MSU – 17

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‘If Benji’s lower half was this much, I would lick it every day…….’

Elise had been scared, but it was better than she thought. It had been delightful to see Benji writhing with an erotic look and she had enjoyed the soft texture.

The bitter and fishy taste was also tolerable. After sucking it once, she liked how the guilt that disappeared like the wind. It was a situation where it had been right to suck him off rather.….

Anyway, even if Benji asked about it later, he hadn’t only eaten her out she had sucked him off too! She thought she could respond shamelessly.

However, his size was the problem.

Elise’s jaw, tired from yesterday’s labor, was still stiff. In fact, it was why she couldn’t eat as much meat as she wanted. Whenever she chewed on meat for a lengthy time her jaw joint upon widening seemed to whine.

‘I need a strategy.’

In Elise’s experience, once one caught the fever of lust, they wouldn’t be able to stop it. So now she would ask him if she would suck on it quite often, but if her jaw ached like this every time, Elise wasn’t confident that she could handle Benji. If she overworked her jaw every time like this, she wouldn’t be able to even chew oatmeal.

‘It’d be nice if I could do it with my hands.’

Benji wouldn’t know what hit him. Elise, who had been worried, concluded that it wouldn’t matter how, as long she was able to get him off and closed her eyes.

[t1v: she’s recalling]

“Master said you need to suck out the poison.”

‘Haa *Sigh*. Why would I say that?’

Elise’s thought continued, massaging her numb jaw as she thought about it.

“Do you want more cream?”


It’s been a long time since Elise used her brain, and her aching abdomen became more desperate, so Elise opened her mouth gently taking in the soft cream.

‘So if my hands grab on his sword-like dark red pillar, lick it up, and suck on his tip like this…….’

Elise had worked hard to execute her plan, reviewing all the knowledge she had acquired.

If she made him as aroused as possible and she could suck on his soft, edible head just before his ejaulation she could fulfill her earlier words that she had to suck out the poison, and her jaw would not be overworked too much.

“Ha… Master…….”

Elise’s gaze, surprised by the sudden moan, turned to Benji. Benji gave up one hand to Elise and grabbed his already growing-huge cock.

‘What… What? When did this happen like that?’

As Elise had been lost in her thoughts she had unexpectedly found herself licking and sucking on Benji’s fingers without realizing it. Elise’s face, which had a perfect plan but did not expect such a quick opportunity to practice, was frustrated.

“Again poison…”

‘Alright, I’ll suck it out for you. But here?’

Elise hastily looked around. The wide open meadow, which previously had only looked beautiful earlier, suddenly felt cruel.

‘If there was a tree nearby, I could hide myself…….’

It was a spot where no one ever appeared, but if someone lost their way by chance……. When Elise imagined herself sucking the center of a man in the empty field, her palms began to sweat.

“Master, please save me.”

Elise heard his crying plea, it seemed very urgent. Even from her perspective, it would not be strange if the silhouette of his erection would burst out the front of his loose pants.

‘How did this happen? Ugh. It’s all my fault.’

Elise closed her eyes tightly and opened them, and said,

“Benji. Take off your pants and lie down here.”

* * *

Elise was embarrassed. It was a good idea to cover herself with the blanket she sat on for fear of seeing anyone, but there was still a problem.

Benji didn’t care, but Elise was different. She was reluctant to get grass and wet stains on one of the few outdoor clothes she owned.

She wondered if she would rather roll up her skirt and place her bare knees on the floor but she gave up that idea thinking it would hurt. As she shifted her posture and fretted Benji anxiously called out to her:

“Master. What’s wrong?”

“Because of my clothes… I’m afraid it’ll get stained.”

“Ah, sit on my stomach.”

‘Will it be okay?’

Elise, who was agonizing over it, gathered her skirt and quickly climbed up Benji. There was no other way.

“You have to tell me if I’m too heavy!”

His firm and wide chest supported her ass in a stable manner. Elise squatted so that her knees did not touch the floor and carefully covered herself with a blanket. She spread out her gathered skirt widely to cover Benji’s face.

Everyone’s faces were sufficiently covered. Elise, who was apprehensive of being spotted, was quite satisfied with her spontaneous plan. But the problem was…….

‘I can’t use my hands!’

Elise couldn’t use her hands to please Benji because she had been holding on to the blanket like a lifeline, fearful of it peeling off. Her elaborate plan to stroke him up and down with both hands while sucking his head just before he burst had immediately fallen through.

‘What should I do?’

She had asked him to lie down, but when she saw the man so swelled up her eyes went blank with panic.

‘I think it’s bigger than what I saw yesterday.’

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