VGD – 4

In the meantime, his gaze never left her face.

“Did you bathe with roses? Wife, are you trying to kill me?”

Faced with his passionate eyes, resembling a savage beast, Elysee gulped. He was too provocative. Was he just born with such sensualness?

‘This guy’s pretty sweet, isn’t he? Not bad for sleeping with.’

Now Elysee was determined to embrace him comfortably. She would go all the way anyway. If she hadn’t been willing, she wouldn’t have started. She wanted to enjoy what would happen.

Her quick judgment and adaptability were one of Elysee’s many strengths.

Elysee struggled to relax her body as he instructed her. The burning pain was manageable. It was somewhat wet before insertion, so it didn’t feel like dry flesh rubbing.

The first night. Perhaps out of consideration for her, who seemed to know nothing, he didn’t try to satisfy his lust.

Since mixing the flesh, it was fortunate that his face and body fit her taste.

‘Ah, his voice too.’

His low groans sounded very loud and lewd to Elysee’s ears. Her instinct was to make him more impatient with her and stroke his lust.

Elysee slowly slid her hand on his powerful chest. She swept up his thick, hard shoulders and wrapped herself around his neck. She breathed in-sync with his breath and movements.

Her rigid body naturally loosened and became entangled with him as if she were melting. Her lips, as red as petals, were swallowed by him.

His tongue, which slipped into her mouth, persistently clasped her tongue and coveted her.


The kiss wasn’t bad either. Elysee began to feel better and better.

She liked this man who was thoroughly immersed with her, exchanging passionate breaths, and moving his body. Before Elysee knew it, her wet bottom was full of joy. There was no pain, and only pleasure remained.

“Aha, Elysee….”

The name that flowed from his lips sounded incredibly sweet.

He was only bending his back with deep insertions, but gradually he expanded his range of movements. Every time he pulled out halfway, Elysee’s inner flesh contracted and stuck to him.

“You’re driving me crazy.” 

As force and intensity heightened between them, the sound of slapping wet flesh also increased. To prevent her body from being pushed up, Elysee wrapped her legs around his waist. Blake held his upper body against the head of the bed and grabbed it with such strength that it broke. 

His penetration was deepened by her narrow tunnel, splashed, and bounced his waist. Her clit, along with her most sensitive areas, were pressed continuously. She could feel her love juices pouring out. Shallow climaxes swept through her body several times and gradually reaching an extreme pinnacle.


Her moans, mixed with coquettishness, completely took his reason away.

Blake was also drowning in complete pleasure. He never expected a woman’s body to be this delightful and lustfully disorganized.

He held her body in one arm and stuck his teeth in his neck, tilting her head. There was a low groaning, growling noise.


Blake could no longer endure the tightening of her inner flesh. He poured his first affection into her. It was as rough as his heavy breathing.

“Ah, haaa, aah….” 

He and she both stopped and panted out hard. After a long time, they calmed down and had room to look around.

Raising his head from the neck of Elysee, she flinched.


Blake took his hand off the cracked head of the bed and gently rubbed her neck that he had bit.

“I’m sorry. It’ll leave a mark.” 

Elysee slowly blinked and looked up at him. He looked at her as if he was going to eat her up before, but now he was avoiding her eyes.

‘It doesn’t hurt that much.’

How bad did it look, she wanted to ask, but she was so exhausted that it was hard to lift a finger. This is not the time, but Elysee was falling asleep like crazy.

Come to think of it; she went through too much in a day. She died, experienced the afterlife, and possessed a body in a scenario. Besides…

‘It’s been so long since I had sex.’

It was satisfying sex that she felt overwhelmed with this newly acquired virgin body.

As if he noticed her fatigue, he carefully bit her. It seemed like once wasn’t enough; he was still erect. The shape of his twitching wet cock was heinous.

At Elysee’s gaze, he coughed.

“Today…. I’ll hold it in.” 

If she had heard it before she died, Elysee would have raised her head sharply, saying he didn’t have to endure it. Her strong drive to compete and win was even reflected in bed.

But Elysee couldn’t bear to do that now. This newly acquired body was too weak. She was so soft with minimal muscles; she would fall ill if she worked too hard.

‘I have to build up my stamina first. I’m dying of sleep….’

Elysee gently lowered her eyes instead of provoking him. Her eyelashes trembled with humiliation, her appearance looking adorably pathetic, causing Blake’s eyes to become softer.

Holding her in his arms, he removed the messed-up sheet.

“Do you want to wash up?” 

Elysee shook her head, holding back a yawn. Blake, looking down at the tears on the tail of her eyes for a while, put her back on the bed. He also lay by her side, offering his arm.

“Use my arm as a pillow.” 



If she slept on that thick arm, her shoulders and neck would definitely be stiff.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to refuse. Wasn’t she supposed to be the shy new bride in the beginning?

Elysee was forced to put her head on his arm instead of a pillow. He carefully arranged her hair. Even with her eyes closed, Elysee could feel how sweet and soft his eyes were.

This man couldn’t be the agent. And far from being cold, he was too affectionate.

‘I don’t know… Let’s sleep now and think about it tomorrow.’

Feeling a fluffy blanket wrapped around her body, Elysee fell asleep.

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