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Lucerne, who gave Elisha time to calm down, did not wait long. He began to move unhurriedly. Although he was moving with restraint, Elisha’s shoulders flinched, and her body moved upward every time Lucerne squeezed in.


Tears flowed down. The tightening pressure was felt throughout her whole body. His lower body was so large that her ass trembled with fear.

“Don’t cry,”

Lucerne said in an intensely hot voice.

“I feel like I’ll go crazy when I see you cry.”

“Haa… Huu…….”

Lucerne waved his waist. Puh-Squelch-Schlip— It was the sound of his slowly erecting penis massaging into her vagina.

“I’m holding it in,”

Lucerne whispered.

“If I can’t endure it, what will you do if it’s so swollen from our first night? Your pussy is going to chew and throb on me from now on.”

“Haaa… Ohhh….”

“We have to do it a lot. Take it in until you’re full.”


“Don’t keep running away. Your pussy likes it,”

he whispered into her ear as he wrapped his hand behind Elisha’s back and hugged her upper body. Elisha now clung to him with her whole body. Then, suddenly, her thighs and calves were wrapped around Lucerne’s waist.


Elisha suffered from pain and cried from a strange pleasure. Her curved and open body received his club-like cock, creating a peculiar pleasure. It was an alien sensation she was feeling for the first time. Her body moved on its own.

Her red inner wall, which twisted and swelled up, slowly began to wrap around his member and pull him in, as if it had adapted to him. Every time he thrusted in, there was a lewd and obscene sound that rang from the inside of her body.


As he began to roll his back, the hole that widened to the limit tightened and twitched on him more intensely.

“Haa… ha…….”

Lucerne’s head flipped back as he groaned from the deepening of pleasure.

“Your hands are slipping.”

Lucerne grabbed Elisha’s wrist and wrapped it around his neck.

“Now your senses are back, right?

“Haa. Oh. Ah—That’s right………. Ahhhhhh…….”

“That’s great. I guess you needed me to cure you like this.”

Lucerne began to bounce his back. Then, even though it was her first time having sex, a thrilling, thrusting sensation was delivered to the inside of her body through her hole.


The sound of flesh slapping against each other and the sloshing sound of lewd liquid stroked her ears obscenely. A light flashed in Elisha’s head. The pain gradually turned into pleasure and devoured her whole body.

“It’s really tight.”

Lucerne caressed Elisha’s back.

“You must have dated a eunuch. Or… they couldn’t reach inside here.”


She bit her lips at Lucerne’s words as she looked at him with resentment. He looked happy.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

Lucerne kissed Elisha’s eyes. Elisha was shocked even in her hazy head. She didn’t know why he was so sweet.

“Angghh. …. huuu!”

Puh, puk, puk—

Lucerne couldn’t afford more time as Elisha’s body began to suck him in softly.

Hot sweat flowed from his forehead and fell on Elisha’s shoulder. He buried his face on Elisha’s neck.

He hugged her upper body tightly against his and changed his posture. Elisha was placed on Lucerne’s lap, and his cock stuck her deeply. Seized in a position that felt like the center of her body had been pierced to her depths, Elisha held her breath.

“Shh.…. Breathe.”

Lucerne spoke softly, his lips stroking Elisha’s ears. Gradually, she lost her senses in the lower half of her body, and her mind was weird. She felt like she was on drugs.

‘Oh, so this is how sex works.’

It was so different from the sex she overheard from under Jacob. He just shook it a few times and it spit out.…. Lucerne completely melted Elisha and devoured her. Elisha was struggling.


Lucerne pounded and struck hard from below Elisha. For the first time, her inner wall interlocked as her whole body fluctuated and bit Lucerne. Lucerne tried to hold himself back and bit Elisha’s ear. She didn’t even know if it bled.

“Ah, huek…”

“I’ll do it,”

Lucerne whispered.

“I’m going to cum inside of you.”

Elisha nodded. The explosion came quickly. Elisha’s whole body shivered and tightened around him.

“Oh, ohhhh……haa, ha, ha.…. Ah, ah, ahhhhhh!

It was an exhausting orgasm.

As Elisha’s body slumped like a wet ragdoll, he crushed and hugged Elisha with his solid arms. Elisha blinked. For a moment, she thought she had lost consciousness.

Lucerne rubbed Elisha’s mouth with his thumb. It was then Elisha finally came to her senses.

“It’s prettier when you drool rather than when you bite your lips.”

Elisha’s cheeks turned red. The lower half of her body was still trembling in the afterglow.

‘What’s this strange feeling…….’

Erotic sap and semen fell out from her twitching opening and flowed down Elisha’s perineum.

“Ah, since it’s like this, I’m getting hard again.”

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