YMA – 26

Lyle was thrilled by the exhilaration that spread with a shudder of sweetness. It was sweeter than he remembered.

Drunk on her softness, he sucked and kissed her lips to his heart’s content, and Medea in his arms struggled.

“Haa, um hum …”

She was barely able to breathe through her nose and cried as if she couldn’t make it. It seemed impossible to get used to kissing in just one day.

Lyle smiled and pulled Medea’s body close. If she was not used to it, he could teach her from now on. None of that was a reason to separate.

“Ah,… .Well, Pfft … .”

Lyle hugged Medea with trembling lips. It was lovely to have a small, slender body in his arms.

As I indulged himself in her soft lips and shared saliva with Medea, my gasping breath leaked.

“Ha……..Millie……. …why are you so sweet?”

I murmured absently—not comprehending.

But Medea was already in a state that she could not answer.

Lyle gazed with satisfaction at a panting Medea whose lips were glistening with his saliva,

With his free left hand, he loosened Medea’s dress strap.

Then Medea, who was gasping in a daze, looked at Lyle as if she had come to her senses.

“Eh? What are you doing…… ?”

“Weren’t you reading erotica because you wanted to do it with me?”

“N, no? Wait! Don’t untie it! I can’t wear it alone… … . Ah!”

The hem of the dress was loose, and the front was pulled down, and Medea’s body swiftly slid out of the dress.

Medea, now only in a corset and underskirt, looked at Lyle, stunned.

When he made eye contact with Medea, he kissed her and started to unravel her corset.

Medea was frightened by his relentless touch.

“This is a library! If someone comes…”

“I sent everyone out and ordered them not to let anyone in. No one’s going to disturb us,” Lyle whispered, releasing Medea’s corset.


The corset fell to the floor, causing Medea’s breasts to pop out and flutter. Medea concealed her breasts with both arms in confused chagrin.

“B-but still in a place like this… … !”

“The imperial palace is all mine, can’t I do anything, anywhere?”

Then my body trembled as his eyes, staring directly at me, seemed to declare, ‘You are mine too.’

Lyle approached a quivering Medea.

“Release your arms.”

“N-no! Our union day has passed, so why….”

“Because I want to. You want me too.…. don’t you?”

Medea could not refute Lyle’s words.

It was true that I wanted to play with Lyle. I liked the night I spent with him, but I didn’t want to do it anytime or anywhere.

“T-then in the bedroom.”

“I want to do it here.”

I couldn’t wait any longer.

Lyle’s desire was already in a state where he couldn’t procrastinate anymore.

Medea’s astonished eyes shook.

“Well, this isn’t even the bedroom… …”

When Lyle saw Medea hesitating, his eyes narrowed.

“Okay, fine, if you let me serve you, instead, I’ll be patient until I go to the bedroom.”


Is that something the hero would say?

Oh, no. In the novel, I think he said something similar to Seira.

Lyle looked a little out of his mind.

“If you let me eat you out, I’ll stop from spilling semen on the library floor,” Lyle said generously as if it was a fair deal.

Excited and shy, Medea protested, “No! You’re the Emperor, don’t you have any dignity?”

“Do you have any dignity to protect in your bedroom?”

“It’s not your bedroom!”

Medea was even more exasperated because he looked handsome with a grumpy smile. It’s like a goddamn male protagonist buff!

But Medea remembers how he felt good when Lyle licked her there.

“Are you really going to keep your promise?”


“If you are lying to me, you’ll have to give me the throne and be the master. I’ll be the Emperor.”

Lyle laughed unintentionally, imagining Medea sitting on his throne and spreading her legs. Eating her out in such a place seemed to be particularly fun.

“Let’s do that.”

“… … That laughter is annoying, but I’ll trust it this time.”

“Good. Lift that skirt up and take off your panties.”

When Lyle proudly demanded, Medea was speechless.

Was that something the male lead would say?

“You didn’t hit your head, right?”

“Are you worried about me?”

“… … I am saying that your Majesty has changed so much.”

Medea sighed and reached out to her petticoat.

As I lifted the hem to take my panties off, I realized Lyle was staring at me.

“I… b-because I’m shy… … .I don’t want to.”

“I haven’t finished talking yet!”

But Lyle was very brazen. He pulled a chair and sat down and looked at Medea with a gaze of appreciation.

“I wanted to see the Empress take off herself, so I told you to take it off. But if you don’t like it, come here. I’ll take it off myself.”

With his lustful gaze on her, it wasn’t likely that she would ever peel it off.

Medea stared at Lyle as if she was stunned and lifted her dress.


Medea’s face turned a deep red as she felt Lyle’s burning gaze on the hem of her raising petticoat. He reached out and touched her thong strap hanging from her hip, unwrapping the finely made bow tie.

The thin piece of cloth loosened.


I could hear Lyle breathing loudly.

Medea felt hot, the tension of the bow squeezed her, and Lyle pulled the rest of the knot.

The fabric fell, what lay between her thigh gap completely exposed under Lyle’s gaze……

Medea hurriedly lowered her dress to hide it.

“What is it? You said I could lick it.”

“You can lick, but I never said that I would let you see!”

“Is this saying that it would be nice to for me to eat you out with my eyes covered?”

“I’m not saying that… … .”

A hesitant Medea finally realized that there was no way that she could get around it and lifted up the hem of her petticoat.

Lyle’s hot gaze drilled into her as she revealed her pale thighs, her pussy, and crevices.

Seeing it, Lyle rose from his seat and approached Medea.

“Umm ….”

Lyle, who was groaning low, reached out and gently spread Medea’s wet petals.

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