that saving people is a bad thing for the devil, but I will give you my body in return. It doesn’t matter what you do.” Senia blushed as she lifted the bottom of her robe, revealing her lower body. Her previously hidden pure white thighs were revealed and captured Carr’s attention.

“Today too, please.”

Was it lust or sympathy that writhe in his heart? Carr wasn’t sure of the answer as he pulled her arm and drew her closer to him.

After a month of living in a solitary cell, Carr’s daily life didn’t amount to anything special. Eat, sleep, have sex with Senia. There was nothing more than leisure. He couldn’t read a book because he didn’t know how to read or write.  And even if he could, he had no one to chat with about it anyway It was a pretty good life, except for the relentless boredom.

Senia visited Carr regularly.  Sometimes she came as frequently as every other day, but sometimes as many as five days passed between visits. The purpose was always the same, to restore her divine power. Except for the story that she told him on their second meeting, she never spoke more than a few words to Carr. She left his bed at dawn silently, without complaint or appreciation for the sex.

As a result, they had been tangled with each other for a month and still knew nothing of each other. Senia only knew information that Arte gave about her about Carr. As for Carr, he didn’t even know Senia’s age.

Well, he didn’t really think it mattered anyway.

Hot breaths burst through parted red lips. Today, like always, the two lay naked again on the bed. Over time, Senia’s body had only grown more sensitive to his every touch. Carr was able to handle her more skillfully than the first time as he learned the secrets of Senia’s body.

Senia’s shoulders flinched as he licked her chest and bit her hard nipple.


Senia always tried to hold back her shameful moans. Even though he had seen every part of her, her embarrassment remained. He found that kind of her stubbornness cute, but sometimes it made him want test her boundries. He shoved his fingers a little roughly between her folds.


Senia tilted her head back as her body trembled. Carr slowly stroked her sensitive spot with his fingertips. As he rubbed her clitoris, her wetness coated his fingers.

“Hnnng—” Carr kissed Senia on her neck, listening to her soft cries. Her white, soft skin was so appetizing that he wanted to bite it. Carr shifted his body where he could thrust inside her and Senia spread her legs without protesting.

Carr’s cock was much larger than most men, but she had no way of knowing that. Carr slid inside her slick opening and flied her up giving her pleasure. Though he could take her roughly, he chose to make sure that she was wet enough to reduce the pain of takin his shaft inside.

Senia’s naked body was very attractive and bewitching. As a result, he was always ready to cum, even without her touch. Even if her personality were bad, she was still beautiful enough to seduce any man in the world with her body. Her pure white skin smelled like fresh peaches. Her silver hair fell past her shoulder and gave off an unbelievable dreamy atmosphere.

If she claimed to be a goddess, she would be able to deceived the public.


Buried deep inside her, Carr paused to enjoy the rush of stimulation. He slowly pulled out and then thrust back inside her where his seed and her love juice mixed together.

“Ahhhnn, ah, ennnh!”

Now, Senia could no longer hold back her moaning. His thick, hot cock rammed into her several times. Hand holding her in place by her waist, Carr thrusted into her hole several times.

“Mhmm, Ahhh—!”

Before long, Carr’s second orgasm approached. He instinctively pushed his cock as hard and as deep as he could. Senia closed her eyes when he came for the second time. The moment his seed poured deep into her body, she couldn’t hold back her own second climax. Senia tugged the bed sheet harder as she felt his semen leaked out of her, her inside full of him.



Finished, Carr and Senia drew in a deep breath still basking in the afterglow of their joining. Carr wanted to pepper her body with kisses, worshiping her. He wanted to hold her close, keeping her like this, all naked and open, just for him alone but he knew he didn’t have the right to it. He’s here only to give her power back. This was just sex without love, affection, not even conversation. They didn’t kiss each other, at it was too intimate, afraid that it would cross an invisible line.

“Well…Sir Carr.”

He thought that this meeting would be the same as usual, but it wasn’t. Today, Senia carefully dressed and spoke with before leaving. Still naked and lounging on bed with only the blanket covering him up, Carr made eye contact with her. She gave him a pretty, albeit awkward smile, even though he looked at her with an expressionless face.

“Aren’t you running out of meals?”

Carr raised his eyebrow to express his wonder. Senia continue to speak, although she sounded a little dejected.

“I can’t be your conversation partner… because you aren’t allowed to leave here. I just wanted to make it nicer for you even if it just a meal.”

‘Nicer…. Is she serious?’

For Carr who was born and lived as a demon, it was the first time that he ever been told that kind of thing. His life was already in luxury for what he was used to and it was awkward to be cared for by someone like Senia. Carr was nothing than an unwanted devil who had obligatory sex with saint to replenish her power.

Carr stared at Senia with wonder, but her blue eyes glistened as always. He couldn’t sense any evidence of any ulterior motive or pretense.

‘You said that you were a saint, but you’re definitely a good person. You must have different thoughts than normal human being.’

Grateful for what he had, Carr quickly shook his head lightly. The meal provided to him were satisfactory.

Upon seeing his answer, Senia smiled relief, bowed her head, and left the solitary cell. Left alone in his cell like always, Carr let out a dejected sigh.

“What am I doing when I should be worrying about my own life?”

Keeping himself alive had always been Carr’s top priority. And right now, he had a warm room, a fluffy bed, and a woman who visited him often to relieve her lust with him.

Wishing for more than these luxuries would be greedy.

A week had passed since since her last visit. After lunch, he sat on a round chair in a low mood.

“What happened to you?”

Senia hadn’t gone this long without visiting him before and Carr was nervous for many reasons. Had he become unnecessary? If that happened the only thing left to him would be death.. The boredom of his daily life had become worse without the distraction of sex. Some of his worry was likely the symptoms of frustration.

To be honest, sex with Senia’s body was addictive. Even now, he could vividly recall everything they’d done together on the bed. Her soft skin texture, her singsong moans, and even her body’s natural scent stimulated his sexual desire. His body heated at the memory of her silver hair unfolding splendidly against the white sheet and all ways she tried to hide her embarrassment from him.

Just remembering made his cock twitch excitedly. Carr grumbled at the growing bulge in his pants. He was clearly waiting and anxious for her to come for sex.

“A month ago, I thought she was just pitying me, but somehow now I’m looking forward to this. That’s quite ironic.”

Waiting for someone was strange to him. Carr struggled to clear his mind and stood up to calm his heated body.

And that night like a gift from god, the iron gate of the solitary cell opened and Senia walked. Carr rose from the bed in surprise, not expecting her visit. It was already dawn, long after her usual arrival time.

He stared at her in confusion.

“Oh, I… sorry to wake you up.” Soleia murmured. Her voice contained a small.

Carr lit the lantern by the bed and raised his head. The dim light landed on Senia. Unlike the usual, where she entered wearing easy-to-remove robes, today Senia wore colorful and complex robes. A thick golden comb accentuated her silver hair, and she wore thick, embroidered white robes with translucent veils wrapped over her ????.

‘Did you have a ceremony or something?’

Carr rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked straight at Senia. Like a lighthouse on a stormy night, only her figure could be seen clearly in his cloudy vision.

Did her robes have wings? If he were a less practical man, he would say it was like she had angel wings. Her finely dressed appearance was several times more beautiful than usual. When he looked at her, his heart pounded, which woke up Carr quickly.

‘If you’re hurrying in here wearing that outfit, there must be a problem…’

It must be the reason why Senia’s odd expression. He couldn’t figure out how she was feeling, but he was convinced it was different from usual. Carr remained where he was.

“I’m sorry.” Senia apologized again and closed her eyes tightly. She bit her lips as if  trying to hold something back.

“I can’t think of any other place to take a break, but it’s only for a short time. So can I stay here? I’ll be quiet. Or you can… you can relieve your desires as usual.”

‘Is she trying to be considerate of my feelings?’

Carr kept still as he watched her. Was it because of her depressed mood or drooping shoulders? It looked like she was about to cry for some reason. Was she holding them back afraid of his reaction. As a saint, she seemed to be detached from everything.

“My coming here at dawn must be a nuisance at dawn. Sorry. I’ll leave soon.”

She couldn’t endure the heavy silence and eventually Senia stepped back. She wore an awkward but pretty smile on her face. Only after seeing her expression did Carr understand Senia as a human being.

She didn’t act the way she did because she was a saint, but rather she a saint she had the pretent to be something more than a normal person. The position of saint was a matter of birth not choice. He could not even imagine the burden she carried.

She was a person who said thank you and apologize to a devil like Carr several times by nature, but Senia was still just a human being. Her responsibilities had to sometimes be exhausting. Even Carr, who was trapped in his solitary confinement, could easily see that Senia had just finished an important day.

‘What happened? If you’re looking for a place to rest and you end up coming here…. You must have nowhere else to go.’

Carr patted a spot on the bed beside him which caused Senia to stop leaving. Instead, She approached him with a slightly hardened face. Coming to his bedside, she took a calming breath. She then undid her robe button one by one at a time, but Carr grabbed her hand to stop her.

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  1. Yeah if I was Carr (locked in solitary confinement with no internet, no books, and no conversation) I’d go crazy too. Thanks for the translation!

  2. “He could not even imagine the burden she carried” boy, you’re literally on the same situation, just from a different side. Both of you are treated and forced to do certain things because of your births.

    Idk what is worse, if being locked forever and be forced to be a manwhore, someone that in the past was tortured and almost killed many times; or being “the pure doll” forced to give her outter and inner energy to protect, save, and ensure others and always forced to be outside and mantain certain image because that’s what others expect of you.

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  3. So far I’m not really fond of the Saintess, but that’s the downside of just knowing the MC’s pov. I feel more worried for him and I want him to be free and just have a bit of air, but oh well.

    I’d be awesome if he could learn to read and write, that way both of them would be able to share their feelings, thoughts, etc. Is super sad to see Saintess always trying to open and close the Doors with him, and seeing him trying to suppress everything he has inside her.

    Loved that they hugged. 🤧💗

    1. their dynamic is very interesting and i’m very glad that you enjoy the story so far!

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