VGD – 3

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In this situation where she was plenty wet, if there was any pressure, his cock would slip in. Elysee pushed Blake on the shoulder as if she were protesting.

“Your Highness…? 

Their eyes met in the dark. Their faces barely half a span apart. Because of the closeness, Elysee could clearly see his blue eyes.

A deep passion stirred in his eyes, sending unprepared Elysee chills down her spine. If he was acting, Blake was a masterful genius.

“Don’t tell me you really…?” 

The sound of her mumbling caused an intense frown to wrinkle his forehead as he looked down at her.

“It’s our first night. Do you want to be married?”

Of course, Elysee had to stay up all night and become the wife of Grand Duke Blake Freysen. It certainly was in the story.

“No, it’s not like that….” 

Acting should be perfect. Up to the scene in the script.

However, it was at the end of the script, and there were no other actions the supporting roles had to do. In short, there is no need for further acting.

“I’m glad to hear that. It’s too late to stop.” 


Before Elysee could say anything, his member was already pressing into her.

The sound of her heavy breathing filled her mouth and ears. His head barely penetrated her and entered smoothly; since there was no forced entry, she felt a thick, hard solid filling her insides and sliding into her.

Elysee felt her mind turning blank. Her eyes were wide open, and no sound came from his open mouth. She didn’t even know that she was hurting Blake from holding on to his shoulder too hard.

“More than I thought, too, much… It’s narrow…” 

Even Blake’s struggling low murmurs were not discerned by Elysee. She was in shock; her body seemed to be splitting in half.

Little by little, he slowly and steadily penetrated until his pillar was completely stuck in.

“…Relax and breathe.” 

This wasn’t acting.

Elysee couldn’t come to her senses at all. The foreign body filling her stomach was real.

‘Now, with this man…?’

Blake, who was frowning painfully, held and caressed her face with both his hands.

“Wife, are you all right?” 

Elysee finally reacted to his urgent concerns and exhaled.

“That’s right. Well done.” 

“What… what’s th……” 

With a deep gaze, Blake looked down at her with tears brimming in her eyes.

“Did you not know it was like this?”

He wiped the tears from the tail of her eyes with his lips and lightly kissed her. Then he pushed one hand under her back and gently comforted and stroked her.

“I guess Clanton didn’t teach you in advance. I suppose it’s not a bad idea to learn through hands-on experience.” 

‘No, that’s not what I meant!’

Elise recalled the mission and what the person who sent her here told her.

‘You said he was an ally and fellow agent. Why did it end up like this? Something’s wrong!’

Although only a few words were exchanged, Blake was so different from the information file she received from the Upper World’s Agency. He was supposed to be precise and reserved, but he seemed like a completely different person.

‘Maybe there was a mistake.’

She was also sent to this world very urgently. If Blake wasn’t possessed yet, the other agent must have missed the time to intervene in the story.

If that was the case, Elysee shouldn’t prematurely say anything else to Blake now. If her husband became suspicious of her, it would be harder to carry out her mission, and she would be monitored.

“Wife. Elysee. Look at me. Umm?” 

Blake continued to try and read her face, worried as Elysee trembled with her eyes closed. Leaning gently on her forehead, he whispered softly,

“Trust me. It will get better and better.” 

Elysee slowly and quietly opened her eyes. Blake’s feverish blue eyes were staring at her. She spotted the sweat on his forehead. In a different sense than before, his breathing became rough.

But what took the most amount of her critical attention was the weapon that was heavily embedded in her body. The only sexual experience she had had was with her original body before I died. This body was unable to adapt to his cock.

Before she knew it, his other hand was between her legs. He gently stroked her tense thigh. He also lightly massaged her as if to relax her.

Thanks to his touch, Elysee’s body was gradually calming down little by little.

“I think I’m a little better now.” 

Without knowing the complexities within her head, Blake smiled with relief.

“But I can’t stay like this all night.” 

After tasting Elysee lightly, Blake started to rock and slowly and gently piston, as Elysee cried out, “Ah!” 

He looked carefully at her face and didn’t stop moving. He continued to shake his waist slowly as if he were trying to imprint himself on her body.

Elysee felt herself getting weirder. Annoyed, she pushed him. But Blake didn’t even seem to know she was pushing him away.

Rather, he held her hand, which had been groping around his sweaty shoulders and chest, and kissed her wet palm.


A moan broke out of her. He stuck out his tongue and licked her from the center of her hand to her ring finger. The tip of each finger was kissed with his lips until he touched her wrist. He kissed her for a long time, where her pulse was fluttering, and whispered:

“It smells sweet.” 

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