TPCP – 10.2

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There was no reason. Even if she wanted to save herself now…….it wasn’t unpleasant. It was a life or death situation anyway.

‘I weird, I don’t feel sick about doing it with him in this crisis?’

However, she was just afraid. To do it to the end.


Lucerne nodded his head.

“We will do it over our clothes.”


As if that would work, he looked up at Elisha with burning red eyes. Elisha nodded, embarrassed and strangely excited when Lucerne knelt in front of her.

“I will do everything instead.”

“… … ..”

“It’s something you can do over your clothes.”

Lucerne played with Elisha’s girdle.

It was a girdle that was made so short to save on fabric, but even so, was able to cover the part where the lower belly and thighs were connected. Lucerne had ripped the right side, so the entrance between her legs and her pubic hair also came out.

“Uhhng, ahhhah… … —Oh!”

Lucerne opened up the mound protruding through her underwear with one hand. Along with a strange feeling, her secret place was wet.

Lucerne seemed to be devouring the beautiful secret covered in a thin girdle cloth. He buried his mouth over the fabric.

“Ohh, aah! Haa, if you do that… … . Ahh, ahhh!”

Elisha bit her finger, resting her back on the wall. Her suppressed moans burst out to the point it reverberated outside the room. 

Lucerne raised her up, then licked not only the top of her mound but also her opened hole. 

His saliva mixing with the sweet love juices leaking from her entrance kept Elisha’s thighs wet.

“It gets wet easily. Your lower mouth is so good.”

Lucerne whispered.

“Oh, haaa… … ,”

Lucerne scooped up her thigh and sucked up the sweat and juices  flowing on her legs. The flesh of her thighs seemed to swell up thickly. Then, as soon as he gave strength to his finger on Elisha’s clit through her underwear, her tightness opened.

If Lucerne followed his whim a little more and tore off and poked through her remaining underwear, all of Elisha would be fully revealed under Lucerne’s eyes. 

Everything from her secret place inside her body, the hole that was flushing with heat and letting out love juices, and even the large labia that looked like a rose flower was surrounding it.

“It’s bigger, it’s supposed to be this big.”


Lucerne kissed her clitoris, which was thickly revealed over her wet underwear.

“If I look directly at it, I think it’s very red. It’s swelling up, right? It would be really great if I could suck it with my tongue for you.”

Lucerne whispered, looking at Elisha with beast-like eyes. Elisha’s knees weakened.

“Aahhh… … … , Uhhng…”

“You like this, or no?” 

Lucerne asked, teasing his fingers over her fabric. His hand was merciless, as though he was shoving his penis against her. Elisha even felt the desire to cum on his fierce and thick fingers.

“Ah, haa, it’s weird… … , it’s feeling so weird.”

“What is?”

Lucerne asked, tenaciously teasing her with his hand. Elisha blurted out without even knowing.

“What….I think something will come out… … . Huhg… …”

“Do it.”

Lucerne chuckled. He got up as his fingers continued to insistently fondle the top of her mound.

“Grab the door and turn around.”

Lucerne whispered. Elisha moved obediently.


Lucerne pulled himself up against her, his penis staying on her body, between Elisha’s thighs with a girdle in between. He dug in between under her ass.

“You said you’d accept all my perversions.”

“Huuuu… … , Ahhhh… … ,”

Elisha breathed hard. Lucerne stroked Elisha’s clit and grabbed her bulging breast over her clothes.

“Whoo… … . Uhhhng… … , Ahhhng… … ., Ahhhhh! Lucerne!”

He rolled around his palms as if kneading bread dough and clasped her breasts together. His waist didn’t stop at all.

Creak, wack.

Thrust, thrust.

A slapping soung of ramming in the gap between her ass and thighs, and his scrotum rang. Elisha breathed hotly and brought the inside of her thighs closer to him, unconsciously applying strength. Her inner thighs grew sore, and her head soon felt distant.

“… … … .”

Lucerne laughed. He released Elisha’s body.

“Turn around..”

Elisha, who collapsed on the floor on her own, turned her head. Then she watched Lucerne stroke his own penis, balls bouncing.

“Haaa.. ahh… … ,”

“Don’t turn away.”

Lucerne whispered. Elisha felt like a captured animal.

“Your whole body makes me crazy, Elisha.”

“… … .”

“Let’s do it again, these kinky —perverted things. A lot.”

Lucerne said with a laugh. Hot semen exploded on Elisha’s right cheek.


The rich and thick liquid flowed down from Elisha’s red cheek down to her collarbone. 

Lucerne reached out his hand and careful rubbed his semen away from her eye with his thumb.

“Haaa…[sigh] … ,”

Only then did Elisha’s whole body relax. At the same time, fear came over her.

Will she be able to escape this family safely without being completely swallowed by this man? That was what she worried about.


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