TPCP – 37.1

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Goosebumps popped up all over Elisha. It was the first time for Elisha at this point. Her whole body was still stiff and aching, but she was going to do it one more time like this? 

‘With such a big thing, deep inside……?’ 

Lucerne’s genitals began to swell in her body as she thought this. Elisha moaned and pushed against his chest. 

“Really, I can’t. No…”

Unconsciously, Elisha shook her hips.

“Let’s take a break and then do it.” 



Lucerne reluctantly came out of Elisha as if he was disappointed. 

“Haa…” [sigh]

Elisha’s whole body was covered with sticky sweat when she lay on the bed. Lucerne finally took off his clothes. A solid, well-composed, gigantic physique caught Elisha’s eyes as he rested next to her. 

“How long should we rest?” 

asked Lucerne as he stroked Elisha’s lower abdomen. Elisha’s sticky buttocks were covered with her robe. She adjusted her butt. She wanted to run away from Lucerne’s sexual desire. When they did it… It was good, but her body was so tired.

“Today… It’s too much already.”

Lucerne’s hand reached the inside of her thigh. Elisha grabbed his arm. Lucerne’s movement stopped. 


Diluted, thin blood was wetting her gown. It was faint, but the blood was clear.

 “Did it hurt?” 

“……it still hurts.” 

Elisha looked into Lucerne’s eyes and confessed. He swept his hair back, laid Elisha down, soaked a towel in warm water, and wiped her off.

‘Unexpectedly……. You’re doing this.’

He was generally mean, brutal, and a little overbearing. However, his kindness popped up unexpectedly. It seemed like a trivial twist in a storybook. But, from Lucerne’s perspective, he should have had no reason to be kind to Elisha. 

“I’m going crazy. I held it in for two months.” 


“I believed in the words that you would relieve my sexual desire, but what should I do now?” 

Elisha, who was about to frown at Lucerne’s words, realized that he was joking and relaxed her body.  

Lucerne’s hands were now massaging her thighs as if he was trying to relax her. Lucerne was typically mean, but sometimes she was ever meaner, Elisha thought. 

“….Do you get aroused when you kill people?”


he affirmed briefly. 

Elisha thought, Indeed, after all, all the people of the Cartier family are pervs. 

“Imagine how much it would have piled up. How many men did I kill, and how many?”

Lucerne spoke affectionately and covered her with a blanket up to her neck. 

“We’ll be busy starting tomorrow to release all of that.”

Elisha stared at Lucerne. He watched her with carnivore-like eyes. Finally, she quietly lowered her eyelashes.


Lucerne called room service. After eating, Lucerne’s body didn’t shrink at all, so Elisha gave him some relief with her mouth and hands. In the end, he ejaculated all over Elisha’s breasts. 


The semen was very thick. Additionally, so much was on Elisha that his semen flowed down from the chest to her navel. Lucerne took in the sight for a long time and then cleaned it up.

‘He’s no different from a wolf in heat.’

Even after, Lucerne couldn’t take his hands off Elisha’s body. While hugging her tightly, he fondled Elisha’s breasts. She started to breathe heavily, heating up as he continued to play around near her hole on her lower half with his fingers.

“Really… You’re recovering as much as you invested.”

Elisha eventually couldn’t stand it and sarcastically said. Lucerne’s movement stopped. 

“Did you and I agree to trade bodies?” 

“That’s not true. Since you traded the position of your wife, your body is now titled and therefore has more value. You are now the County’s son-in-law* just by having sex once.” [*t1v: in Korean, there’s a term where the son-in-law is adopted by the wife’s family and becomes the heir]

Lucerne put his upper body over Elisha’s body.

“When one buys an outfit, you’ll wear it three times. That way, it’s three times more profitable,” 

Lucerne said with a smile in his eyes. 

He was not wrong; Elisha shut up for a moment. She was afraid that her conscious efforts not to give meaning to sex would be seen.

“From now on, please hand over my birth control pills yourself. The butler thinks it’s weird. Rumors may start,”

Elisha continued quietly. 

“Why, were you upset?” 

“No. I don’t know if you know, but I also have basic shame. I was embarrassed.”

Lucerne nodded. 


Elisha sealed her lips. Indeed, this was not an appropriate conversation for newlyweds who just consummated their relationship.

“Elisha, do you want children?”

Elisha almost choked.

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